Watch Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott and Jess Walton’s Video Chat!

If you missed Jess Walton and Melody Thomas Scott's live video chat with The Young and the Restless fans on Tuesday, you can watch the whole thing online! Find out what Genoa City's Jill Foster Abbott and Nikki Reed Newman dished about after the jump!

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    Did anyone catch the shade when Jess Walton said she would not want to work with Melody Thomas Scott’s “husband on the show. Oh my Lord.” And Melody responded, “Oh I know who you mean… Good gracious! We’re really moving into weird areas.” There was so much depth of knowing there. EB must really be crazy. LOL!

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    I also liked when they said that “recently” they had to now behave….Hmmm.

    These ladies are just two of the many reasons (cast) why I continue to tune in every day. We all have invested so much into these characters that even through all the recent team changes going back to Latham, we know we can tune in and hopefully have them entertain us with their on screen personas.

    The writing may suck, and now so might the music and their surroundings, but they’ll always be Nikki and Jill no matter who is in charge.

    Great video chat.

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    Not only the shade but did you (read between the lines) hear when Jess Walton said could that be Brenda Dickson and Melody change that mood and said maybe it could be Brenda Epperson… Read between those lines, but those two are off the hook!

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