Prospect Park Amends Disney Soap Lawsuit to The Tune of More Than $95 Million

Still waiting for someone at Prospect Park to confirm they aren't bringing back All My Children? Sorry, we'll have to take the word of cast and crew members on social media, because PP was too busy amending their lawsuit against Disney-ABC on Wednesday to clue in their loyal audience.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, PP now wants more than $95 million from Disney-ABC, whom they allege schemed to create a "mega-soap" behind the backs of the peeps who licensed One Life to Live and All My Children. So the same company that wanted out of soaps so badly they cancelled two at the same time—with initial plans of gutting General Hospital shortly thereafter—all of the sudden wanted a "mega-soap" on the dial?

There's no denying Disney-ABC cancelled those soaps, and for that, soap fans have every right to be pissed. However, let's get real. TV networks cancel programming all the time. ABC shouldn't forever be cast as the villain in Prospect Park's real-life soap opera, just because this production company couldn't figure out how to successfully launch AMC and OLTL online — not once, but twice.

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    Im speechless. Looks like PP is using this as an opportunist situation. This looks fishy dosent it. What are they doing? How mad could they be? I cant believe this.

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    I already read the article, and it seems like PP is simply trying to recoup the money invested and/or offset losses incurred during this whole mess. Just some fancy legal work to get some money back.

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    I’m sorry I can’t even believe these people aren’t tripping over laughing at themselves. They just cancelled the whole shows the fight was about in the first place. Please, while you still have at least a plus for effort and an ounce of self-respect left, go home.

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    Sorry but this PP has made me disgusted with AMC and OLTL fans, and frankly I am not sad they lost their show. I will not dispute that PP was in over the heads and since I didn’t watch I don’t know how well they did with the shows but the tried and that is more then anyone else. ABC cancelled these shows because they didn’t make them money, and it looks like PP didn’t have the audience to justify production costs.

    I think there is truth to this lawsuit, probably not to the degree but I dont’ think for one second ABC isn’t equally shady. The truth is in the middle.

    IMO fans of these shows should thank PP for at least trying to give them back their shows, and stop attacking every thing they did, it wasn’t perfect so bloggers, soap media and so called fans attacked. It was disgusting IMO.

    I will say that this (and the Chew’s ratings flat out proved that soap fans are no different then any other fans out there. If their show is cancelled they will bitch and moan for a while and then move on and watch something else. PP didn’t have the audience because the fans moved on, this is a business for ABC and PP all they care about is making money. Obviously they didn’t make it.

    However, instead of attacking I think fans should thank them for trying, however, futile and ill advised it was. Guess they should have listened to Oprah she was apparently right.

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    95 million dollars for what? What’s the big issue here? I doubt ABC at any time planed a “mega-soap”. It was up to the writers to mention some characters which was a nice little note. Nothing more! And that was all while Prospect Park was sitting on the rights and did basically nothing with it.

    And the big damage?
    So Hope and Cole were killed off. It would have been so easy for PP to let this be rewritten. The writers at GH even gave them the easy way out of the situation with someone watching Starr.
    Tea’s baby died. Well I doubt that this was much of a problem. Instead it gave a lot story opportunity. And the new OLTL used it and had the perfect set up for Dani’s drug overdose.
    And then there was this little conspiracy that Tomas is really Alcazar. Is that really such a big problem in the world of soaps. Couldn’t it have been instead the perfect way to link OLTL and GH once more. Get a little bit more attention to the online version with sharing storyline with GH?
    They could have done the same thing with Todd before eventually returning to Port Charles. It all could have been so easy.

    The truth of the matter is that too many egos were involved. That Prospect Park jumped at the chance to file a lawsuit with ridiculous claims.
    So Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson didn’t want to appear on the online version of OLTL. Why care? It’s not like McBain and Starr were ultimately recast. Starr wasn’t even really mentioned and we only got to see a photo of McBain.
    OLTL had such a rich history. You could have taken on so many other interesting characters. The storylines John, Starr and Todd had on GH didn’t hurt OLTL all that much.

    And in the end it was all for nothing anyway. OLTL is canceled again. GH had to introduce three new characters and the ones who lost by this opportunity are the fans.

    So, 95 million (!!!) dollars!? For what????

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    Laughable to say the least. Did ABC screw some things up, I am sure they did. But, PP has been a total disaster, and it has mishandled the beloved shows from the start. ABC will have the easiest defense of all-time, and will hopefully countersue for damage to their reputation and put PP out of business.

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    i don’t understand why PP isn’t more thankful to RC and FV for keeping OLTL alive in the eyes of viewers while they were trying to work things out. i guess that they thought that for the year that the three characters were on GH that they were just going to be window dressing and not interact or forward story (especially their own) while there? any writer worth his salt would have been able to turn what happened on GH into good story when OLTL came back. and had they been more willing to share the characters then they could have used the audience on GH to transfer fans over to the nuOLTL and maybe ratings would have been better. 95 million? GET REAL!!! oh, and just like really so eloquently (i say that sarcastically) put a few comments up – i am grateful to PP for trying but i do blame them for dropping the ball.

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    As I posted on Soap Opera Digest’s FB page, part of their lawsuit is based on three actors, two of which never intended to move to PP. If GH hadn’t signed them, they still wouldn’t have had them. As for Hope and Cole, no bodies were found and it’s a soap. The OLTL three were immersed in GH partly because up until the rights deadline, PP was admittedly dead in the water. And do I understand this right that they want 95 million plus the rights for free? Really?

  9. Profile photo of giogio

    Im not grateful to anyone, Im not grateful for what I had, Im mad at myself that I watched on OWN.

    As J Bernard said…this is some bullshit…I dont think Ive ever heard of such grossed out people in my life. Look at the disrespect they gave everyone. We need a middle finger smiley on this. What do you say guys? Can we get one?

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    They’re obviously upping it to $95 million now, in hopes of a confidential out-of-court settlement that will amount to roughly a third of that amount in order to refund their losses of “$30 million in out-of-pocket expenses” with some change left over to go to the Cayman Islands.

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    I think it bears mentioning that PP is now alleging that ABC used it’s influence as an owner of Hulu to block Hulu from financially assisting PP’s production of season 2 (as they had promised to).

    Also, PP isn’t claiming that killing Cole/Hope was an insurmountable strike against them but the fact that it was done without PP’s consent (and in violation of their loan agreement) is the first action of many which they allege demonstrates ABC not respecting the deal/undermining PP.

    They are also alleging that ABC (again, allegedly) playing hardball with the actors as causing burdensome production delays which prevented them from putting out as quality a product as they otherwise wise would have.

    I’m not speaking to the validity of these claims one way or another. I just wanted to give my interpretation of suit and amendments.

    They’re basically saying that ABC misrepresented their intentions to PP and consistently disrespected the agreement and worked to undermine PP.
    Which knowing ABC’s history, I can believe.
    That being said, I think PP is overreaching in an attempt to back out of the licensing fees and wipe some egg off their face. Also, I think the biggest flaw in their case is that they waited so long to cry fowl. If ABC adhering to the agreement RE: the characters was so important, if the actors’ statuses were so important why didn’t they speak up when it was happening? All they needed to do was watch GH/log on to the Internet.

    Though, I will say part of me wants PP to win the suit if it means the shows will come back.

  12. Profile photo of Bob Lamm
    Bob Lamm

    FoxCrane is undoubtedly right that Prospect Park is hoping for some kind of settlement. That perhaps ABC will decide it’s worth paying something in a settlement to just have this go away. Sometimes that kind of approach works, but it surely won’t get Prospect Park a $30 million settlement. I’m guessing that ABC will decide to call the bluff and that somewhere down the line we’ll hear vague news that the lawsuit has been withdrawn.

    We certainly can’t expect candor from Prospect Park. They’ve left it to Debbi Morgan, Cady McClain, etc., to do the dirty work of telling the fans that ALL MY CHILDREN is done for.

  13. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    ABC breached these express provisions of the License Agreement and the Amendments in a myriad of ways, including, but not limited to:
    a. significantly altering the storylines of and/or killing the Borrowed OLTL Characters without consulting and/or obtaining Prospect Park’s prior approval;
    b. significantly altering the storylines of other OLTL characters not mentioned in the First Amendment without Prospect Park’s knowledge or permission;
    c. signing the OLTL actors playing Starr Manning, Todd Manning, Blair Manning, and John McBain to exclusive, secret, multi-year contracts with GH even though it knew Prospect Park would need those actors for OLTL;
    d. refusing to turn over the URLs for OLTL and AMC to Prospect Park even though such URLs were part of the format rights granted to Prospect Park;
    e. creating GH copy-cats of the OLTL characters Todd Manning and Starr Manning to be played by the same OLTL actors;
    f. featuring the copy-cat character of Todd Manning in GH episodes at the same time Prospect Park was airing episodes featuring Todd Manning; and
    g. even after suit was filed, continuing to create and use “copy-cat” characters on GH.

    And I still don't understand. Prospect Park waited a year to file a lawsuit against ABC. In fact it wasn't after they started production. Why not talking to ABC in the year this happened? Why wait for such a long time?
    Hope and Cole have been killed off in February 2012. There was enough time to legally go up against ABC. But they waited, waited and waited.

    Nobody knew when or if Prospect Park would succeed in bringing OLTL and AMC back after their first attempt failed. If PP came forward back in December 2011 or even sometime in early 2012, saying that they need a year the case would be a little bit different. But the way it worked out why wouldn't sign ABC these actors in a multi-year deal?
    Prospect Park waited to the very last second to extend their rights on AMC and OLTL in late 2012. That's when multiple OLTL characters were already in GH storylines, heavily involved with main characters. And until then basically nobody knew what was gonna happen. Rumors instead led to believe that ABC might even reclaim the rights to both shows and do something like a summer series.

    I had to laugh when I read "copy-cat" characters. What a bad joke. Like it has never happened before that actors where cast in similar roles on soaps.

    The thing is that Prospect Park started to care when they knew that they would bring these shows back. In late 2012, that's when they realized ... "oh look, GH used these characters. Oh they killed Hope and Cole back in February. They let Tea's baby die like six months ago" ...
    And instead to decide to work with GH together. Let them continue to use these characters and talk to Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati about an arrangement of story directing for these characters - which shouldn't have been too hard since Ron and Frank were previously contracted by PP to make the online versions happening - they decided to get money out of the situation.

    It's an insane lawsuit. :X

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    Bob Lamm

    What are they smoking at Prospect Park? Can I have some? Can I sue ABC for $500 billion because I loved MY SO-CALLED LIFE and in 1995 ABC didn’t renew the show?

    I love that Prospect Park’s lawyer says: “This case is made for a jury.” Surely no judge is going to take this absurd lawsuit seriously. Prospect Park will have to hope that their lawsuit actually gets to a jury–which I highly doubt–and that the jurors are all ready to buy the Brooklyn Bridge from a shady guy on a street corner.

    To be clear, I have no love for Disney, ABC, or any other media corporation. But Prospect Park is a joke. Every new story from or about them is more ridiculous than the previous one.

  15. Profile photo of nysam

    If Disney were smart (which they aren’t)they should air the ABC & PP trial in place of KATIE. The drama between these two is better than what is on the soaps right now. Would be great to see Roger, Kristen and Michael taking the stand. If OJ Simpson caused soap viewers to tune out then maybe this trial would get people to tune in. It certainly would be an improvement over KATIE.

  16. Profile photo of brettyboy

    I’m sorry, until recently I defended Prospect Park 100%, but I can’t do it any more, they are pathetic. I’ve lost all respect for them now, they constantly lie and make bullshit excuses. I would respect them if they just said, “Look, we tried, it wasn’t cost effective, sorry”, that way we’d all be like “Thanks for trying”, but no, instead they make bullshit excuses and leave the fans hanging by not confirming if the shows will be back.

  17. Profile photo of thecourt99

    [quote=appleridge]Guys remember there was talk that ABC was gonna merge OLTL & GH? That is the mega soap PP alludes to[/quote]

    I recall the merger talk (don’t recall if it was fanfic or not). I also recall hearing that ABC was going to do something with the properties once they got their rights back (before PP decided that they would launch again). I don’t know what that something was, but I recall hearing on DC that they were going to do something.

    It makes business since, especially if interest was still there, I just don’t recall the specifics.

  18. Profile photo of BigFan

    Okay, I have had enough of this Prospect Park business. It would be so nice if they can just get this lawsuit over. I am sure it would never happen but…..ABC could relaunch both AMC and OLTL into one show. Both shows are located in Pennsylvania. It really could be AMC in some story arcs and OLTL in other arcs or they could blend together some arcs. As far as that goes they could even share with GH on occasion as story dictates. Nobody can convince me that writers aren’t smart enough to pull this off. I can’t help but believe ABC would get a lot of positive publicity out of this and they would get the viewers of both shows back. Hey, it can’t do any worse than the show that replaced them for a few weeks.

  19. Profile photo of nysam

    The shows aren’t goign to come back….

    Ratings were low enough to originally warrant their cancellations in 2010 and 2011. The shows didn’t attract eyeballs in their online incarnations. This is more evidence for ABC that the audience isn’t big enough to sustain the shows or grow them.

  20. Profile photo of katehhoward

    THIS IS A SIGN OF UNGRATEFULNESS, DISRESPECT, AND PROOF, MAJOR EVIDENCE THAT PROSPECT PARK WAS BEING RUN BY GANGSTERS. I saw this from the start. These people were fishy and you could smell it from afar. The actors who signed on made good with what they were compensated and I guess some people can work with gangsters. I knew there was something off about Prospect Park, the name after all is for a Park in Brooklyn, NY. I’m not surprised with this abhorrent act towards the true owners, ABC.

    Disney should have their Attorney’s investigate PP. Find out where their funding comes from. I think that these people cook their books a lot. I would totally take PP brick by brick. I truly believe that they’re hiding a lot of shady monetary dealings.

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    Bob Lamm

    In their next lawsuit, Prospect Park will be suing Debbi Morgan for $750 billion for telling fans the truth, something the Prospect Park executives feel is extremely unfair.

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