Perkie’s Observations: General Hospital’s Julian Jerome, “Who The Hell is Lucas?”

A confused Patrick tries to talk to Sabrina, who’s certain they’re finished. Patrick says he never meant to hurt her, but Sabrina questions if they’d be together if Robin hadn’t left. She takes off her rings and tells him to take them and let her go. Patrick refuses and says he still loves her.

Patrick feels what they had was real. This doesn’t change how he feels about Sabrina. He swears she was never a replacement. He loves her. 

Sabrina tells him he can love them both, but can’t have them both. Patrick needs to choose.

Patrick wants time to figure things out. While he’s sorry Sabrina is hurting, he isn't sorry Robin is alive. Sabrina tells him to go to Robin. 
Liz is thrilled to see Robin. She tells her friend how much she’s missed her.

Robin thanks Epiphany for taking care of Patrick. She checks in with Sam and gives her condolences about Jason. She swears Faison can’t hurt them anymore, as Anna looks on. 
Anna asks about Patrick. Robin says she sent him to talk to Sabrina. 

Anna points out Robin’s life won’t be the same. The dream that kept her alive is gone.
Emma wonders when Robin will have to go back to heaven. Felicia, Mac and Anna explain her mother isn't going back to heaven. Anna says someone played a nasty trick on them. Emma wonders if this means her father isn’t marrying Sabrina.   
Carly tells Bobbie that Jerry is gone. She thinks Ava helped him. 

Carly tells her mother Julian is alive. Bobbie is shocked, but declares Tony was always Lucas’ father. She worries Julian will find out he has a son.  
Sonny wonders if Duke would be willing to take him out. Duke wants to, but he promised Anna he'd stay clear of Julian.

Sonny asks who’s next in line. Duke tells him about Carlos.

Sonny reacts to the last name "Rivera". He knew people by that name from Puerto Rico. He needs to check it out before making a move.

Sonny wants Duke to work for him. Duke doesn’t want to have issues with Anna. Sonny says Anna doesn’t have to know. Together they can neutralize Julian. 
Carlos complains to Julian about Sabrina marrying Patrick, despite the fact he saw Robin alive.Julian points out once the truth comes out, Sabrina will need his shoulder to cry on. 
Sam is happy for Robin, but wonders what would happen if Jason returned. Silas jokes there are a lot of returns from the dead in this town. 

The two run into Julian, who tries to make nice. Sam isn't having it. She's furious Julian started a mob war with Sonny.

Julian claims Sonny came after him. He wants a chance to get to know his daughter and grandson.

Silas calls Julian out for hiding behind Same and Danny. Carlos comes  to Julian's defense.

Sam wants nothing to do with Julian, and neither does Lucas. Julian is confused. "Who the hell is Lucas?"
Lucy apologizes to Robin for not being around the last few years. Robin thanks her for the Nurse’s Ball. They discuss Sabrina's role in bringing the HIV/AIDS fundraiser back to life.

Liz promises Robin she did her best to keep her memory alive for Emma. Robin’s  sad Emma introduced Sabrina as her new mommy at the Halloween party. It hurts her that Patrick moved on.
Felix reassures Sabrina. She’ll get through this. Sabrina wonders if she’s supposed to wait. 

Felix wants her to start by taking off the dress. Sabrina takes off and runs crying into Carlos’ arms on the docks. 
Patrick returns to Robin. He wants to do the right thing, but doesn’t know what that is. 

He wants Robin to come home with him, but she says no. She can’t pretend Sabrina isn’t a part of his life.

Anna offers to have both Robin and Emma stay with her until things get settled. Patrick and Robin confess their love for one another, as she leaves with her mom.

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    I have to say this was a good episode, not as good as yesterday, but good. I can’t believe, however, that Robin wouldn’t run straight home to her daughter and husband. She’s waited 2 years to see her daughter and husband and didn’t want to spend the night with them? I just don’t buy it.

    However, Jason Thompson, AMAZING!

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    I’m sorry, but who the heck is Sam to be judging Julian about being involved in the Mob? Girl, you had a child by two of the top mafia dons in PC, and you’re living in a Penthouse bought and paid for with mob money, have a few seats in the hypocrite circle Ms. McCall.

    The scene with Robin and Sam was contrived and weird for me, wasn’t Sam the selfish douche who basically told Patrick to get that dirt off his shoulder moments after Robin died to save her killer husbands life? GMAB with that. If all that didn’t happen, I would’ve loved that scene since I wanted Robin and Sam to be friends when Robin first came back and saved Jason’s life the first time around.

    I don’t understand Robin not wanting to go home with Patrick and Emma, especially since Patrick asked and she wasn’t just forcing herself back into his life on his wedding day to another chick, that was a big WTF moment for me.

    Anyways……JASON FREAKIN THOMPSON! And that is all.

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    I don’t blame Robin for not wanting to go to her old home which now has memories of her husband and child with Sabrina. Patrick needs to at least burn the bed, the couch, sofa, floor, etc… or build Robin and Emma a new home!

    Sabrina acted very mature in giving Patrick the rings, she knows her Sparking Pony Princess show is, OVAH! Patrick on the other hand wanted his cake and princess at the same time. Yes, Patrick probably feels guilty that he went looking for Robin in the lab and took an hour to finally say,”I Do”, so he’s trying to hold onto his princess while wanting his wife and child at home.

    Sam is such a hypocrite and we all know she’s terrorized babies, so WTF is up with her hating on hot “he’s almost Sam’s age!” father being in the mob versus Sonny? Sam has spent her entire existence on this show tied up in the mob life.

    Here we go with Sonny’s little tantrums. Sonny was much more entertaining off his meds.

    Carlos washed his hair! Now he needs to trim that beard.

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    Phoenix Tremayne

    I’m with Robin; after all she’s been through he doesn’t know if he wants her or Sabrina but he wants to play house and may or may not have sex. Patrick barely said I do and now he’s torn; he only proposed because he wanted to prove he was over Robin and we know he wasn’t. I feel sorry for Sabrina but the truth is I want to see her come face to face with Brit and it be a real good moment if written right; after the way Sabrina treated Britt towards the end when she was the bitch; especially that whole delivery ordeal where she didn’t want to deliver the baby but did, Let’s see Brit get a good laugh.

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    Lucy D.

    I get that he’s in shock but I don’t buy that Patrick wouldn’t say bye-bye to Sabrina. He was looking for Robin just an hour before the ceremony and he didn’t really want to say “I do.” But it wouldn’t be a soap without drama and conflict so…

    If Patrick and Robin aren’t end game… I respect people who like Sabrina, but seriously, even putting aside how insipid and immature her character is, the actress has NO CHEMISTRY with JT. None.

    I want to see Maxie and Robin. I’m even looking forward to Sonny finding out she’s alive, and I normally have no use for the man.

    I agree Sam’s a hypocrite, but now that Jason’s gone, I like the character, so I’m going to give her a pass.

    I didn’t watch GH during the Lily era, could Carlos be her son?

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    Good episode today. Loved the continued focus on Robin and the Scorpio clan.

    Weird that Patrick is torn when he and Sabrina only started dating back in March. He and Robin have been together over 7 years and share a daughter. Again, it would have been more believable Patrick being torn if it was Liz he married since they have known each other for such a long time and her sons would have been involved as well. I’m glad Robin didn’t go home with Patrick. If he doesn’t realize that Robin is his one and only then he can sleep alone in his house.

    Does Seattle not have news? Internet? Since Julian revealed himself a couple weeks ago wouldn’t it have made sense that Bobbie would have known Derek was Julian? If Bobbie didn’t get a copy of the newspaper why wouldn’t Carly, Felicia, Audrey, Luke, Lulu, etc. have called to tell her since they know Bobbie would want to know?

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    @Lucy D…. I did watch the Lily era. Carlos CAN NOT be Lily’s son. Lily was about the same age as Brenda. Carlos is playing 35 – 40 easily. If Lily were alive she would be in her early 40s. More likely that Carlos is Lily’s brother.

    Juan who was on last week is Lily’s son with Miguel (Ricky Martin). Lily was a teen mom and gave the baby up if I remember correctly.

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    I think everybody was seeing things wrong regarding the Sam scenes I don’t see her being mad at Julian for being in the mob I saw that she was mad cause he was using Danny to stay alive when he was the one that started the mob war. They didn’t really even let her talk Silas did it for her. Do she even have a POV that isn’t Silas’s?

    those Robin and Liz scenes was great I love their friendship. Everything was so genuine not like her propping Sabrina all the time.

    This was the first time I actually like Sabrina I actually felt her pain (even though I love her in pain.)

    I understand Robin not going home with Patrick the sheet still warm from Sabrina’s ass. Plus Patrick was acting like he was torn between the two I just don’t buy that part cause it took him forever to even say I do. He was still hung up on Robin 2 minutes before the wedding.

    Do Sonny really care that Julian turned Morgan against him? I can’t help but think that if it was Michael he wouldn’t even be hesitating going after Julian Danny be damned

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    Lucy D.

    Thanks @KMRDaytime & nysam. So naming the character Carlos Rivera was no accident. So either 1) Carlos & Sabrina are really related or 2) Sabrina is related to Lily and/or Sonny

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    “Sabrina takes off and runs crying into Carlos’ arms on the docks. ”


    Still prefer the Theodora of Oz option I hoped for in her wedding dress. Would have worked wonders for the character…I swear I thought I saw it coming when she lost her legs beneath her at the altar seeing the Scrubs reunion and then especially when she was in the private room distraught.

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    If carlos is related to Lily than thank goodness those rumors of sabrina being lily and sonny daughter can’t be true ..

    Sabrina just ruined her moms dress. All that Soul Glo from Carlos hair just got on it..

    I wish the writing was more consistent. Like it was mentioned Sabrina and Patrick only been together since February yet he’s conflicted over her and Robin?

    Also what is this crap Sabrina saying about letting her go? She’s the one who followed Patrick around like a lost puppy and who wanted to rush the wedding. Even Liz said yesterday she pushed Patrick to marry Sabrina. Patrick only asked her to prove to sabrina and carlos that he was over Robin and that Sabrina wasn’t a glorified babysitter. Heck sabrina had to beg Patrick to forget about that phone call he got from robin. The whole scene between Patrick and sabrina made no sense.

    I officially hate Felix. And since when does Sam need Silas to speak for her? When did she turn into a punk? And why is she putting Lucas business out there like that? Heck has she even talked to him yet? Sassy Silas needs to tone it down. I was expecting him to whip his hair and say. Oh No He Didn’t

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    [quote=Lucy D.]I get that he’s in shock but I don’t buy that Patrick wouldn’t say bye-bye to Sabrina. He was looking for Robin just an hour before the ceremony and he didn’t really want to say “I do.” But it wouldn’t be a soap without drama and conflict so…[/quote]

    Exactly. I understand that according to soap rules Patrick probably should be conflicted but that just doesn’t fit with what they’ve actually shown us so far. Patrick has never been sure about marrying Sabrina and was basically talked into it by Liz. Liz only meant well but he clearly wasn’t ready. He was so affected by going back to the lab Robin “died” in, which proved how deep his feelings for her still run. Ditto the phone call. He was looking for the possibly alive Robin right up until he arrived at the church. And then there’s the “I think I’m gonna barf” look on his face during the 19 minutes it took him to barely choke out his ‘I do’. Then when Robin showed up, it was like “Sabrina who?”. Even in the conversation in the bride’s room, he declared his love for Sabrina in the past tense. He said “I loved you” and then he quickly added “I still do”. But if he really did love her, why wouldn’t he have simply said “I love you”? The past tense was the first thing came out of his mouth and he did it twice so it wasn’t a simple twist of the tongue.

    Patrick’s feelings for Sabrina can best be summed up as gratitude that she’s been good to Emma but romantically he’s been ambivalent. Based purely on what they’ve shown us, the relationship between Patrick and Sabrina has been almost completely one-sided, like 85% Sabrina to 15% Patrick. This should be a no-brainer decision for him.

    [quote=Lucy D.]If Patrick and Robin aren’t end game… I respect people who like Sabrina, but seriously, even putting aside how insipid and immature her character is, the actress has NO CHEMISTRY with JT. None.


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    LOVE the fact that Lucas is nearing and nearing the show! Now it’s only a matter of episodes before Julian finds out he has a son out there. Can’t wait to see him confront Bobbie about it. And Bobbie of course will tell him off. SO glad she was brought in at this time. Now it’s just a matter of casting the right Lucas. He could appear just in time for February Sweeps. I also want Sam to forge a relationship with her brother.

    I have to say though, now with all the family relationships coming to light, Julian is looking quite young for having Alexis as his great love, Bobbie as his adoptive baby mama and Duke as his arch enemy. I love William DeVry in the role, and I think he’s doing a great job of it, but it is pretty glaring in ways. That also makes for these weird relationships like him courting his son’s sister.

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    The situation between Robin, Patrick and Sabrina is a mess for all three of them. And I feel for all three of them. But in the end of the day Robin should be home with her husband and child. Sabrina stepped aside and while I get that Patrick is confused, he should see that he was never really over Robin and rushed this wedding. Going from talking that you can’t forget your wife to marrying another woman speaks for itself.

    Sometimes I’m really angry of the hypocrisy of this show. Julian is the bad mobster but Sonny gets to be everyone’s friend? Sam was married to a hitman. She knows how this business works. Julian using Danny as a shield to protect himself wasn’t a good move but an understanding one. Otherwise he would be dead right now. It’s not like Sonny is playing with water pistols. People around him should finally stop acting like he does.
    I also didn’t like that Sam did let Silas do the talking. It’s her business how she handles her father. Knowing Sam, she should be able to speak for herself.

    And seriously, how many douche moves did Sonny make in all these years to protect himself or his beloved organisation?

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    I thought TCa did a better job this episode than the previous one. Less melodrama. But at the same time, I thought Sabrina was being a bit passive aggressive. “Take my rings, because you don’t really love me”.

    As for Patrick, I don’t think he’s ever been “in love” with her. I believe that he does love her, as a friend, as someone who has been very good for his daughter, as someone who everyone told him he should get together with, as someone to settle with. And with Robin’s return, JT has been playing it that way. Robin is the one, but there’s guilt for Sabrina.

    So I was okay with his indecision, his wanting both women and not wanting to hurt either one of them. He wants Robin back, but he feels badly for having to hurt Sabrina. I also liked how JT kept saying “I don’t even know what’s going on right now”, because that was a believable reaction to someone you thought was dead, suddenly showing up.

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    One of main complaints about this regime is that I believe that RC often skips emotional beats in favor of action! cliffhanger! Things with exclamation points! I prefer a mix because I like to enjoy the quieter moments as well. Just about preference.

    So I can understand Patrick being concerned about Patrick. I just think that his conversation with Sabrina took it a bit too far. His confessions of love and his confusion doesn’t make sense to me when he was looking for his dead wife right before he said his vows. There was no emotional consistency there. Robin’s response made sense as a reaction to Patrick, but Patrick’s response didn’t make sense…at least not to me.

    I don’t see Sam’s reaction to Sonny as hypocritical. They know and love Sonny, and they don’t like what he does, but their existing relationship allows them to see Sonny’s career choice through a softer lens. All Sam knows is that this stranger saved her son, is her father, and started a war…and is now using her son as a shield. I think the fact that he started the war is more bothersome than anything else. Also, since Jason died in mob violence, I think Sam’s stance on the mob in general is changing. She will stay loyal to the relationships that Jason had, but I don’t think that Sam is up for being a mob moll anymore.

  17. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    So many great poster comments today

    and while I was ok with Robin telling Patrick NO – I was a little put off because – Wasn’t Robin about to WALK OUT of the church and allow Patrick to marry the Princess Bride. So you fought so hard to get back to your family but you were TORN over doing it that way. Maybe Patrick is feeling the same.

    For those long time poster on this site they know my utter hatred for all things JaSam but I have softened towards Sam again since his “death” – I was conflicted because I too don’t get the good mob-bad mob thing with Sam but I think her issue was more on the Danny side. Ultimately Sam you can’t be ok with all the things that Jason did or you did yet heave guilt and disdain at Daddy when things dont work out the way YOU want them too

    Remind me not to tell State Secrets to Sam she blabs without even being under duress

    Ughhh did I have to witness Sobby running into Carrrlos arms at the end just hate that I have to bear witness to her being thrown into Mob-central. She is not front burner material but with that being said she will end up being Lily/Sonny’s child (click-Boom baby) – Carrrlos will most likely be a Rivera not by blood to explain their relationship

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    I can understand Robin not wanting to go home with Patrick. She just witnessed him marrying another women. Jason T was fabulous, as always.
    It should get good when Julian realizes he has a son. Sonny and Duke getting together will cause problems with him and Anna. But, isn’t that what soaps are all about, conflict?!
    Bobbie, what can I say? That plastic surgery is awful!!! It distracts me from her acting. When she looks in the mirror does she actually think she looks good?!!! We are all getting older. After seeing her, I will take the lines and wrinkles instead of looking like a mannequin. So Sad!

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    “I didn’t watch GH during the Lily era, could Carlos be her son?”

    NO, Juan Santiago is Lily’s son and Sabrina’s cousin. That would make it incest for Carlos to be Lily’s son.

  20. Profile photo of highdensity02

    Carlos COULD be Lily’s son, which would make him and Juan brothers. But Sabrina wouldn’t be related to Carlos or Lily at all because Juan was adopted by the Santiago’s, which is how he and Sabrina are related.

  21. Profile photo of mipeony

    Sam probably wouldn’t give a darn about Julian being in the mob if he wasn’t using her son as a teeny tiny human shield. Personally I think Alexis and Sam should embrace their inner Cassadine, set him up somehow and have Doc Silas get some bone marrow out of him somehow (and hell, I don’t like Sonny, so they wouldn’t need to inform him of it). I’ve been looking forward to the Sam’s dad storyline for a long time, and it was working for me, and I loved their chemistry working together until he needed to throw a baby up in front of him to protect him from Sonny. I can’t even root for Alexis and Julian anymore now, and if anyone on this show needs a love interest (besides Liz), it’s Alexis.

    Robin broke my heart when she told Elizabeth she didn’t know if Patrick was going to come back or not. Sigh. I do feel sorry for all 3 of them in this triangle, because not one of them actually caused this situation, and they’re all 3 getting hurt. I also saw the look on Felix’s face, and he’d better take a seat because Robin did not ask to get kidnapped, and Patrick did not ask to lose his wife.

    Jason T can cry almost as good as JJ. Please writers, keep giving JT some meaty stuff to sink his teeth into, because he’s much better at the meaty stuff than the fluff! I also can understand why Robin went home with Anna instead. She’s spent the last 2 years of her life kidnapped and wanting to come home with her family, and when she got there, her husband was marrying another woman he seems to love, if that isn’t a huge kick in the teeth, I don’t know what is.

  22. Profile photo of bobbyew

    The Maxie and Robin reunion is going to be grand. This is soap opera at its finest. Carlos being Lily’s brother will be amazing. He’s to old to be Lily’s son.

  23. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote=J Bernard Jones]The last several days (and weeks) have been nothing but DGSO: Damn Good Soap Opera. That is all. LOL[/quote]

    And do you know why? No Franco/Kiki. Very little Sonny until this week. And a whole bunch of Scorpios, Scorpios, Scorpios.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Perkie wrote

    J Bernard Jones wrote:

    The last several days (and weeks) have been nothing but DGSO: Damn Good Soap Opera. That is all. LOL

    And do you know why? No Franco/Kiki. Very little Sonny until this week. And a whole bunch of Scorpios, Scorpios, Scorpios.

    I don’t agree insomuch as I personally enjoy Franco especially in the aftermath of the Heather/Scott bio re-reveal and have never had any issue with Kiki, other than I wish she now were more of the original hellion as introduced. I loved Sonny off his meds this past go-round and was quite intrigued by him slipping more firmly into old-school Godfather mode tempting Duke-as-Michael-Corleone back in to his old ways. And while I’ve been over the moon with the Scorpios, I’ve been pretty much digging almost all of the other goings on, especially the twisty-turny Return of the Jeromes saga.

    As for other things, I’ve actually found myself wondering a bit about Rafe whose uncle, guardian, lawyer and unofficial guardian are actually on the canvas (would LOVE the Barrington connection explored, as well as his relationship with Lucy) and also wondeirng about TJ.

    The ONLY person I haven’t missed is Felix’s sister. LOL

  25. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    I have honestly not been shocked by anything that’s been happening since Ron/Frank took over. The whole Robin’s return has been good and I have enjoyed GH except for how they write the vets as pod characters now (Patrick, a Prince Charming???) but you can predict everything that’s happening.

    The only thing shocking was the fact Ron restarted Niz. That was a welcome and unpredictable enjoyment. But Fasion as Duke, already guessed. I have not had an OMG moment yet.

  26. Profile photo of Cyberologist


    One of main complaints about this regime is that I believe that RC often skips emotional beats in favor of action! cliffhanger! Things with exclamation points! I prefer a mix because I like to enjoy the quieter moments as well. Just about preference.

    I too like a nice mix this soap opera is predictable and I still can’t understand why soap opera has to be predictable (all the time). Why can’t they throw me a “curve ball” give me a WTH? moment….out of the blue. I didn’t see that coming just “once in awhile moment?”. I was hoping for them to ‘redefine the genre as well as including soap staples’ some of the audience are seasoned soap watchers not newbies to the genre and we need a challenge.

    That being said out of all of this Robin storyline (I’ve waited two years
    for) I enjoyed the Anna/Robin/Mac/Felicia/Elizabeth/Epip/Emma scenes the most
    and did a big Whoop! when she said


    that Robin didn’t go home with him because “he couldn’t make up his mind.” not to mention its a wedding night he planned to spend with another woman then we have he feels guilty sex.

    Huh? Why would she go home to this?

  27. Profile photo of Grimm

    With a “Wishful Casting” for Lucas Jones in mind … Where should he fall age-wise now. He was kept a toddler so long that I lost track of where he would be alongside Sonnys Sorased kids. A little younger than Sam but clearly older than Michael? Maxie/LuLu range?

  28. Profile photo of Yoryla

    This just in from SID! We finally have a Lucas!!!

    Ryan Carnes, who portrayed him before Ben Hogestyn, is coming back as Lucas.

    He’s hot, and totally looks like he could be William DeVry’s son! Excellent news imo!!

  29. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=Yoryla]This just in from SID! We finally have a Lucas!!!
    Ryan Carnes, who portrayed him before Ben Hogestyn, is coming back as Lucas.
    He’s hot, and totally looks like he could be William DeVry’s son! Excellent news imo!![/quote]

    This really is amazing news! I honestly hope though that they don’t waste Lucas on Felix. I’d like to see some family drama first anyway. :D

  30. Profile photo of Yoryla

    ITA with both of you, I can’t picture him with Felix. Imo that would be kind of settling. I like Brad but I reserve judgement until I see them together.

    But yes, this is excellent casting. I can *definitely* see him as Julian Jerome’s son, and him being a little grey aswell. Can’t wait for Carly and Sam to bicker about him! :D

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