Felicia Goes AZTEC WARRIOR PRINCESS on Liz at #PatrinaWedding on General Hospital!

Sometimes the soapiest goodness gets left on the cutting room floor. Lucky for fans of ABC Daytime's General Hospital, the sudser has started posting bonus clips online. I just got chills watching a scene where Felicia (Kristina Wagner) reads Liz (Elizabeth Herbst) like a trashy novel over the nurse's testimony at Baby Connie's custody hearing!

The verbal smackdown takes place at Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Sabrina's (Teresa Castillo) wedding. When Liz tries to offer Mac (John J. York) and Felicia sympathy about Maxie (Kirsten Storms) losing custody of the baby, Mrs. Scorpio goes into full-on Aztec Warrior Princess mode!

Bitch even throws Liz hoeing around on Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) with Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) in the girl's face! That's cold-blooded. To watch the clip for yourself, as well as a few other bonus features from the #PatrinaWedding, head over to ABC.com!

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    Daniel St. John

    I could just imagine the fits of rage the collective Liz Defense League would have gone into if this had aired on that episode. It would have been ugly on the soap opera sites and Twitter.

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    Felicia stood next to the man she cheated on with Luke and broke up two families, she needs to STFU about Liz finally giving old cry baby Lucky, who by the way cheated three times (Sarah, Maxie and Sam)during their relationship. Liz sleeping with Nik the first round was all kinds of icky.

    Liz was not gleeful at all during her testimony for Lulu during the custody battle, and was shocked when Ellie told her Maxie lost custody of her baby.

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    I think the Liz and Felicia scenes were cut because the show is about to toss Liz in the middle of Nik and Britta, which I hate with the passions of 1,000 suns! I hate Niz! My girl Liz can’t seem to catch a break in the romance department. RC has effed up Liz’s potential romances with Matt, Ewen, Jason, Patrick and AJ in under two years, WTF!

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    I love Felicia to bits and pieces, but there really were a multitude of other people she could have used her zingers with. These scene made next to no sense.

    I want Liz back onto the front-burner, and her and AJ going full steam ahead again. Also, where are all the Q’s these days??? So now that Franco nor Kiki belong in them anymore – thank God – they are no longer relevant? Excuse me? I want my Q house full and stacked with REAL Q’s.

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    GL fan

    @liason4real how did RC mess up a possible Liz and Jason reunion? Steve Burton wanted to leave which forced the writers to write him out of the show.

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    Felicia, PUHLEAZE sit down. Perhaps had she raised her daughter, Maxie wouldn’t have committed one heinous act after another. Everything Maxie did to Liz, she owned up to in court. It’s not as if Liz made any of it up. Felicia should apologize to Liz for her daughter’s behavior.

    I suppose this scene had to be cut to make room for Sobrina’s hand-wringing over needing something blue or Lucy’s meltdown over her off-screen marriage disintegrating.

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    So glad this scene was cut because IT MADE NO SENSE!!

    Liz told the truth on the stand and she wasn’t gleeful about it! But for Felicia who cheated on Mac numerous of times and who abandoned her children has the last nerve to talk about anybody!

    How come people don’t get on Alexis about sleeping with two brothers and having kids who are sister/first cousins? How come no one reminds Carly that she slept with 2 brothers and now is sleeping with a serial killer who had her son raped.

    If this scene would have made it on air, I guarantee it would have shut down tweeter. Felicia left her girls and Mac FOR LUKE SPENCER, LUKE SPENCER!!!!! She needs to NEVER open her mouth again

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    [quote=Trish8148]The best part was at the end with Sam who clearly heard give that look to Silas[/quote]

    Mmmmm. Sam had better hope her dirty deeds (riding step-daddy Ric like a pony, and trying to kill Liz, Cam and Jake in the park when she hired those goons) never gets outed in public.

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    Funny how no one ever, ever, ever rinses out their own dirty laundry.Flea with Luke made me gag. The rest of the commenets I wasn’t watching then. I had shut the sainted Not Sonny, Jason Carley show off in disgust.Guess I didn’t miss much.
    Right now the show has its moments. Watching the reunion has me on the edge of my seat every day.
    Does anyone on the show deserve to wear a halo ? maybe emma but even she has a fresh mouth sometime.Especially when she is around Felix!

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    Once again Carlivati shows that he doesn’t know characters. Felicia wouldn’t have treated Liz this way. Add Felicia to the list of women written out of character under Cartoony…..Alexis, Lucy, Carly, Bobbie, etc.

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    [quote=GL fan]@liason4real how did RC mess up a possible Liz and Jason reunion? Steve Burton wanted to leave which forced the writers to write him out of the show.[/quote]
    I watched OLTL, RC reunited Tina and Cord within several weeks, and he had from Feb 2012 until SBu announced he was leaving in Aug 2012 (six months!) to write Liz and Jason reconnecting as a couple. Sam had already started moving on with McBain when the character showed up in March 2012.

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    I WORSHIP Queen Elizabeth, but the scene was delicious! Leave Felicia alone. If someone one contributed to your daughter losing her baby, you’d let their asses have it, too.

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    Once again Liz is getting screwed.

    They should have had Liz go at Felecia telling her if she were around, Maxie would have turned out to be a different person.

    Instead they have Liz being treated like roadkill for telling the truth.

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    [quote=nysam]Once again Carlivati shows that he doesn’t know characters. Felicia wouldn’t have treated Liz this way. Add Felicia to the list of women written out of character under Cartoony…..Alexis, Lucy, Carly, Bobbie, etc.[/quote]


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    Was Liz supposed to commit perjury for the woman who made her life miserable and has treated her like crap ever since? Liz wasn’t malicious or gleeful in her testimony. She told the truth. She should have come back at Felicia with some truths about Felicia’s life choices, but Liz has too much class to attack someone who is obviously hurting and lashing out at the wrong person.

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    she wasn’t in any way being being rude to Liz, Liz has plenty of her own dirty deeds too like tampering with dna tests and I yeah I blame her for being apart of Dannys kidnapping whether she meant to or not, and since you Liz fans never let Sams misdeeds go I will never stop enjoying Liz’s deeds being thrown in her face!

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