SPOILERS: What Will Happen During Downton Abbey’s Season 4 Christmas Special?

ITV, the channel that airs Downton Abbey in the U.K., recently released the details about this year’s Christmas special.  If you haven’t watched Season 4 yet and don’t want to know what happens in the episode, read no further. SPOILERS ahead! 

The Crawleys are heading to London for Cousin Rose’s (Lily James) debut. Rose will be presented at court. A scandal will also erupt that could destroy both the family and the monarchy. Robert (Hugh Bonneville) will have to act to try and save the day.
The Christmas special won’t actually take place during Christmas-time this year.  Instead viewers will be treated to seeing London in spring, the impressive Crawley residence in the city, Grantham House, and all of the gorgeous parties and frocks. 
Edith (Laura Carmichael), meanwhile, will still be dealing with what to do about her baby. Downstairs, the murder Bates (Brendan Coyle) may or may not have committed in Anna’s (Joanne Froggatt) honor will continue to hang over their heads. 
Shirley MacLaine will return as Cora’s (Elizabeth McGovern) mother. Paul Giamatti will make his first appearance as Cora’s brother, Harold. Harold will come to England following a scandal of his own in America. 
The special will air in the U.K. on Christmas day. Season 4 of Downton Abby premieres Jan. 5 on PBS. 
Photo credit: ITV/PBS

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    I read that Rose (the Brady Bunch cousin Oliver of Downton Abby) is going to make her debut at the Palace. And we know that Birdie’s wife wanted to be in London for one last social season but I guess we won’t see Shrimpy since he will still be in India.

    Edith would be far along by spring but she doesn’t look pregnant in the picture?. Plus, Edith and Rosemund were going to go to Switzerland? – so my antennae are erect in anticipation. BTW, my favorite character name on DA is Rosemund’s late husband Marmaduke Painswick.

    Season 4 is funnier than the prior three seasons. While there are dramatic soapy moments (love triangles, murders, and a who’s the daddy plot), I liked these episodes because they also included a lot of humor. The Countess and Mrs. Crawley (who may wind up a member of the aristocracy at the end of the special)have a lot of very funny scenes. Robert has some bon mots, and Mrs. Padmore’s refusal to modernize is always amusing.

    It is very easy to watch British shows from their websites, search chrome for an extension or google it, it opens up a world of new soaps – I’m hooked on Hollyoaks and those of you who were Falcon Crest fans would like Emmerdale.

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    Love Paul Giamatti he was excellent in Twelve Years. I am so looking forward to the Crawley’s and the mess them and their help gets themselves in. Thank you for these.

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    I watched this past week on PBS the sneak peek for upcoming and I simply can’t wait, I’m giddy for my Sundays. The Good Wife & Downton Abbey best night of soaps in years.

    Cousin Rose was introduced last year? She’s Lady Rosamund’s child daughter of Violet.

    I’m so happy Cora’s mother & now a brother are coming to show to show the American side which should be divine to watch!

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    Cousin Rose was introduced last year? She’s Lady Rosamund’s child daughter of Violet.

    Rosamund and Marmaduke Painsworth never had children. Lady Rose is from Robert’s side of the family. She is the daughter of Hugh aka Shrimpy and his wife Susan. Rose is living at Downton whilst her parents are serving as ambassadors in India.

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