Sean Carrigan Lands Contract With The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless newcomer Sean Carrigan has earned a contract with the No. 1 soap. Carrigan, who portrays Dylan's (Steve Burton) old military pal Stitch, tweeted the news to fans.


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    Glad for him. He’s a hottie that can act.

    I just hope his storyline isn’t Burton’s supporting player.

    If anything we all know it should be the other way around.

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    YUMMER with a side of S-E-X! He can stitch me up anytime…

    I can’t help but laugh every time this manly man shares a scene with over-tanned, over-caked, over-waxed, over-hyped, over-done Steve Burton. It’s like a drag production of Beauty and the (sexy) Beast, lol.

    Congrats to Sean!

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    Why is the character Stitch better entertaining than Dylan. Man I wish he was Nikki’s son or the one breaking Nikki back. Either way again Stitch is more watchable than Dildo-

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    Maybe Stitch can be Paul’s Cult Baby .. lol!

    Recall, unlike Nikki, we actually DID see Paul have sex with the female cult leader, whom was arrested by Carl at the end of the story. That was part of her modus operandi: seducing the young men in the cult so that they could be “one with her.” Maybe Paul impregnated her, and she gave birth to Baby Stitch in prison, with him eventually being adopted out as well.

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    Good for him…I smell a pairing with Victoria coming soon…or he is the husband of the woman that lost the son that was at the group meeting that Victoria and Billy went to.

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    He better somehow turn out to be Nikki’s son then. It’s too much lazy writing having Dylan be Nikki’s son & yet another dumb move by tiic adding another useless character on contract. It’s not saying much, but he’s been on far less than Steve Burton & I like him a thousand times more. I probably won’t be comparing him to MM or BM anytime soon, but there’s definitely an ease about his acting. It doesn’t hurt he’s attractive & seems like a real guy’s guy.

    It’s not impossible, but it would be a left field rewrite for me to have CW be his wife & grieving over a lost child. For starters, isn’t his kid suppose to be just a little older than Connor? Also he’s shown no signs of struggling with a loss of any kind let alone a child. JMO though.

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    He is a better actor than Steve Burton and has more entertaining value compared to Dylan, and no I don’t want him to sleep with Nikki, we been down this road with Nikki & Victor so many times, just shows you the writers today are not nearly as talented because their could be plenty of story as a couple for Victor & Nikki if these new writers weren’t so lazy to rehash all of JFP’s old stories she had already done. But guys this isn’t exactly good news, another on contract to push another longstanding vet out so JFP and shades of Shelley & Tracey can create a canvas of their own, they could care less about the fans. We know at least 3 more newbies are coming…I shudder to think… :(

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    Hopefully this means that NIKKI was dumb and just assumed because Dylan is blonde and STUPID as well, that he had to be her son BUT it turns out that Stitch is just that, her son.

    I think the chemistry is there for Stitch and Nikki to be family. I’m sorry, I don’t understand the wimpy appeal of Dylan who is that OVER TRYING SWEET guy who wants to be everyone’s friend but is really no ones. He’s written as nice and innocent but to the point that he is a little slow. Since the character of Dylan has been on he has never fully understood personal space or even relationships. How many times have we heard him ask what “love is” or just question the meaning of things. When Delia died he mentioned that he just played tea party with her the other day and now wants to build a doll house for Faith. I’m sorry, sure its all nice but with Delia you are not dating either of her mother’s and really aren’t bestie’s with her father and with Faith you don’t have anything more than a passing relationship with her mom and ruined her dad’s relationship with your ex and now his ex.

    Sorry, Dylan is just too damaged and just odd for me.

    As for Stitch, he has come to terms with his demons whether or not he has lost them, he definitely controls them. The war is behind him but he hasn’t forgotten it. He has a wife and a son, which they either have to cast now or for some stupid reason they will divorce unknown wife from Stitch. He has had an instant chemistry with MTS/Nikki.

    Another reason is that this one character has a career and a direction in life. He is a doctor and this show sorely needs one that is connected to a family. Dylan, like Victoria and Nick, and even Noah, has no direction in life. Victoria can’t make up her mind whether to work for daddy or not and Nick just doesn’t want it but both have MILLIONS to create a path but don’t. Noah has had 3 careers in so many months and even had his bestie negotiate him a job into his job offer only to drop it. So NO DYLAN as a pseudo Newman.

    PLUS, it will add just one more question to Dylan’s list of questions: Who am I and why did my parents lie about that?!

    Stitch is a perfect mix to the Newmans and would look more like Paul’s son if it came out who the daddy was. Also, Stitch looks like he could stand up to Victor and would be a great foil to Adam. Nick, Victoria and the new sibling don’t have to hate one another. Just hate Adam.

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    Stitch’s character just has so much more promise.

    Plus I love the idea of actually have a doctor on the show again.

    Maybe we can have some hospital scenes instead of those damn park ones.

    I miss the days of Snapper, Casey and Olivia at the hospital. Those were the days when you actually saw the characters at their jobs. Not huddled in a restaurant somewhere.

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    Now you are making me get all sentimental reminiscing about the glory days on the show.

    Olivia had an actual office at the hospital and back when Keesha was on with the Aids story one of Bell’s best just wish they wouldn’t have killed Nathan off.

    Loved the Hoff and Wings.

    I would love for this dude to be Nikki kid and not Orange boy.

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    Great news for us Stitch fans; the guy’s smoking hot and a good actor with the kind of charisma that Steve Burton wishes he had. And the chemistry is there to be had. It would be kinda genius if Nikki was assuming that Dylan was her son without definitive proof only for it turn out that Stitch is actually her son. I do wish they hadn’t stuck him with a family because I could see this guy with any number of GC women(or men :) ). Either way, definitely terrific news. Now, about that contract for Ignacio Serricchio?

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