Kirstie Alley Admits John Travolta is The Love of Her Life on Wendy Williams (VIDEO)

Kirstie Alley dropped in on The Wendy Williams Show Wednesday to promote her new self-titled TV Land sitcom. While kicking it with the "Queen of All Media", Alley confessed the love of her life is good pal John Travolta.

According to the candid star, she was so taken with Travolta while filming Look Who's Talking she wanted to leave then-husband Parker Stevenson for him! Watch Alley's reason for not ditching her husband at the 2:43 mark below.


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  1. Profile photo of nellie-claire

    Oh come on,. that is the dumbest thing that I have ever heard. Two Scientologists sitting in a tree, covering up for one, as easy as can be!
    Isn’t it interesting how all of the comments are the same?

  2. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Ugh…why is she doing this? She is a loser! Every time I see that some studio agrees to greenlight another inane sitcom project with her as the lead, I have to really scratch my head.

    Her range as an actress is basically Veronica’s Closet. She plays the same character in every single thing she does. The 0ver 40, self-deprecating, manic, trainwreck…that is the only thing she can play, in other words she plays herself and nothing else.

    Sick of her endorsing weight loss products that she obviously doesn’t use. Watching her cross eyed face scream about fettuccine and chocolate cake makes her look even more pathetic than she really is. I wish she would just take all the scientology money and retire and live out the rest of her days on a farm or something.

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Awkward. Only Alley can pull off such a stupid thing as to go on a talk show and agreeing that a married man is the love of her life and she wanted to run away with him while married. Wow!

    Other than that, she’s just a bully, a maniac and part of a cult. I can’t take her seriously. Which doesn’t mean that she’s funny.

  4. Profile photo of blake3b

    Yeah she has been playing that same role, but even that is copying off of the Absolutely Fabulous show because Ab Fab was really big when Veronica’s Closet was on. Her character was much like Edwina from Ab Fab, she even worked in the fashion industry like Patsy and Edwina did.

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