Shadam Faces Off Against The Moustache on The Young and the Restless! (SNEAK PEEK)

Alliances are tested and romance is in the air today on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless. Former lovers Adam (Michael Muhney) and Sharon (Sharon Case) get into it with Victor (Eric Braeden). Meanwhile, Kyle (Hartley Sawyer) wants to go work for Mr. Mumbles, much to Jack's (Peter Bergman) chagrin. 

At least Abby (Melissa Ordway) has something to smile about, courtesy of Tyler (Redaric Williams). Watch Thursday's Y&R sneak peek below!


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    Awwww Shadam, I love it when the writers allow them to share some screen time together. Their chemistry has been wasted on this show and I wish they would reunite. :*

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    Sharon and Adam would need a committed writer who understands the depth and potential of their characters to make any reunion work. YR mainly uses their characters to fill the “villain” role. Sharon was never a villain but like Adam she is a grey character. They both do the dirty work and move stories along like Sharon switching Summer’s paternity and Adam with Delia’s crash. They have the potential to become the next power couple if the writing was there, the actors already have the chemistry and looks to pull if off. Unfortunately I don’t see the writing for them, I just see various writers teasing them, giving their fans bones and then tearing it apart.

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    [quote=bobbyew]The President Pre-empted gotta watch the first 30 min. at 6 on TVGN. Miss Shadam. The last 30 min was a waste of time. Please find a new KYLE.[/quote]

    U mean they put that jerk on before 11:30 AM California time and we don’t get our show messed with? WOW. Usually manage to get him on between 11:30 and 12:30 and mess up our show for nothing new or interesting.

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    Funny how Mr Obama appears to get the blame for everything these days … from pooping on your Y&R party right down probably to Michael J. Fox’s new show being a woeful misfire of a flop.

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    It’s sad really with this story that victor in the end will be proven right on both Adam and Sharon. Adam will be seen as a hit and run driver and arrested and Sharon will be proven to be a nut job and ruined.

    One thing that the show can do to correct the direction of both these characters is to have Adam walk into the GCPD AMD ADMIT that he now believes he is the hit n run driver. Have it explained that he was as much concerned over Delia and his possible involvement in her death and his own son’s sight and surgery. And have Leslie with him to defend him.

    Of course, the woman who came forward to describe his vehicle could be the actual DUI driver and ultimate killer of Delia. She lied to steer her involvement away from herself.

    As for Sharon, the only way to save her from the DNA switch would be to have it discovered that summer is TRULY an Abbott and that Sharon only dreamt she was successfully in switching the DNA. In lucid flashbacks through her therapy sessions we can see that Sharon went into the lab, tapped on the keyboard but as we see her happy at her success at doing the switch, that on the computer monitor she is constantly being denied access. Have it shown that being off her meds made her hallucinate much more and that the spirit of Cassie was cheering her on and saying you did it you did it, you changed the DNA and saved “our family”.

    I like jack with a daughter and think that Sharon has to be saved from this story before she’s ruined throughout town.

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    The only time I like Sharon is when she is with Adam. I like that hot chemistry between them. I just don’t want to see her with Nic again, BORING! Victor, “Mr. Mumbles”, Ha, that’s the first time I read that but it’s so true. Maurice Bernard on GH, was a bit like that,stumbling over his lines, but he’s gotten a lot better lately.

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    See, I’m not a great fan of Shadam, the actors definitely do have chemistry together but I just can’t get over how it was written in the beginning by MAB, making Adam a baby theft, and than what Adam did Ashley’s baby, it’s appalling strictly for me to accept these two as a couple and involving Sharon’s own child….Sharon continues to fall for this man putting Faith only second, this isn’t the Sharon I grew with over the years…silly, mistaken ridden Sharon, a heroine Bill created but always put her children first…

    Adam once again tied to a child’s death, I hate it!

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