Look Out, Brill: Thorsten Kaye Makes Bold and Beautiful Debut on Dec. 13

Brooke Logan's (Katherine Kelly Lang) dance card will be pretty full this holiday season on The Bold and the Beautiful. Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) wants her back in his life — and in is bed. Meanwhile, the love of Brooke's adult life, Ridge Forrester, is set to return on Friday, Dec. 13, with All My Children mega-hunk Thorsten Kaye donning the couturier's fancy rags.

Will Ridge be hoping for a reunion with "destiny", or could he find a kindred spirit in ex-sister-in-law Katie (Heather Tom)? Ridge broke up with Brooke because she was texting one of her baby daddies on their honeymoon.

Is the Forrester heir apparent finally ready to forgive his lady love's techno no-no, or will Ridge be even more disgusted with "Logan" after learning about her dalliance with her baby sister's man? It's about to go down in SoCal! Are you excited about what's coming up in December on The Bold and the Beautiful? Sound off in the comments!

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    He might do the the impossible, make me like Ridge. Put him with Katie. I hope he messes up the obscene Brill and brings Bill from his pedestal he seems so fond of.

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    Thorsten Kaye is going to be amazing. It will take a while for long-term B&B fans to get there. But I’m sure most of them will.

    I hope that Brad Bell writes for Kaye and finally gives Ridge a character that gives viewers more than scarfs and hands “raping” Lang’s hair.

    B&B has Heather Tom, Don Diamont, Katherine Kelly Lang AND Thorsten Kaye. The storyline should write itself. ;)

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