Who Will Crack First on Days of Our Lives: Kate, Sami or Gabi? (PROMO)

For years, Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) and Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) have been at each other's throats on Days of Our Lives. Now they share a terrible secret with Will's (Chandler Massey) baby mama Gabi (Camilla Banus). Which of the three will be the first to crack and spill about what happened to Nick Fallon (Blake Berris)? Watch the latest Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    We need more Sami and Kate – gosh they were too funny – Kate standing there eating snacks was precious. then as they took turns trying to explain to Gabi why she needed to stop whining – funny…..love those two together!!

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    First the priest rape, then Gabi almost is raped. Days is going dark again.

    I was wondering what they’d do after the wedding. But this? Kind of out of nowhere I think.

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    I LOVE this storyline, and, while it does have certain elements of darkness, it is being executed in a way that is not dark at all. I love how they’ve turned Nick into Jason Voorhies from Friday the 13th. The fabulous Lauren Koslow, especially, has been hilariously campy. Camp is part of Days’ DNA and I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

    It’s been quite well-written. If we go by soap logic, each and every thing the characters have done is logical and justfiable, and the dialogue has been spot on. Allison Sweeney has overacted a little in some parts of it, but that is who Allison Sweeney is. Camila Banus is doing a good job too.

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    Glad to hear DAYS is still doing good, that people are watching and that Sweeps went to the end with such fanfare. I have to unfortunately say I haven’t watched since Kristen left, ED was just so magical to me that I just couldn’t stay with the show without her. But I do appreciate the talent of Blake Berris, perhaps I’ll watch those scenes at some point.

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    I too SoapA love this story and wasn’t expecting this but I’m not sure Nick is even dead…I think he will haunt Gabi, Sami, & Kate somehow, Blake Berris is a true find, Days has been the best soap from beginning to end during this sweeps! $)

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    Gabi has finally become a real Days character now, too bad she leavin! The show is going to start sucking soon, I hear Chris Whitesell is writing the main story again (Lorraine Broderick has been ghost writing while Tomlin plays golf).

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    The storyline is good. Yeah, it’s dark stuff but it’s in-character. Nick showed that kind of behavior before. And whatever brings Sami and Kate together is fine by me.

    I feel like the DAYS writers know what they are doing. Not only for a week or months. DAYS has been on fire for good part of this year. I’m impressed. Dena Higley left a train wreck and I never thought that DAYS would ever be this good again.

    Out of the four soaps, I think DAYS is even the one that is constantly good and a real joy to watch. While B&B and GH have their good moments, B&B lacks when it comes to their B and C storyline, while GH just goes too campy sometimes. I’m happy that DAYS can keep this up even after Eileen Davidson is gone – which does NOT mean that I don’t want her back ASAP.

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    soapy opie

    I, too, think Nick is NOT dead, but will return from his “watery grave”
    to haunt (& taunt) Sami, Kate & Gabi (ala “Diabolique”).

    Of course, when Sami & Kate pool their “special talents”,
    poor Ghost Nick will need all the other-worldly help he can get!!

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    [quote=mufasa]We need more Sami and Kate – gosh they were too funny – Kate standing there eating snacks was precious. then as they took turns trying to explain to Gabi why she needed to stop whining – funny…..love those two together!![/quote]

    Everything about those episodes was totally on-target. And Kate poppin’ snacks while Sami was trying to convince Gabi they were doing the “right” thing…Lauren Koslow is a total treasure on this show and one of the most underrated actresses in daytime IMO(and Kami rocks!). And I didn’t feel like any of it was out of left field; for a minute it looked like they were going the redemption route with Nick but once he slept with Gabi I knew it was gonna be Melanie 2.0 so this makes total sense to me.

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