Perkie’s Observations: Dante Admits Lulu Lied Under Oath on General Hospital

Diane questions Dante about Lulu’s testimony. He admits his wife lied. They had talked about taking the baby and running, but decided it was a bad idea. Dante apologizes to Lulu, who’s furious with Dante. 
Spinelli testifies Lulu is his friend and he's deeply sorry things have come to this. He wishes he could spare her pain and understands she loves the baby. However, he wants to raise his daughter. 
Faison and Dr. Obrecht fight. He subdues and ties her up beside Duke. Duke accuses Faison of being obsessed with Anna. Faison says he’ll never stop until he has her. After Faison leaves, Dr. O complains about Anna and lets it slip that Jerry is holding her captive. Duke tells Dr. O again she should turn against Faison and cut a deal.  
Anna and Robert make their way out of the cell and knock out two of Jerry’s guards, before being confronted by Jerry. Jerry tells them if they kill him, they’ll kill Duke and shows them a photo of a tied up Duke. Robert quickly gets tired of Jerry and shoots him in the leg. 
Patrick gives Luke the good news. There is no trace of the poisoning in his system. Luke needs to talk to Anna, but Patrick says no one has heard from Anna since she and Robert left the clinic to track Faison.

Tracy explains about Jerry being alive and working with Dr. Obrecht. Patrick wonders if Dr. O was the one with the cure, but Luke says it was someone else. 
Carlos runs into Robin and feels she looks familiar but can’t place her. She introduces herself as Epiphany and knows he’s Sabrina’s ex. Robin tells him not to give up on Sabrina just yet.  

As Carlos leaves the lab, he sees a photo of Epiphany and realizes Robin is not her. He then remembers seeing the Drake wedding photo and realizes who she is. 
Britt is surprised by the kiss, saying she didn’t see this coming between them. Nik says it’s been building for awhile — there is something between them.

Britt admits she’s done bad things and doesn’t care what others think. She cares for Nik and is scared to lose him as a friend. The two kiss again.
Diane states the baby does not belong to Lulu and Dante. She’s Maxie and Spinelli’s. Alexis counters Maxie perpetrated a fraud and is unfit to raise the baby. She points out  Lante paid all of Maxie’s medical expenses and the baby belongs to them. 
Faison catches Britt and Nik kissing and is dismissive of Nikolas. Britt says he’s a good man and doesn’t care what her father thinks. She wonders where her mother is, but Faison says there are a lot of tunnels and she could simply be exploring. 
 Jerry tells Robert about Robin being with Duke. He can help them get to her. 
Robin realizes she can synthesize Luke’s blood sample and heads back to Wyndemere.  She tells Nikolas it will take 48 hours to reproduce. She simply needs to stay hidden until then. 
Carlos heads back to the lab, but runs into Sabrina. He tells her Robin is alive.
Lante and Spixie prepare themselves when the judge has a verdict in the custody battle.
Patrick feels the police need to know about Jerry. Tracy warns they aren’t dealing with ordinary criminals. Patrick tells them Duke went to Wyndemere to talk to Nik and hasn’t been heard from since. Luke decides to head to Wyndemere. 

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    Loved, loved, loved Robert shooting Jerry in the leg. As soon as he mentioned he had Duke I thought for sure my Scorpios were headed back in the cell, so thank goodness Robert had enough and put a bullet in him.

    If Dr O and Duke turned toward each other, I think they could untie each other. Not that he’d want to untie her, but he could pretend to.

    Still loving Brik.

    I swear if the judge awards Spin this baby because of his speech, I’m going to be seriously pissed. The only thing to do at this point is joint custody so they can all raise the baby.

    So Duke hasn’t been seen since Halloween and no one thinks to check up on him? Geez Patrick.

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    Duke has been tied up for 18 days with his suit on? How uncomfortable for him. I wonder if he and Dr. O will bond. Robert pulled a Jack Bauer shooting Jerry in his leg. People should do that more often to get what they want.

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    The Writing is ONE. That courtroom battle was epic. Jerry getting shot in the leg was BOSS. It showed that even though TR may be leaving the show he is leaving in on top. As Perkie said Loving Brick!! They are one of the hottest couple’s in daytime along with Alexis and Julian. The Show in Awesome on all cylinders.

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    I loved that Robert shot Jerry in the leg. I am so sick of characters giving up their guns and not fighting. They had no proof about how old that pic of Duke was or whether or not he was still being held by anyone. Plus, that would mean choosing Duke over their daughter. No way Robert or Anna would put anyone before Robin, and Duke wouldn’t want them to any way.

    I don’t like Britt and Nik together. I think they have some good chemistry, but, and this is very vain, their bodies look weird together. She is too tall and broad for him. He needs someone more petite, like Liz or Robin’s body type. She needs someone taller and broader, like Patrick or Jagger’s size. When Nik and Britt embrace or kiss it looks very awkward and weird to me.

    Random thought….I miss looking at Jagger.

    Maxie and Spinelli should get joint custody of the baby. If they don’t, it’s just another example of how soaps butcher legal stories for plot points and agendas.

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    There was nothing epic about that trial, it was quite tame. An epic courtroom battle would have lasted at least an entire show with much more emotion. Although it has been 18 days in real life that duke has been prisoner, it has been that long in port chuck land. Even though I thought the custody hearing was tame, I still enjoyed it and the show as a whole today. I can’t imagine the drama when Britt tells Nik her son is his nephew…or at least his brother in laws son.

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    There was nothing epic about that trial, it was quite tame. An epic courtroom battle would have lasted at least an entire show with much more emotion. Although it has been 18 days in real life that duke has been prisoner, it has been that long in port chuck land. Even though I thought the custody hearing was tame, I still enjoyed it and the show as a whole today. I can’t imagine the drama when Britt tells Nik her son is his nephew…or at least his brother in laws son.

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    Team Brik. I don’t want Liz paired with Lucky’s brother, because their just too close with all of the LnL2 marriages and teenage friendships. RC should have ignored the previous Niz stuff and wrote a romance for Liz and AJ, because AJ and Jason were never close after the car accident and Jason is “dead”.

    Robert shooting Jerry was awesome, and I love Jerry Jacks.

    LMAO at the bickering between Dr. O and Faison.

    I don’t care who ends up with Connie or Ben at this point.

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    The whole custody thing is absurd because it’s so horribly researched. This case would never even reach a hearing in New York, as surrogacy contracts are void and unenforceable there. Commercial surrogacy, where the surrogate is paid a fee in addition to medical expenses, is outright illegal in NY and if one is discovered the parties are fined. The attorney who drew up the contract is subject to a fine 20 times the amount the signatories are fined on their first offense and on the second offense they can be charged with a felony. Altruistic surrogacy (where only the surrogate’s medical expenses are paid) like this one is not allowed either but if things go smoothly the state doesn’t involved. If there is a legal issue however, the contract is not enforceable. No NY judge would take very kindly to Alexis’ assertion that somehow Dante and Lulu have some right to Maxie’s biological child because they paid her medical expenses under a surrogacy contract, which is unenforceable in that state. All of this should’ve been brought up and Diane, Alexis, or whoever drew up the agreement fined and warned. The most Dante and Lulu should be seeking and expecting is repayment of medical expenses as most of them were paid as a result of fraud. They would win that case easily.

    This case goes even further beyond that because it violates the letter of the already unenforceable contract itself. Since Maxie was only a gestational carrier, the contract is predicated on the “fact” that the baby she was carrying was Dante and Lulu’s biological child but that’s not the baby she gave birth to. Connie is Maxie’s biological child, not their’s. Obviously, it wasn’t right for Maxie to coverup her miscarriage and pretend that her baby with Spinelli was Dante and Lulu’s but that doesn’t justify destroying her parental rights. In order to give the baby to Dante and Lulu, the court would have to first recognize an illegal contract as valid and then baselessly reinterpret the contract as an adoption agreement instead of a gestational carrier agreement. This move would be overturned on appeal in about 35 seconds since the court would need to sever both Maxie and Spinelli’s parental rights, which neither have willingly signed away. In fact, they are both fighting for custody of their own child. Even if they did sign their rights away as an adoption, parents can change their minds about an adoption within a certain amount of time after the birth and Maxie and Spinelli filed their case well under that time limit.

    Severing parental rights is a major legal move that few courts are willing to make without strong evidence of abuse and neglect and even then, most parents are given several chances to better their behavior. Right or wrong, most states tend to value preserving the biological family over securing a child’s adoption into a new home. There is no evidence of Maxie and Spinelli being incompetent or dangerous parents, certainly no more so than Dante and Lulu. If they are going to allow evidence of allegedly dangerous environments, Dante and Lulu’s fathers are both violent criminals who they’ve already allowed to spend time with the baby. Lulu’s father killed his own grandson while drunk driving and he continues to drink as if nothing ever happened with his entire family enabling him. At least Maxie’s father is police commissioner and it could be argued provides a more stable extended family presence. Then there’s the fact that Lulu suffered severe amnesia just a few months ago and now seems on the verge of a mental breakdown, something that runs in her family.

    The nonsense today with the “best interests of the child” stuff is maddening and totally unrealistic. The best interest of the child statutes only come into play when there are two parties with a solid legal claim to a relationship with the child, like two divorcing parents or borderline unfit parents versus stable grandparents. Since Dante and Lulu have absolutely no legal claim on Connie whatsoever, this is a non-issue and no judge would even mention it because it would never stand up to legal scrutiny. Judges can’t just go around taking children away from their legal, biological parents because someone else wants them and might, theoretically, provide a better home. If that were the case, every family in which the parents don’t make a lot of money, don’t live in the best neighborhood, or who don’t fit the ‘traditional family’ mold would be living in constant fear of having their children stolen and given to people who are richer, live in McMansions in gated communities, and who are ‘traditional’. This was common practice in many places until the mid-’60s and we as a society should be better than that now.

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    I’m just glad the custody case is coming to an end. However, it would be juicy if Connie really was Lante’s baby and not Spixie’s. I’m all for Britta’s kid ending up as hers and Duke’s due to BSC Dr. O.

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    I agree with js3557…Brik has chemistry but their body types don’t match up. She is too tall and broad for him. When they kiss it looked like they couldn’t figure out how to hold each other. Natalia was a tall woman but she had a feminine built. Britt would be great for Dante but he’s even shorter than Nik. She does need a guy tall like Patrick but sadly there aren’t many tall guys on the cast except Michael and AJ.

    This trial is great to watch because I loved that The Patron Saint of Honesty, Dante told the truth and made Lulu look like a fool. That’s what she gets for not shooting him in the chest, then he’ll lie lol! But in honesty, the trial is stupid. You can’t bring up stuff a person did back when they were teens to use against them 10 years later. It makes no sense.

    Now on to the GREAT Robert, Anna stuff. So glad Robert and Anna used their brains. Jerry said if Faison/Dr.O didn’t hear from him in 24 hrs, they will kill Duke. Well Robert and Anna could just kill him and make it home in 24 hrs to save Duke. So Jerry’s plan made no freakin sense. So glad Robert shot Jerry in the leg while looking good in that blue shirt! Those old suckas on GH know they look good. Mac ages like he’s a Greek god.

    Sabrina gets thirstier and thirstier everyday. Patrick told the heifer he had to get Luke’s blood results from the lab so he can give Luke his results yet this girl steady following him whining about Carlos and talking about their wedding. Let the man work! Doesn’t she have a job? Why was she even in the room with them? Gawd she annoyed me.

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    I want Britts kid to be Lante’s. Imagine how furious Prince Nik will be when he learns Britt kept his nephew from his sister NewLu, when he’s been all over Britt like grease on bacon! (insert the sizzle here)

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    So glad that Lulu’s old crimes came back to bite her. And also that Dante told the truth. I mean really, he’s a police officer, what did Lulu expect? Although I’m sure she bargained on Dante not being called up to testify.

    Love Brik, and IMO they look hot together. Nothing too broad or wide for me, lol!

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