Perkie’s Observations: Lulu and Dante’s Embryos are Missing on General Hospital

Dante wants to try for another baby, and not live in the past.  Lulu thinks he’s trying to replace Connie, and misses her daughter.  Dante reminds her they’ve been through it once, and have the embryos ready for them in the lab.  Lulu admits she’s scared, but Dante believes they should take the chance.  Lulu finally agrees with him. 

Sonny gives Olivia an update on Lulu and Dante, and worries they’ll get lost in their grief.  Olivia apologizes for keeping Dante and Sonny apart all those years.   Sonny understands she did what she thought was best.   
Ellie tells Spin the lab in Portland wants her to start tomorrow.  Spin is surprised by how fast they’ll need to leave everything and everyone behind.   Ellie wonders if he’s having second thoughts, but Spin is determined to leave with her.   
Felicia and Mac bring Maxie a tree to help distract her from the baby.  Mac admits he knows Maxie tried to see the baby, and Spin turned her away.  Maxie won’t be tempted again, because Spin’s moving with the baby.   Felicia wants Maxie to go and say goodbye to the baby, but Maxie feels that would cause problems.  She believes this is the way it has to be. 
Rafe and Taylor help Silas surprise Sam with a Christmas tree.  The teens are questioned on whether their feelings are phony.  Both deny it until Molly and TJ arrive, and they immediately pretend to flirt with each other.  Molly and TJ call them on it, so Rafe admits it was all fake, which causes a fight between Molly and TJ.    
Britt helps Spencer and Nikolas decorate their tree.  Lesley’s still upset with Nikolas for pretending she didn’t see Faison on Halloween.  Nik explains he was protecting her and Spencer. 
Spencer tells Nikolas he wants his father to marry Britt, but Nikolas deflects.  After Spencer leaves, Britt tells Nikolas how sad Christmas was for her when she was a child. Now, she's glad she can celebrate with him and Spencer.  The two walk under the mistletoe and kiss. 
Lesley takes Spencer to see Sonny, who gives his nephew a pair of boxing gloves.  Lesley and Olivia watch Spencer and Sonny bond. 
Spin tells Sam he’s leaving tonight.  The two hug, and admit they’ll miss each other.  Sam is nostalgic about the tree, and Jason. Silas apologizes, but Sam is sure she’s ready for this. 
Britt is ready to take the next step with Nikolas, but says she needs to tell him something about Ben.
Lulu and Dante stop by the lab and tell Ellie they are going to try for a baby again. They want to check on the embryos.  Ellie soon discovers the embryos are missing. 

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    Looks like they’re going with Ben being Lante’s baby which disappoints me. I think there’s more soapy angst to be had by him being a Britt/Dante baby. This way only Brik have angst instead of both couples.

    I don’t understand the point of the teens story especially when we don’t see them for months and when we do see them, it’s the exact same dialogue as it was months ago. Blech.

    Loved the Maxie/Mac/Felicia scenes.

    I’m going to miss baby Georgie. That girl is adorable.

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    Congrats to the teens keeping up the charade for months. I don’t know any teens committed to anything for that long. Since they have been pretending to be a couple for at least 3 months it must tell them that Molly and TJ really don’t care if they haven’t had an issue in all this time.

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    Loved the Maxie/Mac/Felicia scenes. Maxie’s parents are just adorable. Always a treat to see Lesley and kudos to the show reminding us that Spencer is Sonny’s nephew! I’m not a Sonny fan, but his interactions with Spencer were fun and sweet. Also loved Sam and Silas meddling the teens.

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    Why does the move have to be SUDDEN?! I mean, Spinelli leaving the very next day with Maxie’s child is stupid and bad on the writers part. I know it’s a soap opera but couldn’t this part of the story be written into the custody battle or right at the end where the verdict is revealed?

    Wouldn’t it have been better as the judge announced that Spinelli gets custody that Maxie’s jumps up and screams but they are moving in 2 weeks? Then the judge says we will revisit the matter in 6 months or even says NO THEY ARE NOT or the child goes to foster care or something. Allow Maxie the time with the child and then… sadly admit that Lil Georgie should be with a family, a father and a mother that will love her as they love one another. THEN tell Spinelli and Ellie that she will not fight them more that their child should be free to grow up happy and not split up time, LIKE her life was with Felicia and Frisco.

    I understand actors decide to quit and all that but getting word that the a character has to leave a job INSTANTLY is dumb and lazy on the writers.

    WHO IS BABY BEN, PERKIE? I am lost there.

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    [quote]WHO IS BABY BEN, PERKIE? I am lost there[/quote]

    This is NOT a spoiler, as I try not to read spoilers, but speculation/rumours is that Britt “borrowed” Lante’s extra embryo and implanted herself either with or without Dr O’s help, making Ben a Spencer-Falconeri.

    I personally hope that’s not the case, but by the looks of it, that’s where were headed.

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    @pjc722….your story idea is good and makes too much sense for the writers at GH to come up with it. It isn’t like they didn’t know Bradford Anderson was leaving the show. He went on recurring nine months ago. They could have worked his exit into the story (the one you mention above) rather than making it so abrupt.

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    Maybe FV kept trying to talk BA into staying on the show all the way up to when the custody scenes aired a few weeks ago? I could see RC having to write a quick story that sends SpinEllie to Portland.

    Nik hates the mob, so I don’t see him allowing his only child anywhere near Sonny. Nik did not like it when Emily babysat for Michael or Morgan, because of the violence in their lives, so the scenes with Leslie a doctor taking Spencer over to Sonny’s made no sense at all.

    Lulu deserves a lump of coal.

    I, too, think it would be soapy for Ben’s parents to be Britta and Dante, but we all know the writers are not going in that direction.

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    Lucy D.

    Don’t want a longer, more involved Spinelli departure. Don’t care that Spinelli is leaving. Will miss Ellie. Her character was infinitely more interesting than Sabrina. Please change the name of that baby. Maybe that can be Spinelli’s parting gift to Maxie. I do think Mac & Felicia took it TOO well that their grandchild is leaving town.

    If Britt’s baby is Lulu & Dante’s there is very little of that story left to explore. The Faloneri’s will have their baby, Nik will be mad and Lulu will finally quit whining and what? I really want Britt to be that baby’s mother. I know we think it’s obvious, but can there be a twist coming? Both embryos are missing. Did Britt implant both? Did someone else take them?

    Think there’s more to explore with AJ. Think it’s wrong he immediately took a drink. They need something interesting for Kiki (and Michael) to do. Maybe they can figure out Ava killed Connie.

    Question: I get my Webbers mixed up. Are Franco and Elizabeth related?

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    [quote]Are Franco and Elizabeth related[/quote]

    Heather married Liz’s father, which made Steven her half brother, so Franco would be a step brother, at most.

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    Liz has zero connection to Todd 2.0 — er, Franco. Jeff and Heather were divorced long before Todd — er, Franco came along. Steven Lars and Todd 2.0 are half-brothers, but Liz is not his step any thing, thank the soap Goddess!

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    Uncle Sonny? Nic said Leslie was taking Spencer to see his ‘family’? Wha? in what universe is Sonny related to either the Cassadines or Leslie’s family or the Spencers?

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