10 Soap Opera Businesses That Would Get Our Black Friday Bucks (VIDEO)

Editor's Note: This list was originally published on Nov. 23, 2012.

No. 10: Berrenger's Department Store, Berrenger's

In 1985, NBC debuted Berrenger's, a splashy, primetime serial about a glamorous, New York City department store dynasty. The soap opera from Lynn Marie Latham and Bernard Lechowick was meant to be a competitor for ABC's Dynasty and CBS primetime sudsers Dallas, Falcon Crest and Knots Landing among others.

Unfortunately, suds lovers were only able to follow the antics of the Berrenger family, friends and foes for 13 short episodes. A pre-Generations Jonelle Allen and future Dallas and All My Children hunk Jack Scalia both appeared. Watch an NBC promo for the premiere of Berrenger's (at the 24 second mark) below!

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    OH WOW! :O Andrea Marcovicci in the Berrengers was one of my faves on LIMST at the time. I was around ’10-11 but I loved “Besty” (think that was her character)! :bigsmile:

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    I also loved the mini-series Scruples, it was killer and of course Fashions which was long stay in Oakdale.

    But one maybe you forgot not sure but I would definitely shop at Lisa’s first business in Oakdale (pre-Fashions) was Wade Book Store. Gosh, long before Barnes & Noble, Wade Book Store you could get the last town gossip and a wonderful cup of joe….with Lisa being the main dish, Hedda Hopper had nothing on Lisa ;)

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    Back in the day, we’d occasionally hear about “Wiley’s Department Store” in Genoa City. It was the place to go to find Spectra Fashions (if you weren’t well-heeled enough to buy Forrester originals at Fenmores! .. lol!). Also, the better-dressed males in town could find their designer suits (and undergear!) at men’s store competitor “Rodney Carson Clothiers.”

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    I cant believe ppl actually watched Scruples – this list just makes me wanna read the book again. Only books by Sidney Sheldon would compel me to watch their miniseries

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