Puff Puff Pass: Whoopi Goldberg Teaches Andy Cohen How to Roll a Joint (VIDEO)

Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie must be slapping their foreheads, after seeing The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg's appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live Thursday night! During the show's "Teach Me Your Talent" segment, host Andy Cohen asked the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) winner to show him how to roll up a joint, with guest Zoe Saldana cheering them on.

Goldberg obliged and told Cohen she will show them all how to make a "tobacco" joint. Child someone grab Babs' smelling salt!. Peep Goldberg and Cohen's doobage skills below.


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    I haven’t been watching the View lately. I actually would probably like The Talk better if they got rid of Sharon O. Can’t stand her. I believe the shows are casting and/or hiring stars from over seas to tap onto the audience in these countries. More money made.

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    Is this news? What’s next “Woody Harelson demonstrates how to use a bong on Sesame Street. Fellow Cheers castmates horrified!” Now that would be a news story lol. As is, the fact that Whoopi, an admitted toker, probably should know how to roll a joint! So not seeing why this would be a big deal to her fellow cast mates…… just sayin’

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