Ex-All My Children Star Debbi Morgan Won't Be Submitting Herself For a Daytime Emmy Nod

Don't expect to see Debbi Morgan's stellar work from All My Children's online season considered for a Daytime Emmy nomination. The actress tweeted she isn't submitting her work as Dr. Angie Hubbard for the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Morgan stated (Read from bottom to top):

Morgan went on to tweet fans reaching out to her was all the reward she needed.


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While I completely understand what Debbie and the other cast members (not to mention us fans) are going through right now, I really hope she reconsiders her position and submits herself for Emmy consideration. Her scenes when Cassandra was found and in the hospital and then grappling with Cassandra's decision to have an abortion were truly a tour 'de force and she would most definitely give the leading actresses from the other soaps a run for their money (if not take the prize, in my opinion). And a win would truly be a slap on the face of Prospect Park, particularly if she uses her acceptance speech to get in a few digs (though she is too classy for that - but wishful thinking).

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It's so sad what PP did to the actors, crew, their family members.

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Debbi Morgan is a class act all the way. I totally understand her reasons but am disappointed as she deserves that emmy!!

It's a shame PP are acting so childishly, it would've been great for Dr Angie Hubbard to move to Port Charles and get a job at General Hospital!

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I’m disappointed that Debbi Morgan isn’t submitting herself for Emmy nomination because I think she truly deserves it. That being said I understand why she doesn’t want to. She probably feels that if she won, it would be a win for a company that greatly mistreated it’s cast and crew. I respect her not wanting to take part in that. It’s not good that PP has upset their wonderful employees like this. She probably feels very embarassed by how things turned out. PP should have been honest.