Twin Peaks Alum Cast as Nikki’s Cult Leader Baby Daddy on The Young and the Restless

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Dylan (Steve Burton) will soon have another family reunion in Genoa City. TVLine is reporting Ray Wise has joined The Young and the Restless as former cult leader and Nikki's baby daddy, Ian Ward.

Wise, best know for his roles on Twin Peaks,  Mad Men and How I Met Your Mother, will begin airing on Jan. 23.  Fans can recall Wise replaced Eric Braeden on HIMYM as Robin Scherbastsky Sr, in 2010, after Neil Patrick Harris revealed on Twitter, Braeden didn't think the role was "substantial" enough for him to reprise.

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    BAM! Motherfuckin’ Ray Wise in the house, bitches!

    JFP ain’t playing. She’ll do anything to surround her boytoy with the best actors and best storylines possible. Dyldo is, and will remain, the epicenter of all things Y&R so the news don’t surprise me.

    Please Gawd, let Ian Ward and Kelly Annie Dutton share some scenes!!! Ray “I killed Laura Palmer” Wise & Cynthia “I slayed La Zimmer” Watros are camp royalty made in John Waters heaven!

    Congrats to Ray Wise for the check, to JFP for the coup, and to Eric Braeden for the constipation, lol.

  2. Profile photo of tmac

    He was so creepy on Twin Peaks. I get chills just thinking about him. And I really get chills when I read his character’s name…my nephew’s name is Ian Ward!

  3. Profile photo of Yoryla


    Well this is certainly the correct casting choice. He looks just like the devil himself. I have actually just been watching Twin Peaks’ season 1 sporadically as of late, and he’s a good actor. However, of course what’s irking is that we all know this is because of the D-character.

  4. Profile photo of FoxCrane

    Excellent casting, but since Wise probably wouldn’t agree to a longtime gig, I sense (another) potential murder. (Avery Bailey Clark to the rescue!) I wonder if he will get “Guest Star” billing like Eric Roberts.

  5. Profile photo of DenverDean

    He is so darned creepy. I suppose this is perfect casting. Perhaps, Dillon will change his tune when he meets he “real” dad and realizes that Nikki is a gem of a woman.

  6. Profile photo of pjc722


    Let’s hope its not INSTANT EVIL GUY who comes to town and everyone hates him and wants him dead KIND OF STORY. It would be interesting to see a good guy that eventually turns evil. There is nothing worse than Melody Thomas Scott’s nikki WHINING ALL THE TIME and keeping secrets.

    And let’s remember we had Terrible Tom already so make this story different.

  7. Profile photo of SZima

    Well, we had to know this character was coming to town :angry: At least he will be played by a good/interesting actor, but I pity the guy being stuck in a S/L with Dullan and I’m not anxious to see more weepy Nikki.

    Hopefully Ray will raise the acting of those surrounding him to his level for as long as he’s there. And he won’t be there long, I’m sure! :(

  8. Profile photo of pferrando

    I too think it would have been soooo much more interesting if somehow Paul was the father.

    It was a cult, so maybe somehow this “leader” had his followers drug both Nikki and Paul…and well, you know.

    If he’s as evil as the set up, anything could be possible.

    Let’s see what Jean can do with her new role. I haven’t been a fan before…of course YR was in such great shape at the time I used to think anything paled in comparison. But it’s a different time so now she may blow me away.

    I did notice yesterday that there was yet ANOTHER former GH writer in the credits of YR, and yesterday’s show was probably the worst since Altman’s stuff started airing alone. Coincidence? NO.

  9. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=noway]Dylan, Dylan, Dylan it’s all about Dylan. Surround him with all the talent cause he ain’t got any. Please don’t send out the grammar police.[/quote]


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    PFERRANDO, I have to agree about yesterdays show being bad. I can’t understand them going back to the dumbass Lily/Cane thing. I figured they were going to have her pregnant. Maybe we will be lucky and she will just die and he can go back to wherever he came from.

  11. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    At least this Ray Wise is old enough to be DILDO’s father, unlike Melody, who would have been 13 when he was born, if 57 is really her true age, which is doubtful from watching the show for so long.

  12. Profile photo of pferrando

    yojoromo…I think her age is correct. I believe she started the show when she was in her early 20’s.

    But I also know a lot of people fudge on their true age, so who knows.

  13. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=pferrando]yojoromo…I think her age is correct. I believe she started the show when she was in her early 20’s.

    But I also know a lot of people fudge on their true age, so who knows.[/quote]

    You may be right about her age. In reality, she would still be too young to be his mother. I can’t stand the character and being a really old guy, and long time watcher of just this soap, I am really disappointed in how it is being done now.
    If they had to bring Burton on, would have been better to make him Jill’s son, as it would have been more realistic, and then let him have an affair with Nikki or something. I realize what her age was when coming on to the show, but in watching her now, I just think she is older than stated. I have a lot of friends in that age group that appear much younger than her. Sorry, for ranting.

  14. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I think Ray Wise is one of those actors who NEVER gives a bad performance(at least I’ve never seen one from him, no matter how questionable the character or writing may be).

    @Pferrando–yesterday’s ep was definitely the worst I’ve seen in awhile. Except for the early scenes with Jill, I FF’ed through much of Cane and Lily because I just can’t do it anymore, mainly I think because DG just emits this air of smugness in every scene he’s in and frankly I find it stomach-turning(yeah, he bugs me THAT much). And the scenes with Abby and Tyler–WTF?!? Where the hell did all that bullshit with Abby come from? I don’t think Melissa Ordway’s a bad actress by any stretch but they’ve completely neutered the character of Abby(and who knows, maybe it’s to fit the actress, much the same way the last 3 or 4 HWs have done for Amelia Heinle with Victoria). In the scheme of it all I guess it’s irrelevant–nothing on this earth would make me root for that lazy, chemistry-free pairing.

  15. Profile photo of harlee490

    OH my gosh yesterday was unbearable and switched the channel, it was horribly weak and showed to high heavens.

    I have always said please just let the father be Paul but I doubt if it will happen, if it did you could knock me over with a feather!

    I just know Altman & hacks will mess with Bill’s fabulous cult story and rewrite history. I do applaud them for using history but with JFP she & her hacks will want to frame their way, thinking nobody will remember….guess again Phuck-up Phelps. ;) I used come home from high school because it was so intense and was my favorite story at the time. They want to truly use the history bring on others that was in the cult, as Peggy Brooks, JoAnne & her husband (Mrs. C’s “almost” lesbian story) April, etc. yes P~, I noticed another GH writer, made me sick at my stomach. |(

  16. Profile photo of pferrando

    harlee… Yes. Joanna Cohen. I guess she wrote part of the script that day. I’m guessing it was that Tyler/Abby junk. Absolutely horrible stuff. All the conversation referred to a trip we didn’t see, and a character that gets more dialogue mention than most vets on the screen.

  17. Profile photo of tedew

    I think it’s kinda frightening when I’m growing to dislike Nick even more by the day and starting to like Victoria a tiny bit more each day.

    Nick is such an entitled spoiled man-child and is now even starting to diss his dearly beloved sister?

    Now all of you wishful thinkers … this is Genoa City and Paul really could still be Dylan’s daddy some day. At least that would likely push Nikki finally away from her husband and often tormentor and into the arms of someone who has usually treated her well.

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