Scandal Recap: “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie”

Season 3 of Scandal is shaping up to be the Season of Mellie!  While Bellamy Young’s character was once only an obstacle to Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) happiness, she’s become so much more. 
Tonight’s Scandal was a kind of origin story of sorts, which showed how Mellie became the frigid, political animal she is today. 

Big Jerry Raped Mellie
Flashbacks showed what it was like when Fitz was first contemplating running for office, 15 years ago.  He and Mellie were newlyweds in love, hoping to conceive.  She wanted to help her husband, but Jerry wanted nothing more than to antagonize his son. 
Later, Mellie went to Jerry to try and make peace. He was drunk, and revealed the reason Fitz didn’t want to run on his military service was because he’d been ordered to shoot down a passenger plane as a matter of national security. 
Soon, Jerry started hitting on Mellie. Things turned even nastier, when he raped Mellie despite her protests. Jerry didn’t seem too flustered the next day, only admitting “Things got out of hand.”

Instead of going public and pressing charges, Mellie stayed quiet and forced Jerry to start being nice to Fitz. A short time later, Mellie told an ecstatic Fitz she was pregnant. Mellie seemed uncertain if her son might actually be her husband's half-brother. 
Personally, this trope felt unnecessary. We already knew Jerry was a bad guy, and Mellie’s sacrificed a lot for Fitz’s career.  It does add a whole new tragic angle to Fitz’s and Mellie’s relationship, however, and it explains a lot. 

Mellie never told Fitz what happened. However unconscious, it’s clear she resents her husband for what happened to her. It probably doesn’t help that Fitz acts a lot like his father, especially when he drinks. 
With the paternity of Little Jerry now questioned, might we finally see the Grant’s firstborn son? 

Operation Remington Wasn’t What it Seemed

The reason Fitz had to shoot down Flight 522 was because there was a dirty bomb on board. It was going to be used to possibly start WWIII.  Olivia and her associates continued to investigate. They discovered there was a passenger removed from the plane right before it took off. His name was Omar Dresdan and his family believed he died in the crash. 

They searched for witnesses and found an airport staff member who could provide evidence.  Before Jake (Scott Foley) could question the man, he was murdered…by Quinn (Katie Lowes)! 

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  1. Profile photo of thecourt99

    First of all..this was the soapiest episode that I can think of right now.

    Secondly, I feel kind of unfulfilled. I want to know what happened in Mellie’s past that gave her the strength or desire to turn a rape into a tool. I did learn how far she was willing to go, but again, I just don’t know what happened to make her create those parameters.

  2. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    I can’t stand when writers throw in rape just to give a character sympathy. There was NO reason to have Mellie get raped by Fitz’s father. Fitz constantly berates her and loves another woman, that right there makes her sympathetic. This rape just shows Mellie has an unhealthy, insane, crazed love for Fitz. She actually blackmails her rapist to help Fitz politically. That’s crazy!! If they were going to show a flashback, show her with her father pushing her to succeed or something. NOw Fitz’s oldest son may be his brother? This would affect me if I seen the son before but I have no attachment or history with the oldest son. It would have been soapy of Mellie was continuing the affair with the father and her youngest wasn’t Fitz. That’s soapy, an affair between the father and Mellie not this stupid unnecessary rape!

    Cyrus had a wife!!! I want to meet her so badly. Please bring her on so I can see her go after Cyrus. There is no way that woman isn’t bitter. I bet Cyrus is going to pimp out his husband to take Sally down. He already tried to kill the man, I don’t put it past him.

    Who didn’t guess #MamaPope wasn’t alive. That wasn’t shocking seeing her sitting in the cell like Sofia from Color Purple. As soon as the actress was cast, I knew she was alive.

    I don’t even want to mention that stupid idiotic Quinn! She knows Charlie killed Amanda Tanner, locked Huck in that storage box, put him in that hole, worked for B13, etc yet she’s hanging with him and kissing him? Makes no freakin sense!! After everything that girl has been through and Huck training her, she would not be this stupid to get involved with Charlie. Makes no sense.

  3. Profile photo of badass

    Ok one you can’t talk about James bowtie unless we talk about the wig Cyrus had on in the flashbacks lol.

    I believe Mellie didn’t plan the rape but her being married to fitz was planned. If you go back to season 2 when they talk about how they first met it was because of their fathers Mellie was in love with someone else. So I believe her daddy had plans for her but the rape was a surprise and she used it to her advantage which is just nasty n the bitch got mental issues!!!

    I know I might be the only one with this idea but I think Quinn was trying to get into B613 but she has to play like they trapped her. Huck trained her to well not to have seen that coming but no one in OPA will listen to her because they put her in a time out. So she is doing it on her own since no one is listening to her.

    Plus I did tear up when Abby huged Liv cause she just really needed that feeling of being loved/safe/security.

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Shonda doesn’t write soap operas!? “Scandal” has been so soapy last night and so good. Another great episode.

    I think the point of Mellie’s rape was to show her unhealthy relationship to Fitz and pushing him to become president. It’s all part of it. The rape left me in shock. Olivia’s mother is alive? Well we all kinda thought so before it happened in last night’s episode. Mellie was once again the real shocker.
    She’s such a tragic character in all this.

    Olivia finally including her crew in what’s going on was nice. I enjoyed that very much. The hug between Abby and Olivia was cute.

    I hope the season ends with Quinn being killed. That pathetic woman gets on my last nerve. Since we don’t know that much about Quinn, I can’t say that this behavior is out of character. Quinn tries to fit in somehow and she dangerously becomes obsessed with torture and things like it. That’s the story. And the story is even interesting, it’s just Quinn I don’t like. LOL

  5. Profile photo of liason4real

    OMG! Last night’s Scandal was a soapy mess. I just knew Mellie and Big Jerry were going to have sex with all of tension in the air.

    Fitz is a big bro / Daddy to his own brother! ;)

  6. Profile photo of wiggum

    I think Quinn will be a mole for Olivia in B6-13. She wanted to be brought into the organization. I think it’s a plan.

    Also who didn’t see Olivia’s mom still alive?? Really?

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