General Hospital on Track to Finish Best TV Season in SEVEN YEARS!

Thanksgiving week found ABC Daytime's General Hospital stuffed to the gizzards with plot twists and total viewers! Approximately 3.3 million people tuned in, as the battle between Port Charles' Justice League (Anna, Luke, Duke, Nikolas and Robert) and the Legion of Doom (Faison, Obrecht and Jerry Jacks) reached a climax.

There was also the business of a little known character named Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake (Kimberly McCullough) being in a mad rush to get to her husband, Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) — before he could marry Nurse Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo)!

All the drama in Port Chuck helped GH hit a near six-year high in total viewers. ABC's last daytime soap posted the largest year-to-year increase of any daytime soap in the demo. The sudser is also on track to complete it's best season in seven years!  


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    Wow! This is amazing and well deserved.

    In the end of the day, RC’s writing style might not be everyone’s favorite but what he and FV have done for the show in these past two years has been impressive.

    We had so many great cliffhangers and storyline twists, returns of old favorites and playing on this show’s rich history. It was a great year for GH! I hope numbers like this continue.

    All of the soaps are doing well these days and that’s an amazing trend. :D

    So happy for GH!!!

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    Cliffhangers, all-star cast for days will get you that. Its because of episodes like Mon-Fri’s of this week that will make that happen. Congratulations General Hospital EP, HW, Cast and Crew. Ya’ll work it out on the daily.

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    I am so happy about the good news going on in daytime, particularly with GH’s triumphs. I think it says a lot about the presence of the vets and relatable stories and characterization. There were entire seasons where I didn’t watch GH at all. For example, I barely know anything about Courtney, but I gather I would have hated her.

    Congrats, GH!

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    Great job to the entire cast and crew of GH. Fantastic acting, storytelling, and utilizing fan favorites and the show’s history have totally payed off!

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    Wonderful news for GH!!! Congratulations!!! :crown:

    These numbers are such a richly deserved success, GH has not only been riveting soap opera lately, but it has had some major HEART, something that at some point was sorely lacking. These stories that we have been seeing have been mined directly from the legacy and history of GH. These happenings and people depicted in them all have firm, solid roots on the canvas of the show. Having Emma running to Robin in slow motion like Robin did toward Anna 25 years ago was sheer soap magic!!!

    KUDOS to Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini for getting these people back where they belong and writing for them properly.

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    Congrats to GH! This is well deserved. Something happens every day in every scene! Keep it going GH! Boy, we’ve come along way from JFP. Such a refreshing change of pace.

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    GH did the same thing the last time they did a Faison/Robert storyline. They hit highs and then crashed as soon as it ended. Let’s see if the ratings hold up. I see another crash coming once Robert leaves and the Robin comeback fades away.

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    KUDOS to GH for the great ratings news but what about the other shows?! I love LOVE LOVE LOVE this site but find that it is SOOOOO heavy on the GH praise that it doesn’t really tell how the other shows are fairing in this time.

    Where does DAYS or Y&R stand? Is BB up or flat or even down in the same time period? is Y&R just coasting on rep and not on newness?

    Give a brother some love with some stories other than GH.


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    GH has come so far, especially when you look at how Guza and Phelps destroyed this show, one character assassination at a time! Today, I see the shine this show was always meant to have. It’s nice to tune in and recognize the show and appreciate it.

    The depth of Robins return, by pulling in so many legacy characters, along with segwaying Robin into Maxie’s story, via Georgie, was just one of the best moments I can recall in the longest time. The show is on a nice roll right now and I do hope it continues. KMc must be really loving her return right now and how well they are executing her character and the Scorpio’s in general!

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    Congrats to GH you are doing almost everything right with the exception of the forced pairing of Carly and Franco. In that case you have made a huge mistake. No matter how sweet you write a scene Franco is never going to be seen as a romantic person just a psycho

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    [quote=pjc722]KUDOS to GH for the great ratings news but what about the other shows?! I love LOVE LOVE LOVE this site but find that it is SOOOOO heavy on the GH praise that it doesn’t really tell how the other shows are fairing in this time.
    Where does DAYS or Y&R stand? Is BB up or flat or even down in the same time period? is Y&R just coasting on rep and not on newness?[/quote]

    This news was basically an ABC press release. It was featured in the same way on other soap sites too. All of last week’s soap ratings won’t be out until next week.

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    Restless Fan

    Kudos to the people at GH. Lesson to be learned here. When you use characters the audience likes, set compelling story up for them and hit the story beats, people will show up in droves to watch. More importantly how wonderful that RC and FV were hired at just the right time to save Robin. A character JFP no longer saw value in and was going to kill off. No doubt for short term gain. Makes me hate the woman even more.

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    Its a damn shame that it took the death of OLTL and AMC, then transplanting Frank and Ron, who actually understand the fans and gave them most of what they want to show the networks this genre is far from dead. The audience wasn’t the problem, it was incompetent executives in positions they were never qualified for that destroyed these very profitable and healthy shows. At some point I have to believe the destruction of these shows must have been intentional, because there is no way anyone could be that bad at their job.
    Thanks to Frank and Ron, General Hospital has once again risen from the ashes to show ABC this show is still must see TV. GH isn’t there yet, but its on its way, here is hoping now that GH has proven its value, ABC will increase its budget and allow Frank and Ron to really rock this show out and give the audience back the true General Hospital that we all fell in love with. Shout out to Bob Guza, Brian Frons, and Jill Faren Phelps, PAY ATTENTION, THIS IS HOW YOU PRODUCE A DAYTIME DRAMA!!! Not the decade of destruction we endured under your horrific tenure. God be with The Young and the Restless, they are going to need every prayer the audience can muster to save it from JFP. Rock on GH, Congrats.

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    How can you say Robin Scorpio-Drake is a little known character? REALLY. As a very long time GH viewer I am thrilled Robin is back! I can FINALLY watch again. I missed the GH from before. With all the new characters that were added I felt lost at times and I didn’t even watch my recordings most nights. NOW I can’t wait to get home to watch!! All we need now is Johnny Zacarra and Jason Morgan back.
    I am not surprised the ratings were high last week. The “little know character Robin Scorpio-Drake” is very popular! She brought me back!!!!!

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    How can you say Robin Scorpio-Drake is a little know character? As a very long time GH viewer I am loving Robin back! I can watch again! Now we need Johnny Zacarra and Jason Morgan back. I can’t wait to get home and watch GH now! I actually watch my recordings on my dvr now. The last year plus I no longer cared if I watched or not. When I did watch it took me 5 mins cause I hit FF button a lot.

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    Bravo GH, the past 2 weeks have kept me glued to the tele waiting to find out with would happen for Robin’s homecoming. Well played on the GH history — Kimberly McCullough, Jason Thompson, Finola Hughes….everyone just been knocking it out of the park with the scripts they’ve been given lately. Thank you Cartini for turning this s(t)inking ship around and fast! I was worried about the time switch in Fall 2012 for this show but it hasn’t seemed to have affected the ratings in a negative way. Yay!

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    Jamey Giddens

    How does anyone not get the Robin being a “little known character” thing was a joke? Seriously. Also @pjc, we posted a ratings article from TVG earlier this week, quoting Angelica McDaniel, and with a pic of her and Y&R’s Greg Rikaart.

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