Scandal Up in Ratings by 45 Percent Over This Time Last Year!


Scandal continues to dominate in the ratings race during the 10 pm Thursday night timeslot in the coveted adults 18-49 demographic. The show was up 45 percent from the same week last year in the demo, increasing from a 2.0 in Fall 2012 to a 2.9 in Fall 2013.

No other returning show's numbers grew as fast as ABC's hit drama. As Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) would say, "It's Handled!"

Photo credit: ABC


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I have to think Netflix is a big reason why. I know I just binged on the first 2 seasons of Scandal. The show is great and Olivia Pope is a bad ass.

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LOL, the ratings are up because Shonda tweaked the show after the first short season, actors live tweeting, and all of the political mayhem going on. Smile

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Shonda Rhimes shows with "Scandal" that she's a real talent. She is a great soap opera writer. Yeah, she likes to pretend she is not - so she can hope for some Emmys and Golden Globes - but she is. And an amazing one.

She made some mistakes very early on. When I think about Izzie's ghost sex on "Grey's Anatomy" I still bite my tongue. But she eventually turned it around and in it's 10th season, GA is still a great show to watch.

"Scandal" has all these successful and very soapy formulas going for it. You have this hot affair between Olivia and Fitz, the couple that just can't get together for several reasons. You have some schemers and even villains. Surprising plot twists and an overall interesting setting.

I'm very happy it does so well in the ratings. "Scandal" deserves it!

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I read an article in USA Today that said Good Wife was the best show on network television, "bar none."

I beg to differ! I do love GW, but if I had to choose between the two, Scandal would be my choice every time!

Thank goodness I don't have to choose! Wink