Perkie’s Observations: Will Carlos Mend Sabrina’s Broken Heart on General Hospital?

Robin and Anna discuss what happened at the wedding. It wasn't the reunion Robin expected. Anna again tells her to let go of the fantasy.

Anna understands her daughter wants things back to normal, but everyone’s lives didn’t stop while she was gone. Robin realizes Patrick and Emma moved on with their lives. She tells Anna about the DVD of the Nurses' Ball Jerry showed her.

Anna explains how difficult Robin’s death was for Patrick. Sabrina helped put him back together, but she isn't Robin. Anna is certain Patrick will find his way back to Robin. 

A hungover Sabrina wakes up in Carlos’ bed. He explains she got drunk and needed a place to stay. Nothing happened between them. Sabrina says she’s paying the price for not believing him about Robin being alive. 
Mac shows up at Maxie’s apartment. He desperately wants to tell her about Robin. Ellie tells him about Maxie trying to see the baby.

Mac isn't happy with how Spin handled the situation. Ellie reminds him Spin would lose custody if Maxie were caught near Connie. Mac explains Robin is back, which is why he’s looking for Maxie. 
Maxie is at Georgie’s graveside, explaining how she’s messed up everything. She simply can’t follow the judge’s order to stay away from her baby. She pulls out a bottle of pills, admitting there’s no point in being alive, if she can't be with her daughter. 

The ghost of Georgie appears to Maxie. She tells her sister killing herself will only hurt the people she loves, especially her daughter. 

Maxie needs to atone for Robin's death. Georgie tells her she isn’t responsible for Robin's death — their cousin is alive!

Maxie is no longer listening to, or seeing Georgie. She takes out her suicide note and prepares to take the pills. 
Sonny tells Shawn about Lily and a possible connection to Carlos. Sonny doesn’t want to move on Carlos until he knows for sure he isn't related to Lily. If Carlos isn't part of the same Rivera family Lily hailed from, he's a dead man. 
Felix tells Patrick about Sabrina being missing. He thinks Patrick should be the one to find her. 

Felix finally gets a hold of Sabrina. He's shocked to hear she spent the night with Carlos! 

Felix tells his BFF Patrick is worried about her. Sabrina is touched. She begs him not to tell Patrick where she is. Later, Patrick manages to get the info from Felix. 
Robin and Anna continue to catch up. Robin’s upset Faison killed Jason. Anna tells her about Edward refusing the last antidote during the water crisis, and giving it to Emma.

Robin says she feels like an interloper in her own life. She's upset Patrick didn’t end things with Sabrina immediately.

Anna points out he wouldn’t be the man she loves, if he could be so callous. Robin wonders if she’s Patrick past and Sabrina his future. 
Robin wants some time alone to clear her head. She thanks her mother for rescuing her and being her hero.   
Robin ends up at the cemetery, and spots her own marker. She feels Ghost Georgie’s hand on her shoulder and wonders who is there. A few moments later, she finds Maxie at Georgie's grave with a bottle of pills! 
Sabrina thanks Carlos for his help, but needs to find Patrick. Carlos thinks Patrick needed the time to find a way to break up with her. Patrick will hurt Sabrina again.  Carlos says he loves her, but Sabrina claims she doesn’t return his feelings.  Patrick arrives as Carlos pulls Sabrina into a kiss.

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  1. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    So the wedding dress is obviously the same. Sabrina is Lily’s daughter. Question is–is she the spawn of Sonny? Sigh.

    Who called Ellie? I hope they’re not sending her away. Her character has a real personality.

    It struck me seeing Georgie yesterday that her character, like Sabrina, was the good girl. But unlike Sabrina she was more well-rounded, had more facets to her personality than “I’m so good everyone should worship me.” But apparently Ron loves the character so much, he’s going to make her an integral part of the GH family. Sigh.

    What has Sabrina done that they’ve made her this type of icon? She’s not particularly heroic. She actually whines a lot. Is kind of entitled. She used Emma and Robin’s memory to get to Patrick. And she wasn’t “mean” Britt.

  2. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    For some reason I can’t explain its very important to someone somewhere in the pTB chain that this character be the stah of GH; I don’t know what she’s got or who she knows or what’s in her wallet but she’s one of the most over hyped/marketed/promoted/primped-pimped/propped character; I’ve come across since the days of Jason Morgan’

    and believe me that’s saying a lot.

  3. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    Felix calling Robin Patrick’s baby mama just made me hate the character, all he’s good for is propping Sabrina, whom I also hate. How dare he call Patricks WIFE a baby mama, if that’s the case, then his bff is nothing but a glorified babysitting placeholder. Go away Felix. Go away.

    I think they’re sending Ellie away so Spin and her can keep Maxie away from the baby for the 6 months, and I think BA has a few gigs in primetime coming up as well.

    When Georgie touched Robin’s shoulder to lead her to Maxie, holy crap that gave me chills. I can’t wait for todays episode! We never got see to KStorms’ Maxie react to Robin’s death so I can’t wait to see her react to her being alive especially in the state that she’s in now.

  4. Profile photo of Rikkithecat

    There was one thing that Anna said yesterday that really bothered me. When she said that Sabrina helped put Patrick back together, I remembered that it was Lulu (JMB at the time) who helped Patrick get off the drugs.

    Are we now rewriting history to prop Sabrina?

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Can’t wait for the Maxie/Robin scenes today.

    Sabrina and Carlos. Way too much drama for me at the moment. Sabrina is Lily’s daughter? Don’t believe it until I see it play out on-screen. I rather think that Carlos is connected to Lily, which would make it impossible for Sabrina to be her daughter.

    I wouldn’t like it one bit IF they try to touch click-boom here and rewrite another story to somehow bring Lily back from the dead.

    Robin and Anna were very good.

    So Patrick has to deal with his wife being back from the dead and he has to worry about Sabrina? Felix should be there for her. Not Patrick!
    What’s gonna change if he shows up at Sabrina’s? It’s not like he has made a decision. Felix gets on my nerves these days…! -.-

  6. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Felix you jackass!! I honestly could give a fig about having to watch this crap with Sabrina and Felix.. Having to see Sabrinas breathy hyper ventilating cry and Felix acting like a toddler- then you put it next to Robin’s (the real victim in this) stoic understated grief just bugs me. I have to admit I was really annoyed to see Patrick chasing her around. I would have rather seen him show up just to make sure Robin is still alive- that his mind wasn’t playing tricks on him..

    So looking forward to Maxie and Robin!! Still want to see Sonny and Robin!!

  7. Profile photo of MeltStuff

    I get that haters are gonna hate but I love Sabrina and Felix. Not only do they both bring more diversity to a very white and hetero normative show but they are both very likable characters. You have to remember that they never met Robin so they have no investment in her as a person and Felix thinks of a nickname for pretty much everyone. It’s his character. Also to say that Sabrina is over-marketed is absurd. I applaud this regime for their utilization of the full cast. It’s a revolving door of storylines. Remember this summer when we were forced to watch so much of the teen scene storylines of Molly/Rafe/TJ? I didn’t mind because that’s an important demo for soaps to reach that time of year but we hardly saw anything from Sabrina. She also didn’t use Robin’s memory to get Patrick. She never had mal-intent but simply wanted to resurrect a Ball that’s for a great cause and to help a little girl whom she’d grown find of while babysitting remember her mother.

    Also there’s no way that Sabrina is related to Lily. First off, Juan is Sabrina’s adopted cousin. Juan wasn’t raised by Lily or Miguel’s family. If you recall he even first arrived to town believing Sonny was his father. Additionally Sabrina was once shacking up with Carlos RIVERA. I called that as soon as they said his last name. Lily’s maiden name was Rivera and her father was a big mob boss so if anyone is related to Lily it’s Carlos.

  8. Profile photo of Soap Lover
    Soap Lover

    I get that Felix cares about his friend but leave Patrick alone to deal with this. He really bugs me he needs to stop meddling. This isn’t the Sabrina show! Robin didn’t leave on her own free will she was kidnapped! If I were Patrick I’d go to Robin to find out who took her and why she was taken instead of looking for Sabrina who is an adult and can clearly take care of herself. Wish I had seen drunk sabrina think it’d be funny. I get that Sabrina helped Patrick get over Robin but he was rushing into it all because he had to prove he was over Robin and was jealous of Carlos. but now that robin is back he can really listen to his feelings.

    For two years Patrick wished he could see Robin and now that she’s back he’s spending his day at work and finding Sabrina!!!!!! I can’t handle that!

  9. Profile photo of mipeony

    Georgie sightings! Yay! Georgie with Maxie! Georgie with Robin!!!! I can’t wait to see Maxie and Robin’s scene! I love Maxie, and she’s drowning in grief, and I want Robin to talk some sense into her something fierce.

    I actually like Carlos, although I do wish the man were clean shaven. I wouldn’t wish Sabrina on him for anything, I’d actually like to see him mixing it up with some of the other women in PC. Is it me or is Carlos’s apartment actually Milo’s place? LOL!

    I’ve found that I can no longer stomach Felix, unless he is with Carly. For some reason, his friendship with Carly really clicks for me.

    I don’t want Duke messing with Sonny at all. I love that Duke didn’t mention Robin being alive to Sonny, because I don’t want Robin being alive to be all about Sonny.

    I haven’t missed Olivia, Kiki, Michael, Morgan or any of that scene.

  10. Profile photo of liason4real

    The “nurse” and the “mobster”? How long before Sabrina finds a gun shot Carlos near the old box cars? How long before Carlos takes Sabrina for rides on his motorcycle? :Sp

    Felix needs to have a seat.

    Lily needs to stay dead, and Sonny does not need another spawn on this show.

  11. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I really, really wanted to like Felix when he was introduced but his blindness when it comes to Sabrina makes me not care for him much AT ALL.

    Patrick’s concern right now should be for the newly-returned wife he mourned, not for her insipid, short-term replacement.

  12. Profile photo of tmac

    Yes, Carlos is living at Milo’s place. He said yesterday it is a sub-let, so apparently he is sub-letting it from Milo. Kinda funny that Julian’s bodyguard is sub-letting from one of Sonny’s bodyguards, though.

  13. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    Why do these writers insist on making “Lily” happen?

    The first Lily was only a means of angst for Sonny and Brenda, that’s it. That’s why everything and everyone associated with that character fails big time. Her son Juan..dud character gone after a year. That look-a-like hooker Lorenzo brought on to get to Sonny, lasted only a couple months. Wait a minute, ok if they want to make Sabrina part of Lily, go ahead. She will be gone soon!!!

    I officially hate Felix.

    Now this is just my opinion, either the actress who plays Sabrina is dating an executive (think Chelsea Handler w/E! president) or she’s great with the “casting couch”. Now this is just my opinion. There is NOTHING about this character or actress that screams Next Big Thing. She’s not the new Vanessa Marcil or Kelly Monaco. There is NOTHING about her that makes her a superstar. The character is just run of the mill blah. Her whole storyline has been nothing but plot points. The ONLY reason Patrick even started to notice her is because everyone told him to. Just like marrying her, he did it to prove a point not because he loved it.

  14. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    If they really wanted the audience to be split between Scrubs and Patrick/Sabrina, then they should have (a) never let us know that Robin was alive until after Patrick fell for Sabrina, and (b) never bothered with the absurd Patrick/Sabrina/Britt triangle. That junior high bickering did nothing to make Patrick and Sabrina’s love story “epic.” I don’t hate the Sabrina character, but she’s not Robin. And Robin was never even my favorite character! Actually, her kidnapping did one thing that years of writers have failed to do–make her a true Devane/Scorpio. Please don’t let that part of Ms. Robin, as I now think of her, go away.

  15. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I’m sorry, but Maxie killing herself? No way. No new mother who is desperately missing their daughter would do that to them. And also, I’m sorry but all this talk about six months, which is a ridiculously short amount of time, is just silly. Get with the program, Maxie, and wait it out. Geez!!!

    Secondly, IMO it would be a good twist if Sabrina were Lily’s daughter, but what purpose would that exactly serve if Lily’s dead? And undoing that death would not only be pointless but it would ruin the classic that was Clink-boom. And how would Carlos fit into the picture? If Lily is Sabrina’s mother, Carlos has to be adopted or something like that without it being insest. The Carlos thing is still so stupid anyway, couldn’t he at least shave in order to make himself look a little younger? This creepy old candyman uncle thing is NOT appealing.

    Felix is just such a silly little brat. I mean seriously, he couldn’t think of a better lie than something that was so easily debunked? Hello, just say that Sabrina didn’t SAY where she was and let her handle her own messes! Gawd! I really hope they don’t plan to put Lucas together with this twit.

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