NBC Renews The Blacklist For A Second Season


NBC finally got one right! The Peacock has renewed its exhilarating crime drama, The Blacklist, for a full 22-episode second season. The Blacklist delivered its best ratings since the premiere on Monday night, with 12.3 million people watching and a 3.5 in the 18-49 demographic.

The series stars James Spader and Megan Boone, and is scheduled to return to the airwaves Monday, January 13 at 10/9C.

Will you be watching The Blacklist in January?

Photo Credit: NBC


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My favorite new TV show and my favorite network show behind "The Good Wife". The show is really good. James Spader has me again, like he did with "Boston Legal". His acting just gets to you.

And yes, NBC has a new hit show. I just hope they don't EVER try it on Thursday night. That night seems dead for NBC. No doubt though that it will probably get a new night with it's 2nd season without "The Voice" as a lead-in.

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James Spader is good as usual, but like most shows on TV, it becomes predictable and will eventually get into a rhythm that turns into a rut. For now, it's still new, plus it has a big lead in from The Voice. We'll see if it has legs.

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7 November 2009
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I find Blacklist to be an XLNT show and care less about the lead in. I have a DVR and I have a Remote and if I like a show, I could care less about the lead in or the following show. I am not too lazy to walk across the room and change channels.

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I need to go back and watch this show. All the big buzz about it and many friends are cooing about how good....I know Dominic & Aaron is in love with show and it's their time together, bonding I guess as dad & son....guess who watches the grand-kids when show is on....hmmmm no complaints really but I do need to play catch up to see because of the positive feedback it's getting from all. Wink