One Life to Live’s Robert Gorrie: “Memories Go on ‘Shelves”

One Life to Live's Robert Gorrie (Matthew) has weighed in on Prospect Park "shelving' One Life to Live and All My Children. Gorrie tweeted:

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    TV Gord

    I don’t know him because I didn’t get to see the online shows, but I really like that idea…memories go on shelves. That fits with my philosophy perfectly, but I’ve never read it put that way before. That’s going to stay with me. :-)

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    I generally agree with his “shelf” philosophy, but in his particular case, this memory would be more like a kid having attended summer camp as opposed to someone who’s been forced into early retirement after having had a long, stable career at the phone company.

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    TV Gord

    Sadly, people of his generation will likely never know the comfort of a long, stable career anywhere. Those days are pretty much over, but I don’t discount his feelings. His “normal” has been turned upside down just as much as any of us who are older.

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    Yeah, the OLTL reboot failed on more than one level but it did have one thing going for it and that was it’s younger set of actors. Gorrie, Kelley Missal(Dani) and especially Corbin Bleu(Jeffrey) were all great. Hopefully they won’t be out of work for long(well, I’m sure Bleu won’t).

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