Nikki and Paul’s Spouses Are PISSED on The Young and the Restless! (SNEAK PEEK)

Leave it to Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) to make everything about himself on The Young and the Restless. Mr. Mumbles isn't amused Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) kept secret the fact she had a child before they got together.

He's also ticked she leaned on ex-lover Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) during her crisis of conscience. Can their umpteenth marriage survive this latest bump? 

Paul isn't doing much better in the martial department. Cricket (Lauralee Bell) is miffed he didn't tell her about his involvement in tracking down Nikki's M.I.A. son. Will the crime-fighting duo get past this hurdle? 

Can someone tie a bell around the neck of Adam (Michael Muhney) and Chelsea's (Melissa Claire Egan) kid? A GPS tracking system? Something!  Chelsea freaks out to Kevin (Greg Rikaart) when Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) apparently spirits little Connor away. Take a sneak peek at Monday's Y&R after the jump!


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    I fell behind Y&R by almost 3 months and binge watched in the last couple of weeks. I’m finally caught up. For me, it is what it is and I am not compelled to pick apart too much but today’s show scenes with Tyler and Abby in the park almost made me want to strangle the TV. Just when I was liking her more with her great new haircut and her more mature yet still playful approach, she suddenly descended into spoiled little girlness again. The writing of the scenes was just awful; I wanted to smack the writers for feeding her that drivel. I get it, they are going to introduce Tyler’s ex soon but what a way out of left field way to do it. Last week she wanted to live happily ever after with him yet today, she picks him apart like a leftover Thanksgiving Day turkey carcass and wants to break up with him, all because she didn’t like their trip to LA. It was all childish nonsense.

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    I guess, AroundHound is Canadian because we’re still waiting for dumb abby to appear here in the states.

    My biggest gripe with the show today is how the parents are idiots… CHELSEA, you leave you child home alone with a recently LOST MY KID FOR SOME STUPID STORYLINE mom/best friend and she is no where to be found?! CALL THE COPS!!! You just went through it 2 months ago with your kid’s make believe dad!

    If I came home to NO KID, I would call the cops ESPECIALLY since Chloe wasn’t picking up.

    AND why does Kevin think he knows people pysche? Cause he’s been in the loony bin several times?! I’m really bored with this guy and this entire story.

    Then, the scene today just shows HOW THE SHOW HAS ONE STORYLINE and keeps repeating it. First Summer has a new daddy. Then Connor. Now Dylan. But the worst part of it is Dylan is more of a whiny bitch than Summer was and she’s now giving him advice. GROW UP< DYLAN… you are over 40 years old!!! (Well, since Noah is 23/24 and Nick’s his dad and you’re now Nick’s older brother that means, BRO, you’re pushing 50 since Victoria comes in between you and Nick!!! Wonder if the writers thought about that?!

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    pjc722 … Exactly all around.

    I do feel that Dylan is unjustly being cast as the villain here but why are so many now stricken with the stupidity virus???

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