5 Soap Opera Computer Geeks We’d Let Hack Our Accounts on #CYBERMONDAY

There's just something about a dude who knows his way around a laptop, tablet and/or a smartphone! This #CyberMonday we're counting down five soap opera computer geeks we'd let hack into our accounts any day! 

No. 5: Damian Spinelli, General Hospital

Whether he's hacking into the systems of rival mobsters of the Corinthos crime family, or using his skills to dig up dirt on evildoers as Port Charles, New York's go-to private dick, Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) has proven time and time again he's the "Jackal of Cyber Space" on General Hospital. We're sure his tech savvy will come in handy this #CyberMonday, as he selects gifts online for Connie, the infant daughter he was recently awared sole custody of.

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    This is a fun list, and accurate too. I have to say I really like all of these characters, the “geeks”. Like for instance Spinelli, IMO he is the best person to raise his child at this point. And who doesn’t love Nolan Ross! I’m so glad his role is getting bigger and bigger by the season on Revenge.

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    The only one I don’t know is from Revenge, which I don’t watch. I would had included Samantha Marler (Phillip’s sister) from GL…long before geeks were chic there was Sami and she wasn’t exactly a computer geek but was suppose to be a genius in science and math and fell in love with the honey of a redneck Dylan Lewis. :love:

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