The Chew Celebrates 500 Episodes

The Chew was impossible to digest for ABC Daytime fans, when it first replaced All My Children, but is the foodie fest finally going down more smoothly? On Tuesday, The Chew celebrates its 500th episode. 

In an Associated Press interview, Mario Batali, Clinton Kelly, Michael Symon, Daphne Oz and Carla Hall talk about what their show has become.

"We have five distinctly different characters, versus a single-host show," notes Hall (a memorable past competitor on Bravo's "Top Chef" and the owner of an artisan cookie company). "That means we have five different ways of doing things. So we are saying to the viewer, 'If YOU have a sixth way, that's OK, too.' We empower the viewers to have their own perspectives."

Photo credit: ABC

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    Come on – stop acting like those poorly-written, poorly-acted soaps are somehow better than talk shows like The Chew. It’s not like we’re talking about The Sopranos or Breaking Bad. ABC made a good move – The Chew gets good ratings, equal to the terrible soap it replaced. And it’s less expensive, so ABC makes more money. Bravo, ABC!

  2. Profile photo of TheOldSoapster

    Oh, yes, we are all so thankful there is at least one daytime show that has dared — YES DARED! — to “empower viewers to have their own perspectives.”

    What self-righteous clap-trap.

    Its been gone for nearly two years, but I still find myself whistling or humming one or another of the old OLTL themes in the car. Still miss my nightly trip to Llanview.

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