Pebbles Tells Her Side of The TLC Story on Wendy Williams (VIDEO)

Perri "Pebbles" Reid has decided to start telling her side of what went down 20 years ago with TLC. On the heels of VH1's successful CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story biopic, the pop singer-turned-record company exec-turned-minister went on The Wendy Williams Show to discuss allegations she stole millions of dollars from one of the biggest girl groups of all time.

Among the bombshell allegations Pebbles dropped — Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes reportedly kicked Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas out of the group for hooking up with producer Dallas Austin, not Pebbles! The "Mercedes Boy" singer also stated she believes Chilli slept with her then-husband, music industry mogul L.A. Reid. Watch as the scandalous tea was spilled all over Wendy's set in the clip after the jump!


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    Pebbles was a WASTE of time on the Wendy show. She did not tell us anything. Nothing but more lies. She just wanted attention for her and her no body daughter.

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    Your statement is so repulsive. As someone who knows a lot about the entertainment industry a great deal of what she said were accurate. In regards to Chili sleeping around, well I am not surprised. I would not be surprised if her and Usher was simply a setup by L.A. Reid himself because we all know Usher is, well you should know. These young ladies came from nothing and were irresponsible with their money.

    Look at Toni Braxton the same thing happened to her. She went on Oprah crying and told Oprah that she never signed her own checks. How can you have somebody else be completely in charge of your funds and have THEM signing your checks. That is just DUMB!

    Just because you go platinum does not mean your a millionaire. Some artists do not realize that being a singer and performer, without being a BRAND leads to bankruptcy. Mariah Carey is now a BRAND, Madonna is an ICON, TLC and Toni Braxton were famous but that’s it. They had fans but not customers! Jennifer Lopez markets her ass 24/7. For the love of God she even did that leg razor commercial which was a real low for someone in her position, but I am guessing she did that because she was deep in debt. Celebs today are smarter, even Justin Bieber has a perfume line. They understand that in order have money at the end of their run, they have to sell themselves to the point they must create themselves more as a Brand than just a performer.

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    She didn’t say anything the whole 20 min she was on to dispel the rumors. All she kept saying was I’m under a gag order due to civil actions. As far as Chili sleeping with LA it may or may not be true but T-BOZ and Chili statement this morning said other wise. About everything. Yes we all know you have to tour to make money as well as have a side hustle. LA, Babyface and Pebbles are all thieves. Just look at all of their acts. LA to get out of paying USHER he gave him a house. And that is what that is. She know she did them wrong. But its they dumb ass fault for not reading their contracts. Those attorney’s were in her pocket as far as they were concerned. They were only looking out for her interest.

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    I don’t believe anything Peebles says, even looking at her today she looks sneaky. And TLC has been saying these things about Peebles for decades now and their story stays consistent.

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    I think that they are both telling the “truth”. I think that TLC feels that they were screwed. The infamous interview where Left Eye did the math is what tells the story. I also think that Pebbles followed the industry standard.

    The bottom line is that they entered a contract that is probably common for unknown artists because the label is the one taking the risk. I understand the first contract, but I do think that there should be some outs or the ability to renegotiate after each album.

    Regarding the lawyers..well..I have a side eye there. That lawyer may have been working for 2 masters, and I am not sure if the girls were able to get a lawyer on their own.

    I don’t care who kicked Chilli out of the group, that is just another hot in the pants girl group, I am more interested in the money issues. I think that T-Boz and Toni Braxton’s issues have a larger impact to me because they both suffer from some costly diseases, so I am sure that their money disappears that much quicker.

    It is interesting that TLC has maintained the same story for years, and Pebbles is just now coming forward with the “truth” and a book…Riiigh…

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