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Maxie tells Robin that Spinelli might be moving with the baby and how she told him to go. Maxie knows she won’t be able to stay away from her daughter for the six months the judge ordered, which could jeopardize Connie's custody. Robin tells her she needs to prepare herself to live with her choice. 

Robin explains what happened with Sabrina. Maxie feels Patrick will choose Robin, as she’s his wife and the mother of his child. 
Spinelli tells Sam about Ellie’s job offer. He tells his friend him may be leaving town and shares his concern for Maxie. Spin says Port Charles is home. He has family here. Sam asks if he can see himself in Portland, raising kids with Ellie. He says he can. 
Dante confides in Sonny he fears he’s lost his marriage. Lulu blames him and refuses to talk about the baby. Sonny tells him not to let Lulu push him away. She will come around. 
Dante feels he’s dealing with this loss on his own. He doesn’t know how to fill the silence. Sonny promises to be there for his son. 
Carly stops by to talk to Lulu about Franco, but is upset to hear she and Dante lost custody of the baby. Carly apologizes for not being there for Lulu. Lulu explains the outcome of the trial and how Spin is raising the baby. She blames Dante.  She insists they wouldn’t have lost the baby had Dante backed her up. 
Lulu doesn’t know what she’ll do without the baby. Carly tells her cousin not to push Dante away. He’s suffering as well. They need to be strong together. 

Lulu remembers Carly mentioning Franco. She asks if Carly is seeing him. Carly deflects. She asks Lulu to think about hiring Franco as her bartender. Lulu refuses, but Carly says Franco is a changed man. 
Kevin tells Franco he isn’t taking on new patients. Franco wants his help and tells Kevin he killed someone.

Franco explains Heather was going to kill Carly and he stabbed her to save Carly. Kevin says he acted to protect another and had no choice. He asks about the police. Franco says they wouldn’t believe he acted in defense of Carly, so he buried the body. 
Kevin asks if Franco thinks he’s dangerous, but Franco isn’t sure. He wants to figure out what’s going on, so he won't lose Carly.  Kevin is certain this was an isolated incident and agrees to take Franco on as a patient. 
Lucy wants to find Kevin and confess her tryst with Scott. Scotty wonders if their sleeping together didn’t mean anything to her. 

Lucy says they’ll always be connected, but as friends only. Scotty wants more than friendship, but has no choice but to accept her wishes. He asks that she not tell Kevin that they slept together; otherwise Kevin will never trust her.   
Lucy finds Kevin and the two apologize for their issues.  Kevin promises to be committed to their marriage and hopes nothing comes between them again. 
Spinelli is thrilled to see Robin and welcomes her back. She asks him about moving away. Maxie, again, says she thinks it’s best if he goes. Spin says he, Ellie and the baby will be moving. 
Dante comes home and tells Lulu they need to pull together.  He thinks they should try for another baby. 


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I just loved that Carly and Lulu scene. I'm happy that she finally share a scene together again. Didn't like how they wrote them apart back at Michael's prison storyline.
But Carly being Carly had to reach out to Lulu because of Franco? Ugh!

I also enjoyed Robin/Maxie scenes. Also enjoying Lucy getting some air time.

Don't wanna talk about the other stuff that went on.

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I just can't with Franco. Him calling Scott a cold fish bastard or whatever. I know the actor likes to ab lib but they need to remember this character's history. He went around killing folks and torturing people. Franco should not be calling anyone names. I really hate his character!

"His tumor made him do it" Yeah Carly, yeah. I wish it was Bobbie with Lulu. I know Lulu losing Baby Georgie is different than Bobbie losing BJ but still it's a lost and I wish Bobbie would have been the one to talk to Lulu. Carly's selfish behind was all about getting Franco a job. So glad Lulu brought up the fact he strapped her up with a bomb!

The Sonny/Dante scenes were good. I just don't understand why Dante was upset. He should have been drinking a 40 and partying. He can finally get rid of Lulu. Dante and Nululu just don't vibe at all.

Love Lucy/Scott. Love Robin/Maxie. Still don't get why Sonny/Robin haven't see or talk to each other yet! I know Robin's return was front page.

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Dominic Zamprogna continues to bring his considerable talent and sensitivity to his work. Bravo, and much applause to you, sir. I also must say kudos to MB for his understated contribution to their scenes yesterday. A wonderful example of realism and "being there" for each other as acting colleagues and friends.

Carly coming to see L after how long was both out of the blue (last seen at the Haunted Star for Franco's "return"), and agenda driven ( again for Franco. Please. And yech.). Typical for Carly. At least L reminded her about being strapped to a bomb by him. Still it's too bad so much of what should have been an undercurrent in their formerly close relationship was given just a surface dust off, much like when this version of L flippantly referenced her hurting Georgie, before the baby's birth. I should be moved by what L is going through, but this recast doesn't make me feel anything for her plight. Sigh..... Innocent

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Well, Carly coming to Lulu about a guy (we'll ignore that it's Franco just for this analogy) while Lulu is grieving is about the same as when Lulu came to Carly in the hospital when Michael was shot to plead Johnny's case. To me, it just proves that they are family and similar in several ways--drama queen, selfish, center of a lot of men's attention.

Okay, the fact that it's Franco kills it. But then, that kills just about everything. If I were RoHo, I'd ask Carlivati, "Dude, I thought we were boys? Why'd you saddle me with Franco?"

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I can't believe that Leslie and Lulu have not have a scene since they "met" months ago and not since with the lost of Connie. Also no mention of Laura either Sad

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I follow Frank Valentini on Twitter and he finally lured me back to GH in November with the reunited Scorpios and the re-return of Sean Kanen's AJ. Robyn is my favorite,Sean's AJ is my favorite male, and I am a Robert/Anna vs. Duke/Anna.

Patrick is the guy I tolerated because Robyn loved him and PT/KM have chemistry to burn. If he chooses Sabrina over Robyn, it's because he was never good enough for my Robin in the 1st place.