Victor Finds Nikki’s Secrets APPALLING on The Young and the Restless! (SNEAK PEEK)

Now this is the Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) we know and love to hate! On today's episode of The Young and the Restless, the billionaire bastard rips Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) for traipsing around the Midwest with Paul Williams (Doug Davidson), while searching for her secret son.

For once I am on Team Victor. Nikki had no right to be spending so much time alone in hotel rooms with her ex-flame. Give her hell, Mr. Mumbles! Watch Friday's Y&R sneak peek below.


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    Y&R was Electrifying, today! From beginning to end. Victor telling Nikki he found her at the strip club on a pole. He didn’t turn his back on her then so why would he now. It was so good. Nikki was beat from head to toe. Victor was glam as well in his suit. The shot of the New Ranch house was great it is growing on me. I wish my DVR was working but due to the power outage I had to use a back up battery. So sad I could not record. I’ll have to watch again on TGVN’s network TVGN tonight.

    Chloe telling Jill off. Then warning Chelsea against Adam again was great.

    Jill and her fake son and his wife was even good. Lily in that

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    I agree with Victor, lol. Not so much about Nikki & Paul spending time together, but the fact that she suddenly had to smoke out her son which of course turned out to be that “person” nobody really wants around.

    That aside, Nikki looks great in this photo. Love the black lacy thing on her.

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    Actually Nikki had every reason not to divulge her possible revelation.
    In recent years when has Victor NOT turned his back on his doting wife???
    He has returned to the form which makes him so despicable and now so tediously predictable. The beginnings of divorce number … which number???
    Then he goes stomping off to harass his new stepson!

    With Nikki he’s a hypocrite and with Chelsea he’s a hypocrite.

    So is Chloe.

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    I absolutely loved the scenes between Victor & Nikki! What I enjoyed about the scenes was that Victor wasn’t raging but seemed more wounded and hurt and was acting human. I must say I think Victor was spot on about Nikki’s distrust which says something because usually Victor is usually written a tyrant but not this time.

    I don’t have the hatred for Victor as many rage on about because of all his dastardly deeds, Nikki has done the same thing in the past but Nikki seems to get a pass more often than Victor. I like Victor being the TGVN in business stories because he always was but not raging asshole towards his family as MAB wrote him. Paul\Nikki has always been friends so I understand the “why” Nikki turned to Paul. I just don’t want these hacks to break-up Nikki & Victor over ugly, boring Dylan.

    Dylan & Nick is so plotted with holes….the writers thinking this is a good move to create a huge rivalry between these characters….they are delusional. Once again a move by Phelps to showcase this half talent of Steve Burton. UGH! |( And the DNA like this was a big reveal, cut me break hacks!

    It’s ALWAYS to pleasure to watch Jill, but Chloe thing was extreme and uncalled for IMO with Jill when Jill was reaching out. Now, what Chloe kidnaps Connor? How ridiculous, first Dylan kidnaps this baby so why the repeat story so soon? This poor baby has been kidnapped more times then J. Paul Getty’s grandchildren had been in the past. I hated all of this nonsense and Adam at Delia’s death scene somewhere in cheese country of Wisconsin….give me break, bad sets, bad lighting….I cringed! The best part for Adam was him & Chelsea getting all hot & bother and thank sweet Jesus no couch sex, I’m sick of all soaps doing couch sex, just put in bedroom scene or I would even take a kitchen sex over nasty couch sex…. >)

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    I think it would be great if the writers REWROTE history a little more and wrote in the despicable CULT Leader to bring some evil to town, make Dylan go dark… maybe get some character too… and then in the end have it be revealed that Dylan is not the product of Nikki and the leader BUT of a tryst at the time with Paul and Dylan is his son.

    That would add a bit more drama to the plate and give Paul family that he needs. Sad, though, if they do, both Jack and Paul have sooooooo much in common and both men don’t know how to change a diaper since their kids grew up elsewhere. Jack with KEEMO, Kyle and HOPEFULLY STILL SUMMER. Paul with Heather, Rickie, and HOPEFULLY EVENTUALLY Dylan.

    Speaking of revelations, I hope that they opt to make Summer TRULY Jack’s daughter since all this crappy DNA testing is just pathetic on the show.

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    [quote]With Nikki he’s a hypocrite and with Chelsea he’s a hypocrite.[/quote]

    IMO, the word “hypocrite” should be banned on soap boards (BTW, I’m being tongue and cheek). The word gets overused and incorrectly applied. Unless the character is currently engaging in hypocritical behavior, I don’t see them as a hypocrite. Characters learn from their past mistakes and move on. Otherwise, no character would get called out and we would have boring ass TV.

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    Oh right … and we all know that Victor ALWAYS learns from his past (and continuing) mistakes!

    And don’t believe it … “wounded and hurt” Victor is raging under that so called human behaviour.

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    I’ve been loving the way Victor has been written since MAB.

    He’s Victor again.

    Love seeing the Newmans and Abbotts so much. And Jill.

    But it did annoy me that we saw DYLAN’S reaction to the DNA results over the phone instead of Nikki’s. But not surprised.

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    Yes, in this case, Victor’s a hypocrite, because even before Victor met Nikki, he knew that Cole Howard might possibly be his son, because they did that story with former secretary, Eve Howard, way back when Victor was still married to Julia. But when a grown-up Cole came to Genoa City in the 90s, Victor didn’t even bother to inform Nikki about that part of HIS past when he installed Cole in The Tack House. Nikki ended up having an affair with Cole. And right – Cole turned out not to be Victor’s son, but that didn’t come to light until after Victor was basically forced to tell all, because Cole and Vicky had run off and eloped.

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    ok, my thoughts:

    The hair /makeup/ wardrobe people need to take a bow. Love the fall emsembles on Nikki / Chelsea, even Lily.

    Love the CHADAM scenes!!

    Loved the (cougar) Ashley scenes with Stitch.. maybe ED will come back??

    Loved Jill.

    Hate the self rightoues Victor.

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    The Chloe/Connor episode was ridiculous and the resolution even more so. Chloe must have her head in the clouds to be so astounded that many find her behavior suspect.

    And how is it that the fair citizens of Genoa City are able to frolic around so scantily clad in that overused park in the Wisconsin near winter???

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]Let’s discuss plot points:
    Lily has got to be pregnant.[/quote]

    Lily pregnant? She had a hysterectomy when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (2009). Her twins were carried by surrogate (Mackenzie Browning) from eggs harvested prior to the operation.

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    Well this is the same Genoa City where medical miracles do seem to occur.

    Like Victor Newman’s scarless heart transplant with no need for the usual required meds; not to mention the holistic epilepsy cure therapy he must have taken. Nikki needn’t worry … nor should Lily; after all the Christmas Star is on the horizon.

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]Let’s discuss plot points:
    Lily has got to be pregnant.[/quote]

    [quote=FoxCrane]Lily pregnant? She had a hysterectomy when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (2009). Her twins were carried by surrogate (Mackenzie Browning) from eggs harvested prior to the operation.[/quote]

    So did Ashley but her uterus regenerated

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    I have to agree with Nathan Hastings… Y&R, although brilliantly acted by a vast majority of the cast, is really boring to watch. There are stories that could lighten up the drama a bit but they are not played out at all.

    With all the drama with the Newmans, I don’t get how they just don’t relate to one another more. For one thing, I would love to see Victoria and Nick have more conversations about losing a child and not see Victoria whining all the time over Billy. Though she hates Sharon, she is the mother of her nephew so why not reach out to Sharon and ask what it was like and how she can deal with Billy… since Sharon dealt with Nick and ultimately, lost him.

    That’s an idea not a “THEY SHOULD BE”. Plus why go down the infidelity road again after a child dies. This is an exact copy of the CASSIE death story and nothing new is coming from it. To be honest, it’s been months (SOAP TIME) that Delia has died and I think BILLY IS BEING MORE OF AN ASS now than a suffering father right after! And to be honest, I am BORED TO TEARS with this story. This story should have brought Vicki and Billy CLOSER but all it has done was showed us how much of a spoiled ASS Billy has been written into. He is extremely selfish when his mother, his wife, his brother and sisters, niece and even SUPPOSEDLY BUT I DON”T REMEMBER SEEING MORE THAN ONE SCENE, his new bro-in-law have come to him. GET OVER THE SELF PITY and move forward. (This is a soap, people, and I know it takes a lot longer to get over a death. I just lost my dad after a long battle with a disease and although I hate hearing “how are you doing” constantly, I muddle through because I know it’s not right to be down all the time).

    Adam and his depression is pissing me off because this kid died NOT for a social issue but just to give Michael an emmy nod or statue.

    The dry drama then goes over to the Baldwins and this murder mystery makes ABSOLUTELY no sense to me and I hope when all is said and done it will make sense. Solve it. Pair Fen with Summer and make a sweet teen romance. REMEMBER, the depressed teen Summer with the two dads (sadly str8) is still only 18. Let her go to college along with Courtney and Fen and have teen problems and fun! Lighten this group up!!!

    Jill’s battle with Jack to get Newman is great but if a 25 year old Kyle is able to get enough information to bring down Newman than a senior VP who might have been at either company for decades, than Victor deserves to lose again (sure, we know Jack will lose again but let’s hope his goal doesn’t include HOCKING JABOT stock to get the win over Victor).

    Give Lily something interesting to do. Have her dive into her career and let’s see her more involved in business than a silly little girl given an opportunity from Daddy and then always leaving the office for long lunch hours with her whispering husband. And Cane, if you don’t want a corporation to run, re-start the coffee house chain that Nick and Sharon flirted with years ago by being an investor with Dylan. Get more diverse story here.

    BUT THE ONE STORY that could add some fun to the dry dark show would be Tyler and Abby. When they are on screen the chemistry is sweet and fun. Let’s see them on dates, run into one another in the hallway at Jabot, flirt over coffee, have fun at DRAMATIC family functions, etc. Bring Abby back to being carefree and fun and the jokester to everyone else’s drama. Give her back one liners. DUMP Tyler’s never heard of fiance (not even to lily.) and give us their romance and then just as they are about to walk down the aisle a year from now, re-invite a crazy lady from his past to the show. STOP WITH THE FEMME FATALE’s after we just had that mystery blogger story.

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    So did Ashley but her uterus regenerated[/quote]

    No. Ashley did not have a hysterectomy. When she had the car accident, which caused her unborn baby (Robert Carlton) to be stillborn (2003), Olivia informed her that due to “internal damage,” she wasn’t “likely to be able to conceive again.” But you know how that goes on soaps: .000001% chance = 100%. In short, Ashley still had all the necessary equipment and didn’t need to regenerate any missing body parts.

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    the writers need to update Jabot advertising…

    the days of print ads only are over. Lets see scenes of them filming commercials or web episodes a la “B&B”.

    Send characters to LA for scenes, mixing it up with their LA cousins…

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    So relieved to see Mr. Gudegast playing to type once more. I get nervous when he actually shows some flashes of compassion and humanity….
    I am always pleased to see Lily and Cane have a conversation during which they both remain fully clothed and upright,and the words “my beautiful, sexy wife” and “my handsome husband” are never spoken. Although I do not have a medical background, I am fairly confident that a uterus does not spontaneously regenerate and so cannot credit the notion that Lily is somehow (please God, NO!) pregnant.
    The big DNA reveal was as flat as piss on a plate. Why JFP deemed it more important to see Dyldumb’s reaction (!) than Nikki’s I don’t know… I, for one, would have loved to see her reaction to finding out the Orange Crusader is her little boy. :Sp

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    [quote=tedew]Oh right … and we all know that Victor ALWAYS learns from his past (and continuing) mistakes!
    And don’t believe it … “wounded and hurt” Victor is raging under that so called human behaviour.[/quote]

    tedew….you just hate Victor…admit it :bigsmile: ;) Never a good part you would see in Victor :O I’m loving Victor & Nikki right now, one of the best parts on the show, I’m enjoying their marriage, warts and all….you might not but I’m sure loving this side of Victor & Nikki :love:

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    As long as the new writers keep these two together, there will always be at least one part of GC that seems familiar and normal.

    Like harlee, I like these two permanently together. Any good soap writers can find drama for a supercouple like them.

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    harlee490 … It seems that many here think that Victor is just the cat’s whiskers. Well that is fine but I just don’t get it at all. If seeing the same cycles over and over again and witnessing this man control and destroy the lives around him with no recourse turns your cranks, we’ll then what can I say!

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    Hey tedew it serves up both ways with N&V, on yesterday’s (Monday) episode Nikki laid out some truth to good ole Vic which is what I’m loving about this couple….Nikki knew if Victor did use his PIs that if Victor had found info on her son, he would had kept it from her…BINGO Nikki…we have a winner! :bigsmile: I loved the look on Victor’s face because Nikki was dead on….

    But Victor being Victor went to Dylan and gave him a warning, typical Victor fashion…. :bigsmile:

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