Briana Nicole Henry Joins The Young and the Restless

It looks like Summer (Hunter King) is getting another friend. According to Soaps in Depth, The Young and the Restless has cast Briana Nicole Henry in the recurring role of Esmerelda.  Reportedly, Esmerelda will be a model who takes Summer under her wing.

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    Yawn city…more new characters. The canvas is bloated to extreme already and Summer(I do love) in a snorefest story about her being a model…how unoriginal. Why couldn’t they made a Summer a intelligent, determined and showing real promise in business as say Noah? No, some half cooked up story of another girl wanting to be a model…pass the caffeine.

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    Pretty girl.

    I’ve been liking the more mature Summer the past couple of months, and I doubt this girl will be on much.

    These recurring roles don’t seems to recur as much as they are announced.

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    [quote=ldylkng]Well they had to spend Billy’s money & Bore us some how! I mean some more!!!!!!![/quote]

    She’s just recurring. They always have a side budget for recurring characters to come in and mix things up. It would be pretty difficult to write any soap without that petty cash fund available. – jmho

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    The only actress they need to bring back for the under 30-set is Davetta Sherwood…… Lily. All these interchangeable Barbie dolls are becoming tiresome. I like Hunter King, but come on now………

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    “This girl should of headed over to GH as the new Maya Ward. It is a waste to see her go over to Y&R to meet the black quota.”

    So there is a ‘black quota’? When did being black become an exception to daytime TV?

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    Yippe another newbie on the YR can’t wait!!! Please enough with the revolving door the reecent recast have all failed! No offense personally to the actors but the parts are not right for them Yes I’m talking about Kyle Abbie and NOW Billy! I could care less about Summers new friend! This dud for who’s my father S/L needs to fixed! And finished once and for all! let’s stick to the vets fix YR the sinking ship that it is!

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