Cady McClain on Delayed Reaction to All My Children Being Shelved: “It’s Really Out of Shock”

Cady McClain (Dixie) has broken her silence on All My Children's fate. Echoing fellow AMC leading lady Debbi Morgan's recent Twitter confirmation, McClain posted the following on Facebook:

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    That was straight class. I think everyone, bloggers, fans and actors should take a page out of her book. Everything she said was true, PP did the best they could. They went into with the best intentions and like how many TV shows it just didn’t succeed. This happens in TV all the time, shows don’t grab a big enough audience to sustain their costs this is what happened. And unlike ABC or Oprah, PP cared enough to try. It failing is as much on fans letting go and moving on as it was business plans.

    Very impressed with this statement, I am sorry she lost her job. But heck James Caan just lost his job because his show was cancelled, that is entertainment. But this response was extremely classy.

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    Man that sucks for AMC, OLTL, and their fans!

    Sucks that after Dixie comes back finally the show is gone for good. I won’t be watching ABC or Prospect Park for sure.

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    Yeah, Cady McClain has always been one of the great gems of daytime. Enjoyed her on AMC but loved her even more on ATWT.

    It really is too bad about AMC. I didn’t follow it much it’s last few years on ABC–it just wasn’t very good–but this latest iteration slowly became my second favorite soap behind DAYS. I’m sad to see it go.

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