Scandal Recap: “YOLO”

This week's episode of Scandal featured crazy twists setting the stage for next week’s epic winter finale. There was torture, multiple relationships imploding and someone didn’t make it through alive.

Olivia Realized Her Mom Was a Terrorist
Olivia (Kerry Washington) and her team took her “back from the dead” mother to a safe house, until they could figure out a way to sneak her out of the country. 

Highlights included: Jake (Scott Foley) and Huck (Guillermo Díaz) grabbing Maya (Khandi Alexander) and cutting a tracking device out of her neck, Rowan’s (Joe Morton) office blowing up (he got away) and another Jake-Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) showdown. 
Maya told the group she’d planned to go public once she discovered her husband was a monster, so he had her locked up for decades. OPA needed to get a private plane, after Rowan sent out a file saying Maya was a terrorist named Marie and put her on the No-Fly List. 
After hugging her mother goodbye and watching her fly off, Olivia had a flashback. She remembered her mother’s friend calling to speak to “Marie,” but she’d thought it was a wrong number.  Olivia realized her mother really was the terrorist.  Now, OPA had to get her back.
Who didn't see this one coming from the beginning? Get it together, Liv! 

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    Scandal and the Good Wife are neck and neck. Her mama playing them all and being the terrorist after all was magnificent. Quinn’s redemption was well played. Cyrus twisting the knife after he fucked up with his love was amazing. POTUS reading CYRUS for filth. Could not ask for more. Last but not least the VP killing Steven Carrington was what soap is all about.

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    Yeah, who didn’t already know Liv’s mom was the terrorist!As soon as they showed she was alive and locked up, I knew she was the bad guy. Heck when she went “Walking Dead” on her wrist, I knew she was the terrorist. I don’t get Liv just now remembering that phone call and the guy asking for Maria. That was a little to convenient that her mom was getting on the plane to escape right when Liv remembered that.

    They need to figure out how long Liv thought her mom was dead. When Maria was leaving, Abby told Liv that it was 24 year the last time you saw your mother. Then later twice someone mentioned it was 22 years since Liv thought her mom was dead. They need to figure that out.

    I was VERY confused as to way Liv was listening to that song Ben on her walkman. She didn’t have any Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, Rhythm Nation or Jody Watley to listen to?

    Quinn and Charlie do have great chemistry but it’s still nasty. But now I know what to do after I come from the dentist to help with pain.

    #TeamJames all the way. I LOVED him this episode. This whole episode belonged to James. I’m so happy Cyrus got what was coming to him. Cyrus is rotten to the core though. Even in his apology to James he lied! He told James he will never show Sally the pictures AFTER he showed Sally the pictures. But Sally was right. The GOP would not be on gay Cryus’ husband side. They would vilify him. Cryus never had any leverage with those pictures. I just hope James leaves him for a while though.

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