Bold and Beautiful’s Brad Bell: “We’re Going to Write a Ridge That is Reflective of Thorsten”

Goodbye scarves and Speedos, hello scruff and couture hockey jerseys? In the Dec. 2-16 issue of CBS Soaps In Depth, Brad Bell answered many burning questions about the casting of All My Children superstar Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. Here's an excerpt:

Q. This casting choice seems to indicate that you're not looking to replicate Ronn's portrayal. Will this new version of Ridge be different not only in looks but also in personality?

"Absolutely. We're going to write a Ridge that is very reflective of Thorsten. I get so much of my inspiration from the actors and what they bring to the role, so I'll be studying him very closely and trying to capture his spirit and play to his strengths."

Pick up the latest issue of CBS Soaps In Depth to read what else Bell had to say about selecting Kaye to recreate Ronn Moss' signature role.

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    Oh okay, so now we have a Ridge Forrester that can actually act. Paging Dr Taylor Hayes time to come on back home! I always thought it was dirty how B&B did her. She wasn’t the greatest actress but she did drive story for 20 years. B&B build there house on the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle it was epic! before it became cartoonish in the later years. She at least deserved a final scene with Brooke.

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    I have nothing against Thorsten Kaye, bit he is just so incredibly different than the Ridge we’ve all known for so many years that I can’t buy him in this role. Robert Kelker Kelly? Much closer. Ridge is a metrosexual polished almost euro-type character. I know TK is technically European, but you guys get my meaning. TK is more of a rough burly emotional type. But just my opinion.

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    Naw, I totally disagree. We get a great nuRidge that can act which I simply love over any day of Ronn Moss, I didn’t care for the character of Ridge for 26 years, I just tolerated him because I knew he wasn’t going anywhere, but now with TK he’ll bring so more depth and flesh out the character more with real emotional punch.

    So many were saying KKL wouldn’t work with nobody but Ronn on many posts but I read an interview a few weeks ago where KKL has been very welcoming to TK and said quote “Bring on Bridge”…a new beginining :bigsmile:

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    The verdict is still out for me on the nuRidge. Was never really a fan of what I’ve seen of him before, so I don’t want Ridge to become this other character I’ve seen on other soaps. I’m not saying he’s not a great actor, but if you liked the previous portrayal, it’s difficult to adjust at first.

    Having said that, I really have to give it to Bell who really has a knack of just moving forward with his show when things are thrown at him.

    BB of all the soaps has been the most consistent in quality and look (and ratings). It just goes to show you that when you keep the same people in charge at the top how smoothly things can go when massive change occurs with your cast.

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