PC #70: Almost Human American Horror Story of a Sleepy Hollow

On today's Pop Confidential Jamey Giddens, Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe, Melodie Aikels and Jenna Dorsi dish the latest in TV, movie and pop culture headlines and storylines, including:

Jillian shocks Jamey with an American Horror Story: Coven storyline twist that has him hyperventilating. Almost Human premieres on Fox. Will the PC gang be tuning in for more? Sleepy Hollow reveals another connection to the Headless Horseman. Once Upon a Time reveals the shocking identity of Peter Pan.

The Best Man Holiday hits theaters and nearly takes down Thor: The Dark World.

All this and juicy celebrity gossip on today's Pop Confidential. 


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13 Responses

  1. Profile photo of sanka9

    I completely agree with Jamey about movies like The Help, The Butler. I can’t watch those kind of movies.
    Queenie on the other hand i’m suspecting the name has some historical connotation. The name wasn’t even an issue for me but the slave torture scenes were really hard to sit through. I love the show though.

  2. Profile photo of tomsmo37

    I thought The Butler was pretty good movie I thought Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey was really good in it, and Almost Human sounds like I Robot with Will Smith and Alien Nation

  3. Profile photo of elbugten

    Glad to see the PC podcast back on a more regular basis. Will you be doing more movie coverage? I’m looking forward to Disney’s Frozen and Saving Mr. Banks and I want to know your thoughts. Not to mention that everyone on my FB feed is losing their minds over Hunger Games Catching Fire.

    Also, do any of you still watch Parenthood? It’s my favorite of the primetime “don’t call us a soap” dramas. No, it’s not sexy like the others, but it’s SO compelling. Last season was much more gut-wrenching with Kristina’s cancer storyline, but this season is picking up now that Joel and Julia are facing marital strife, Millie told Zeke she was going to Europe without him and Amber is set to marry a guy with serious anger management issues. The acting on this show is amazing (Emmy voters, why are you not paying attention?) and the writing is great.

    I love hearing your opinions about things. You guys are always funny. Just listen a little more and stop talking over each other. You all make good points but it’s hard to hear when you’re talking over each other. Looking forward to more episodes!

  4. Profile photo of thecourt99

    AHS Coven is a must watch…but come on Jillian, the masturbation scene with the minotaur isn’t the first thing you tell people about this show…LOL!

    The core of the show, as I see it, is about a war between witches and voodoo priestesses. As it happens, the witches are white and the voodoo queens are black, with the exception of Queenie (and if you ask me, she should play a more important role because of it). There is also a war within the coven for power, and everything else is a just a great distraction. I LURVE IT! I just got my Entertainment Weekly and they are on the cover!!!

    I love Sleepy Hollow, but Nicole Beharie gets no shine. I also loved her in that movie about Texas called American Violet. GREAT MOVIE by the way.

    OUAT lost me for a minute there, but the twist about Pan being Rumple’s father? Say what? Say huh? I’m still getting used to Pan being evil. I have always heard that the origin of most of these fairy tales were more evil.

    Anyway..great podcast!

  5. Profile photo of

    Jillian & Jamey yall had me a work LOL litreally, but I liked The Help and The Butler as well too. Different strokes for different folks, but I can’t do American Horror Story, but I did watch bits and pieces the other day.

    The Good Wife, Scandal, Grey’s are some good tv, and glad the pc crew is back with more laughs, Jamey you are too much…LOL Jillian I heard you lol at Luke…oooh u aint right… Luke feel better

  6. Profile photo of coolblue

    Great to have another PC podcast so soon. Love The Good Wife, Grey’s, Sleepy Hollow, OUAT, and The Blacklist.

    Will the next podcast talk about the shocking ending on Person Of Interest’s 11/19 episode?

    Jamey, I remember Max Headroom too. I thought me and my sister were the only ones who watched it.

  7. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Guys you were a little rough on American Horror Story. That show rocks. Everytime I sit down to watch it, the hour flies by and I am left wanting more. There is something liberating about watching a show that has no boundaries and that they don’t have to worry about next season. They can use and abuse the characters to their hearts content. Although the show is all about witchcraft this season, it is more about death, the after life, resurrection and other various forms of post living. We have nearly immortals, we have long lived mortals, we have a frankenstein creation, a back from the ghost character, three resurrected characters, and a woman who is going out of her mind trying to remain youthful. Any show that tackles death with such abandon has to be noticed for it. Not to mention the previously discussed minotaur and lets not forget the zombies that littered the covens front yard on Halloween. The show never gets complacent. Just when you think its going in one direction, it turns on a dime.
    That is even before you discuss things like some of the best acting ever on a tv show. Yes they can be quite offensive at times to different groups but they are equal opportunity offenders. Nothing is left untouched and this isn’t your momma’s stories. They get nasty and gritty. You mention just one item about Queenie’s name. Well what kind of offensive is Kathy Bates character to southern women? LOL she kept a torture chamber going for all of her slaves and even her own daughters. That is pretty bad as far as portrayals go. But I wouldn’t change a second of it. This show is absolutely on fire.

  8. Profile photo of thecourt99

    ^^What is amazing about this show is that some characters, particular Kathy Bates character, are based upon real people. Google them. While Ryan Murphy took liberties with their stories…he didn’t veer too far off.

    That is why it is an American Horror Story.

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