Perkie’s Observations: Carly Reaches Out to a Devastated Franco on General Hospital

Silas tries to comfort Sam, who was freaked out by Heather’s presence at the art show. She explains how Heather destroyed her family and she worries about Danny constantly. Silas assures her Heather is back in custody and Danny is fine. Sam says she’s grateful to both him and Derek and the two kiss.
Sonny shows Morgan the bug he found under the clock and demands to know why his son stabbed him in the back. Morgan admits he did it. Michael is shocked; he thinks Ava was behind it. Michael  says Ava is using Morgan to betray their father. Sonny demands to know if Ava put him up to it. 
Morgan says he wanted to do it — he chose Ava over his father. Michael demands Morgan show Sonny respect. He brings up his little brother's gambling fiasco and points to Ava orchestrating his debt. 

Sonny says Morgan owes him an explanation. It broke his heart to find the bug. Morgan says Sonny broke his heart first and storms out.  Michael promises to find him and make him understand the wrong he’s done. 
Carly lets herself into Franco’s room; she's worried about him.  Franco complains he has crazy genes, which explains his past.  Carly assures him none of this is his fault. Franco yells at her to leave and go back to Derek. 
Carly doesn’t leave. She admits she isn't involved with Derek.  Franco confirms he isn't with Diane either. He couldn’t tell Carly the truth about Heather. Carly complains again about Diane, but Franco says he was making her jealous. Carly is the only woman for him. 
Franco says his artistic ability is gone. He believed he would lose Carly if she knew the truth. Carly promises he’ll get his talent back. 

Franco recalls his obsession with Jason. He was consumed with his "twin" because of their connection, but there was no connection. Franco says he has nothing to offer her, but Carly says she can be his friend. Franco doesn’t want her friendship or her pity. The two kiss. 
Kiki accuses her mother of using Morgan. She storms out to find the boys. Sonny points out Ava is not the brains of the operation and asks Derek how long he was planning on hiding in plain sight. 
Alexis wonders what Derek has to do with any of this. With Sam present, Derek admits  Ava is his sister and he's Julian Jerome.  Sonny explains how Julian became Derek and accuses Julian of turning his son against him. 
Sam is shocked to hear Derek is her father. Silas points out how Julian was a perfect match for Danny. 

Julian swears to both Sam and Alexis he had no idea he was Sam's father, until he held Danny and just knew. Julian says he couldn’t say anything. He swears he loves both Sam and Danny and wishes he could claim them as family, but can’t. 
Michael catches up with Morgan on the docks and accuses him of putting Sonny’s life in danger.  Morgan, livid with Sonny for chosing Michael over him, feels his father deserves everything he gets. Michael tries to explain Sonny was off his meds the night of the engagement, but Morgan doesn’t want to hear it. 
Morgan accuses Michael of stealing his wife. Michael says Kiki didn’t love him and wonders why she would. Morgan punches Michael who refuses to hit back until Morgan hits him again. 
Michael says he’s always tried to protect Morgan and that his actions have consequences.  Michael says he’ll never forgive Morgan if something happens to Sonny and is about to hit him again when Kiki interrupts.  Morgan hits Michael, who falls into the water. 
Sam wonders why Julian can’t have a relationship. Julian says his time is limited — Sonny has men outside the gallery ready to kill him. 


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    The show was on fire yesterday! Great performances by Chad and Byran (just wish Morgan would tone down the ” poor pitiful me” thing. But it makes sense that he would think Michael is the favorite from past history and he was the one sent away to military school). Maurice continues to impress me. He seems to be giving his all lately in the scenes, unlike during the Guza/Phelps days when he seemed to sometimes sleep-walk thru certain scenes and stumble over his lines.
    Was surprised at the fast revealation of Derek being Julian. Loved the look on Alexis’s face! I like the fast pace of most of the stories lately. I really like Willaim DeVry and Maura West and hope they stay on the show.
    Silas and Sam were so cute, getting interupted every time they tried to kiss. They have such great eye contact. Like them as a couple!
    It’s ironic that PP has dumped OLTL after all the threats of law-suits. I still liked Roger H the best as Todd. But having Heather as Franco’s mother explains why he was so nutso.
    When Michael and Morgan were fighting at the docks I kept thinking Jason would miracously rise from the water and save Michael-Ha! Still have a feeling, may-be not right away, but that Steve B will someday return to GH. His role on Y &R just isn’t working, he’s boring!
    GH and DOOL have both been exciting the last few days with their “revealations” of secrets. Reminds me of the good old days of soaps.

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    I would love it if Mikey went to go visit his Uncle Jason, permanently. When he told Morgan that Kiki was meant for him and that he didn’t deserve her, it just proved that Morgan is right about him, he is self entitled and is a douche. I haven’t liked Michael since Drew Garret left, he was tolerable with Abby, but now, I hate his character.

    I feel that Anna/Robert/Duke should’ve been involved in the Julian reveal, their history with him his bigger than Sonny’s.

    They’ve De-Q’d and de-twinned Franco so can they De-Todd him too, or better yet, allow the show to be De-Franco’d. Before I could sort of justify Carly’s attraction toward him because of his connection to Jason, but now that that’s gone, I don’t understand it and I still think it’s unbelievable, as self-destructive as Carly is that she would want to be with someone who did awful things to Jason and to her son. Franco is the only sore spot for me right now, otherwise the show is great.

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    Ohhh My Soapy Goodness I loved this episode. Paced so well and I loved the reveal.. Of course I wanted to tell Mikey and Kiki to shut it. I just don’t see Morgan as bad in this situation.. I m trying to forget the fact that I really think they did a freaky friday and switched Michael and Morgans personalities… Staying away from that I think Morgan is validated in his thoughts and feelings.. Michael now suddenly being highly vocal was way more than I could take. Seriously why should Morgan have a ton of loyalty to his father or his dochebag brother.. Again Morgan is a betrayer about turning on his dad- but Kiki has honor for turning on her mom??? Whatever!!! Team Hot Morgan here. Go find Ellie and give her some smoldering eyes flirting.. Then make Ellie a Q and have them make a little baby they raise on the mansion with out any contact with Sonny and Carly..

    Loved the slow burn of Sam and Silas.. Seriosly cute!!!

    Can’t wait to see Carly react to all this!!

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    Awesome Episode! Michael going the same way his overseer did was amazing.
    Julian manipulating the situation to keep himself alive is genius and so Mob Father. The show could not be any better.

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    i loved, loved, loved this episode! i have to agree with what was said above – i hate how Michael and Sonny talk about betrayal without realizing that their betrayal of Morgan is what led to all of this. I also agree with Morgan – he has been constantly shuffled aside for Michael. i’m pretty sure that if you asked Kristina she would say the same thing. i hated it when Michael said that Morgan had no pride or honor when Morgan’s ex-girlfriend that Michael stole is standing right next to him. I hate to say this but when Morgan sucker punched Michael and Michael hit his head and fell into the water i actually cheered “you go, Morgan!” one more thing – Micheal mentioned twice about Morgan having hot sex with Ava – is there something there? jealousy perhaps?

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    While I will never side with Michael in regard to the KiKi thing – because in my opinion you should NEVER get involved with someone your own flesh and blood was involved with

    The whole “pity me party” is getting old because while we all know that Sonny loves Mikey best it wasn’t Sonny who sent Morgan away that fell all on his Mother – in fact didn’t Sonny lose all parental rights at that time

    And sorry but I can not believe that all this is stemming from the fact that Sonny while off meds gave up his secret about Kiki. Puhlease

    While I have thoroughly enjoyed the acting my only pet peeve is coming from Morgan’s portrayer when he yells he does this thing with his eyes – he half looks like his eyes are rolling off to the side and he doesn’t want to look anyone in the eye.

    I was also a little put off by Morgan totally dissing the idea that Ava or Julian would kill Sonny – he cannot be THAT naive

    GH was definitely FIYAH yesterday

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    I’m missing the part of the recap that De-Qs Franco.
    Fridays recap ends with Heather revealing herself and this one has her already in custody and Franco devastated.

  8. Profile photo of bobbyew

    GH,DAY’s TODAY, was so MF’ing Good. Day’s to GH was a great afternoon in Soaps. Every Minute of GH was exciting, sexy and had a great musical score at the end. Go Cartini and Crew!

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    Daniel St. John

    They’ve De-Q’d and de-twinned Franco so can they De-Todd him too, or better yet, allow the show to be De-Franco’d. Before I could sort of justify Carly’s attraction toward him because of his connection to Jason, but now that that’s gone, I don’t understand it and I still think it’s unbelievable, as self-destructive as Carly is that she would want to be with someone who did awful things to Jason and to her son. Franco is the only sore spot for me right now, otherwise the show is great.[/quote]

    I so agree with you on Franco and the reveal of Heather being his mom just angers me even more that Cartini brought RH back as this character.
    It’s like they are throwing darts to try and figure out a way for Franco to fit on this show and none of them work.
    Removing his connection to Jason completely removes any aspect of rationalizing Carly’s attraction to him. And I don’t care what any other soaps have done when pairing a reprehensible character with a woman he has wronged, whether it be Rachel and Carl on AW or EJ and Sami on DAYS, none if those bad guys caused the rape of those women’s child.
    I guess since Laura Wright and Roger Howarth have such great chemistry it would have been perfectly fine to bring RH back as a back from the dead Carter (the guy who actually raped Michael) and it was revealed that he only assisted “The Real Rapist” in assaulting Michael but didn’t actively participate, that his misdeeds were caused by a brain tumor and his mom was a loon that this would still be a relationship that fans are supposed to care about?
    GTFOH! Franco is an unredeemable, unnecessary character and as much as I like RH, he needs to go.
    And what annoys me the most is that he could have been another of Victor Jerome’s bastard kids and the show wouldn’t have had to jump through so many hoops trying to make him fit on the canvas.

  10. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I have to applaud Chad Duell and Bryan Craig. They did an amazing job.
    Michael’s frustration with Morgan was shown in such a realistic way I was studded. Morgan shows once more that he’s just a kid that is acting out. I kinda want to feel sorry for him and I probably would if he wouldn’t already feel so sorry for himself.

    Love Julian! And William deVry’s portrayal of him. The reveal about him was amazing. And NLG’s Alexis had such a great reaction to it. I expected a little bit more from Sam and Sonny … but that really was the writing. Sonny didn’t seem shocked at all that Alexis had sex with Julian and that Sam is Julian’s daughter.

    Carly is living in her own little bubble where she seems to ignore all the things around her. I could deal with it because Carly has always been selfish but her involvement with Franco, I’m never going to understand.
    The writers have been trying to let the viewers warm up to Franco but for me it just doesn’t work. The character was created as a mad sociopathic villain. And so much crap happened when the role was played by James Franco that in my opinion you just can’t turn this character into a regular and make us feel sympathetic for him. It’s not working!
    The connection to Carly doesn’t help. Instead I feel it hurts the chances of this character even more because Carly could be named one of his “victims”.

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    Soap Lover

    This episode was great and I loved the Corinthos brothers…in fact it’s been a long time since I really believed or cared that they were brothers. I HATE kiki and what her character has turned michael into! I loved the boys leaving and sam reacting and eventually Alexis realizing that they had the right idea. Michael would kick Morgan’s ass because he was trained by Jason. Plus you can see that Morgan was really kept from the family and you felt for him. Although he was an idiot for turning on his dad so fast it’s great soaps. Julian stuff was great but it was pretty silly when Sam pointed out how ridiculous it all is with Heather’s reveal. Which I agree! I like Heather but can’t stand Franco and i can’t watch him with my favorite Carly. Carly and Todd made sense their characters were very similar in the ways that they’d do anything and have done anything for their families. You understood that she’d be drawn to him but NOT FRANCO!!!! The carly I know and love holds grudges and it took Liz’s son dying to let go of that grudge. Ok this rant needs to end but you all get my drift

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    Secrets and Lies

    Love the Michael/Morgan showdown. I agree with everyone that on paper Michael is clearly in the wrong here. When Michael claims he and Kiki were destined for each other it’s a bit believable since Kristen Alderson just came off playing his last girlfriend Starr.

    I like Morgan taking Mikey down a peg and like Mikey taking Morgan down a peg. These two are a great Cain/Abel pair… let the fists fly!

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    Lucy D.

    If he’s lost his artistic touch maybe Franco can change his name to Bobby Baldwin?

    Lucas wasn’t ever tested as a Danny match, right? Since they didn’t know about the connection at the time?

  14. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    Sonny was it for me. The way he twisted his neck at Julian was perfection.

    “And sorry but I can not believe that all this is stemming from the fact that Sonny while off meds gave up his secret about Kiki. Puhlease” So agree Raven

    I’m #TeamMorgan If Morgan didn’t have on his church shoes, he wouldn’t have fell so much and he would have whooped Michael’s behind. Michael is a self righteous, self entitled bastard.

  15. Profile photo of jessybrownsugar

    I agree that today show was awesome! I love how Micheal tore into Morgan for betraying Sonny. Micheal has matured so over the years and even though Morgan is getting on my nerves these days he is acting his butt off these days, Good casting right there…I hope Micheal doesn’t get hurt because i like him. As always Sonny delivered and he made me love him even more. I hope they put Ava away because she ain’t doing nothing but using poor Morgan. I know he is hurt but that’s no excuse for sleeping with someone that is your mother’s age. Good episode though…can’t wait for tomorrow! :)

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    [quote=Lucy D.]Grimm, Perkie didn’t post about Friday’s show. Heather revealed Scott Baldwin is Franco’s father.[/quote]

    Thanks for clarifying. Hadn’t caught up to this ep yet.

    Now that I have, I’m ready to declare that with the latest convolution of Howarth’s Franco has jumped the shark and the shark may have eaten Wright’s Carly in mid leap.

  17. Profile photo of jackrabbit40

    Let’s hope Carly comes to her senses soon and moves on from Franco.
    Doesn’t matter that he had a tumor removed, which was to blame for all his evil deeds.
    It’s totally unrealistic that a mother would fall in love with a man that terrorized her children, whether or not he was in his right mind. They are just trying so hard to have Roger be a part of Port Charles and doing it this way, I just ain’t buyin it and sadly, i’ll fast forward any scene he’s in. They should have created a part for him on the show that didn’t involve having done this evil things if they were planning on him being a long-time mainstay of port Charles. I truly love GH but this is one corner of the show I just can’t stomach.

  18. Profile photo of jackrabbit40

    It’s really too bad you feel that way about Micheal because he has endured OH SO much in his young life. He was raped, shot in the head, spent years in a coma..had to kill his stepmother to protect his sister and mother, watched as the girl of his dreams carried on with his own brother….etc etc etc.
    What has Morgan had to endure? just the guilt of his own lies, pure and simple. They are obviously building a life-long conflict between Micheal and Morgan. It’s the future of the show i believe. Pretty soon I’m sure Kiki will find out she’s pregnant and I wouldn’t be surprised if the baby was Morgan’s, just to make the triangle permanent and lifelong. But to hear that someone’s hating poor Mikey is …dang….i don’t get that!

  19. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    The only thing lamer than suggesting Franco’s parentage is a “Jump The Shark” moment is bringing up the long-considered-lame idea of Jump The Shark in the first place. Do you really mean to suggest THIS (of all things) is going to be considered to be the moment when GH becomes a laughing stock leading to its inevitable cancellation?

  20. Profile photo of Grimm

    [quote=TV Gord]The only thing lamer than suggesting Franco’s parentage is a “Jump The Shark” moment is bringing up the long-considered-lame idea of Jump The Shark in the first place. Do you really mean to suggest THIS (of all things) is going to be considered to be the moment when GH becomes a laughing stock leading to its inevitable cancellation?[/quote]

    Nope just the point where I’ve lost hope in the character being or becoming viable.
    Until this switcheroo, I’ve given “Franco” plenty of leeway to start to click but can no longer overlook the gaps where the character doesn’t work on the canvas.

  21. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Firstly, I have to say, the title of this day’s episode should have been “Julian’s identity is exposed” or something like that, not this about Cranco, which was just the bottom of the barrel.

    The Julian reveal was a bit quick, and it should have happened at the end of the episode. Also, I wanted for Alexis to first give him a big slap for lying and at the same time listening to her confide in him. Also, Sam could have shown a bit more fire in this reveal. For one of the major storylines and mysteries that has been making it’s way for years now, it was a bit flat for me. It also went to show because at the same time there was the Michael/Morgan fight going on, which took away from the real big storyline of the day, it was unnecessary to have at this point, and it also took some of the edge off from the reveal. And also, Morgan’s self-pitying party has really gotten old. He should get a clue and realize that Kiki was never worth it in the first place, and he’s so much better off without her.

    Why didn’t this reveal happen at the end of Friday’s episode? That’s how it should have been done. I’m still going to say the pacing of the show needs a little work, and some things should go slower.

    Also, when did Sonny find out that Sam’s father was Julian Jerome, and if he knew that, how could he possibly think about doing this to her and Danny, at least without even considering her? I’m sorry I just don’t believe it. They should have had Sonny looking surprised about the news.

    Other than that, I liked that there weren’t too many storylines on this episode, and was mostly concentrated on the Jeromes.

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