Exiting General Hospital Fave Bradford Anderson: “I’m Excited For What’s Ahead”

On the heels of General Hospital announcing Bradford Anderson's exit, the actor—who played quirky tech whiz Damian Spinelli from 2006-13—took the time to thanks his fans and viewers via social media. Anderson tweeted:

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    Congrats Bradford I wish you all the best. Just one thing, promise me you won’t end up on Y&R. You can do better. I want to see you in prime time or on the big screen or maybe even buy your first “solo” CD.
    Keep on Rocking!!!

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    Next stop Y&R. I guess that JFP will be getting her little crowd together again in no time. She already writes a press release how she thought of this great character months ago that Anderson is just perfect for. ;)

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    But the reason Anderson went to recurring in the first place was to explore avenues outside of Daytime. I know many soap stars do this and end up back in daytime but for his sake I hope he succeeds elsewhere. He is insanely talented and I have met him a handful of times at parties. He is a delightful individual. I wish him nothing but the best and getting sucked back into the JFP vortex is not what’s best for him.

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    I hope all the best things for him no matter what he does. He is such a talented actor, and IMO made a big success as Spinelli, a character that really stood out from the crowd.

    I have to say though, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he ends up on Y&R. Maybe not right away, but in six months or a year, wouldn’t be surprised at all.

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    Secrets and Lies

    A true original. In the era of hair models, he’s a guy with a “face for radio” that got by on his talent alone. Best of luck to Bradford and hope he’s willing to do some episodes down the line when Maxie returns.

    As for Emily Wilson, she was the freshest find on soaps in 2012 and always elevated the material she was given. She has a rare ability to make you invested in her character and story without a lot of background or history. Here’s hoping that she has a bright future in acting as she truly does have the charisma to make it big.

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    Wishing Bradford much success and happiness. He started on the show as this goofy computer geek who followed Jason around like a little puppy dog. Over the years the role became is own, and proved he can handle drama very well. He also sings great!

    I also hope he doesn’t go to Y &R to be with his buddy Burton. They are letting go the actor that plays Jack’s son. Hmm, makes me wonder. I just don’t see Bradford in that role, but Burton again has influence with Phelps. We’ll see….

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