Y&R’s Cynthia Watros on Phyllis Recast Rumors: “That’s a Subject I Can’t Really Comment On”

Was former Guiding Light superstar Cynthia Watros considered as a Phyllis recast on The Young and the Restless, before booking the role of grieving mom Kelly? The subject came up during a recent interview in the Dec. 16 issue of CBS Soaps In Depth. Here's what Watros said when the magazine asked about the rumors:

"That's a subject I can't really comment on, but it's interesting."


She didn't end up playing the role Michelle Stafford made infamous, but Watros could still end up sharing scenes with The Staff's former leading man. Setside sources claim TPTB are hot to chem-test Kelly with Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman).

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    Personally, I think that would’ve been a genius move. There’s very few actresses that could tackle a role played so indelibly by Stafford but I think Cynthia Watros is on that very short list of those who could.

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    Yeah it would have been great to get Watros as Phyllis. She can play bitchy and is a strong actress. The day her casting was announced I expected her to be a Phyllis recast. Don’t get why they went with a new role there. Especially if they chem-test her with Bergman’s Jack Abbott.

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    If they put Kelly with Jack, that will give Phyllis another butt to kick.
    Sharon for the paternity mess and Kelly for trying to scoop her man.
    I really thought they were going to put her with Billy and NuBilly …

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    I’m glad that didn’t happen.

    I’m still okay with Phyllis not being around. And I’d rather hold out for the hope that Stafford has a change of heart and returns.

    I’ll keep waiting.

    And so far this character isn’t doing anything for me either. Needs more screen time so we know what the direction of this character actually is.

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    Isn’t she just short-term? With another project already in the works? And while we don’t know Kelly’s surname yet, the name “Kelly White” appeared on the short-list of “Black SUV Drivers” (license plates starting with “6”) that Victor’s investigator left on his desk last week. TPTB purposely gave us a brief glimpse of the list, and that name was noticeably right above Adam’s highlighted name.


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    I could totally see Watros as Phyllis. Sometimes for a recast to work, you need to get an actress of similar ability to make it work.

    In any case, I think Phyllis should stay gone for a while.

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    Here’s my thinking on this: I don’t think Kelly is Kelly. I think Kelly is really Phyllis in disguise! Why? Just by judging her non-comment about the role of Phyllis was what made me think that way.

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    Cynthia Watros can catch a fish without a hook. She can play ANY role. Bill Bell Sr. didn’t think that Michelle Stafford was irreplaceable, so I don’t see why Phelps and Company should. I love Michelle too, but she CHOSE to leave and Phyllis really is an important character. They went through all the trouble of bringing on her cringe-inducingly boring sister, Avery Pillsbury Clark, so why not recast?

    One monkey don’t stop no show.

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    I guess she not a FOJ to play a high profile role, but anything possible with this show. Anywho she was off the chain as Annie Dutton on GL…

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    OMG she would be perfect as Phyllis! In the pics there she looks similar to her, minus the hair color! I really hope she turns out to be Phyllis. Cynthia Watros can bring it, maybe even better than Michelle did. Cynthia was the best thing on daytime when she played Annie Dutton, and she needs to play a character like that again.

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    I adored Michelle Stafford as Phyllis and would love to see her return, but they way this new executive producer has run the show, I truly doubt if this will happen. Too many of her dead beat newbies that between the whole bunch of them, have less talent than Michelle. Anyhow, why would they bring this person on as whatever name she is on the show, if they were going to make her Phyllis? Of course they have done dumber things, such as DYLDUMB in too many scenes and having absolutely, NO TALENT.

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    I think it would had been a great move (JFP is an idiot) to have her as the recast personally. I know her work and baby CW can act her ass off on any emotional level.

    I know some would disagree because they don’t care for the change or switch which I completely understand. MS was awesome as Phyllis but if you did comparison on who had the better acting abilities between MS vs CW…well tough call but CW would win the race because of range…MS’s range is sometimes limited and she can grate one’s nerves at times.

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