Sue Ellen is POPPIN’ BOTTLES in Dallas Holiday Teaser! (PROMO)

The devilish, randy Ewing and Barnes clans from Dallas won't return to cable airwaves until Februaty 2014. That didn't stop TNT from providing suds lovers with a little holiday cheer! I wonder what Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) will be spiking her eggnog with this Christmas at Southfork? Watch the "Seasons Greedings" promo after the jump!


Season 3 of Dallas premieres Feb. 24 at 9 pm EST on TNT.

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    Can not wait for “Dallas” to be back at our screens. I just hope that we don’t get much of Ann’s strange daughter and Elena’s idiotic brother. These two were the only two weak links of an otherwise great 2nd season.

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    [quote=Patchworks]Is there any word on whether Judith Light is coming back to get revenge on her son?[/quote]

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that she’s scheduled to return, which I find a little distressing–I once thought Judith Light could do no wrong. Then I watched her tear into every curtain, piece of furniture and a little bit of Mitch Pileggi’s arm with some of the most overripe scenery-chewing I’ve ever witnessed and my theory was quickly disproved in one fell swoop :( .

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