The Real's Loni Love Takes a Turn on a Stripper Pole For Ellen (VIDEO)

Loni Love is fast becoming one of Hollywood’s hardest working women. In addition to co-hosting The Real and being a panelist on E!’s Chelsea Lately, Love has been pitch-hitting as The Ellen DeGeneres’ guest DJ.

While moonlighting over at DeGeneres’ show on Wednesday, Love spent some time learning how to pole dance. Gotta admire the comic’s thirst to try something new. Watch Love’s skills after the jump!



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I love her. She is one of my favorite regulars on Chelsea Lately. Saw her do stand-up once, hilarious.. didn't disappoint.

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18 February 2009
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I wish she were Chelsea Lately's Loni Love. I think The Real is a mistake for her, especially since Ellen seems to love her. I hope that gawdawful unReal talk show won't be a stumbling block for her. More Loni makes the world a better place, but just the right Loni. #MRML (the first M is figure it out.) Wink

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I love her! Ellen fixed up Loni Love's profile on, and a few days later it seemed like Ellen found Loni's soul mate. Laughing out loud LOL!

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I love her on Chelsea Lately. That's where she can really let loose act as crazy as she wants. But she is funny on Ellen also, I just hate seeing her have to tone it down on there but I understand why.