SHOTS FIRED: The Talk’s Julie Chen Slams The View For Hiring Jenny McCarthy!

The women of The Talk aren’t biting their tongues when it comes to their feelings about rival The View’s revamped panel. During a recent visit to The Howard Stern Show, co-hosts Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne dissed the ABC Daytime talk show for hiring Jenny McCarthy.

When Chen was asked if ABC made a mistake bringing McCarthy on—after Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck departed—Chen answered she did think it was a mistake. Here's an excerpt:

"What made The View so popular and so good was that it was five different women—from five different walks of life—discussing politics."

According to Chen, The View is no longer doing what it once did best. She stated:

"What put them on the map and made them good and famous, they don't do that anymore. No one wants to hear Jenny McCarthy talk about the New York mayoral race or politics. They don't. That's not what you put Jenny McCarthy on for."

I guess McCarthy will be taking Chen off her Christmas card list this year!

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  1. Profile photo of appleridge

    Really Julie Chen dissing the view for hiring Jenny McCarthy when some could say you got your job on The Talk because your husband runs CBS.

    Also why dont we care what Jenny has to say about Politics? Is it because she is blonde? A Comedian? A One time Playboy Playmate? That doesnt excuse her from having political engagement.

    What is with the small minded thinking,Julie? Would have expected better from you.

    Maybe we should be supporting each other, instead of slamming one another. Just a thought

  2. Profile photo of Jon

    I couldn’t care less about The View OR The Talk. I don’t watch either one. But Ms Chen’s comments do seem a bit hypocritical considering her own show’s history…

  3. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Julie isn’t dissing Jenny because of her being a blonde and a former Playboy Playmate. If she were dissing her because she’s a blonde, then she’d be dissing Hasselcrack and she sang her praises.

    Julie is right. Jenny is a bad find for The View and the show doesn’t know what they want to do. Whoopi said it herself while on WWHL w/Andy last week, they were trying something new to change things up. I really thought with the animosity Jenny and Barbara Walters had and the controversy surrounding Jenny’s statements on autism, things would’ve been spicier on the show. It hasn’t and even though The View is beating The Talk it still is boring.

  4. Profile photo of Patchworks

    I agree with Julie. I personally don’t care to hear anything political Jenny has to say. I don’t dislike her; she just seems ill-informed to me, a little bit too off-kilter to be taken seriously.

  5. Profile photo of harlee490

    Heck, you put Julie Chen’s picture on front…well fireworks! :O I’m probably only one of few that actually like Julie Chen, regardless of Les she has her own talent even before Les. What got me to like Julie & the rest on the The Talk (which I do love, least fave Mrs. O) was how funny Julie can be, her humor is infectious and how she doesn’t take herself so serious which completely surprised me. When I finally opened my heart to The Talk I found it refreshingly fun, no brain cells laughter. It was my own prejudices simply because of missing ATWT.

    You can’t have what P&G doesn’t want to produce anymore…. :(

  6. Profile photo of appleridge

    “No one wants to hear Jenny McCarthy talk about the New York mayoral race or politics. They don’t. That’s not what you put Jenny McCarthy on for.”

    Julie was slamming Jenny for all I said. Just because Jenny looks like she does, doesn’t mean she can’t share her thoughts on all subjects.

  7. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    @Appleridge, where did I or Julie said she can’t share her thoughts on ALL subjects? If you watch The View, you can clearly see, they aren’t trying to engage in politics and they aren’t asking her (nor any ladies tbh) about politics anymore. When Julie is talking about “not putting” Jenny on for politics, she’s talking about how she’s being used for comic relief. If you watch, you can see that’s what she is.

  8. Profile photo of

    I like Jenny McCarthy MUCH better than Elisabeth Hasselbeck. When Jenny joined The View, I assumed that she would try to talk over everybody like Elisabeth always did, but to my surprise.. she’s the opposite of what I thought she would be like.

  9. Profile photo of Mets82

    I dont know what to think. I mean in a way, I think the View may have gotten a little too political for some tastes. I think The Talk tries to make the show light and fluffy and fun. Jenny has a right to her opinion and if she wants to talk politics she has that right. I just think maybe people have gotten tired of all the political stuff on The View.

  10. Profile photo of DaytimeFan0001

    Hey! It’s all true.

    If you have a panel of women who aren’t educated (Sherri The World is Flat Shepherd anyone??) they can’t have carry the conversation of hot topics and politics.

  11. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I’ve always loved The View, but this season is my least favourite. I miss the political discussion so I really miss Joy and Elisabeth. It’s too fluffy now. It also astounds me that they no longer have anyone under 40 on the show. I guess they’ve given up on that diversity of views and opinions. They rarely disagree about anything anymore, so the title of the show is now kind of misleading.

    I also agree with what Julie said about Jenny and Sherri’s so-called comedy segments. They are so “groanably” lame, the warm-up person must be working twice as hard goosing up the audience to laugh at such unfunny stuff.

    I watch The Talk every day, but I’m not crazy about the show. It’s too gossipy for my liking and they can frequently be quite hypocritical. Twice this season, they have had Sharon respond to some tripe from the tabloids, saying the stories about her or her family are utter garbage, and then they move on to the next topic, which is something from those same rags, and they treat the stories as though they’re gospel! I can’t believe they don’t realize how shallow they’re being.

    Here in Canada, CTV has launched another clone of these shows called The Social (yet another stupid name) with five women of roughly the same age, but the five of them have diverse enough outlooks on topics that they manage to keep the discussion kind of interesting. They’ve been on fire recently with all of the shenanigans of Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford. There are times, though, that it’s hard to tell who’s who, because they’re all basically liberal and politically correct (also true of The Talk, although it doesn’t matter as much on there, because their political bent doesn’t really matter when dishing on Miley or the Kardashians).

    Back to The View, I hope when Barbara finally leaves at the end of this season, they find someone to replace her who will shake things up a bit. Otherwise, they’ll have to change the name of the show to The Bland.

  12. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    They’ve stopped talking about bringing on a fifth panelist, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they stick with four. It may be a way to save a little money. I wonder how much Barbara’s salary will change this season, since she says she’s staying on as an Executive Producer, and she has said she’ll still be going in to the office.

  13. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    They talked politics from the very beginning on The View. It ramped up when Rosie came along, but there were great political discussions with Joy and Elisabeth and Lisa Ling and Meredith and Barbara! Even Star, on those rare occasions when she wasn’t talking about herself, had strong political opinions! ;-) I’m sure George W. Bush’s ears are still ringing from long before Rosie joined the show!

    As for who could replace Barbara, since Whoopi is already the moderator, they don’t need to bring in someone of BW’s stature. I’d like to see someone new, unfamiliar…and younger! I’ve got two nieces in their 20s, and they are very politically socially aware and they couldn’t give a damn about Lindsay, Miley or The Kardashians. Young women need more people on TV who use their brain.

  14. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I like Jenny McCarthy blond, playboy, and all so? I enjoy the Talk but I wouldn’t consider myself a loyal viewer of either one. I know where to go when I want politics; IMO its very low rent to diss (the woman on) a rival show that she copied … I mean why?

  15. Profile photo of SZima

    I wouldn’t waste my time watching either show, but Julie really has no right to say anything negative about “the other show that she’s in competition with.” There have been some big glaring mistakes in casting on The Talk as well, and a couple of them are still there.

    AND, Julie got this show in the first place because she “married the boss.” So she doesn’t have any room to talk!

    Personally, I’d be happy if both shows went off the air and the networks realized their mistakes and brought the soaps back. They spent millions getting these stupid talk shows on air, and most of them are crap, so they’ll spend millions more developing new talk shows which will also fail. Where have they saved any money? They should have just trimmed the budgets of the soaps and left them alone.

  16. Profile photo of thecourt99

    [quote=appleridge]”No one wants to hear Jenny McCarthy talk about the New York mayoral race or politics. They don’t. That’s not what you put Jenny McCarthy on for.”
    Julie was slamming Jenny for all I said. Just because Jenny looks like she does, doesn’t mean she can’t share her thoughts on all subjects.[/quote]

    I am a former fan of the View. I liked the original premise that people from different backgrounds could have open discussion from their perspectives. The show became political, and just like many shows, their identity changed. The View is now most known for their political discussion…but what is key is that Hasselbeck wasn’t known for her political opinion before the View either, nor was Sherri.

    That being said, Jenny is not famous for her political opinions. So I think it begs the question…are they trying to “rebrand” the View? Is Jenny trying to “rebrand” herself?

    I think Julie has a point and it is based upon Jenny’s public persona. If you seek out Jenny, it is because of her outrageous…because that is her public persona. UNLESS the goal is to change that. In which case, we will only find that out with time.

  17. Profile photo of nysam

    Julie Chen shouldn’t cast stones when she allows Sharon Osbourne to sit at her table on THE TALK. Not to mention Julie only has the success she has because of who she sleeps with.

    Love her or hate her, Jenny has worked hard the past 20 years to grow from SINGLED OUT to THE VIEW and she never seems to sell out. She has always been quirky, irreverent and speaks her mind. Jenny certainly could have slept her way to the top (like Julie) but she has done it on her own.

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