Nick to Billy on The Young and the Restless: “Who’s Your Friend?” (SNEAK PEEK)

In an effort to stop thinking about their dead tykes, Billy (Billy Miller) and Kelly (Cynthia Watros) head to the nearest watering hole today on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless. Don't expect a frosty Nicholas (Joshua Morrow) to be offering up any booze on the house!

Really Billy? You take another woman to a bar owned by your wife's overprotective brother? I don't think there's anything about such illogical behavior in the Grieving Playa Handbook.

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Dylan (Steve Burton) tells Avery (Jessica Collins) he read the dossier on his pervy pappy and Noah (Robert Adamson) tries to booty block his parents. Watch Monday's Y&R sneak peek after the jump!


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    Why the hell did they bring this broad on? Kelly is totally useless and you can tell the writers are trying to force her into a storyline she doesn’t belong.

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    It is obvious (hopefully) that Adam did not do the deed. However he’s also been illogically written into a corner with his guilt by association. It’s annoying and so often used with the Adam character just so he can always be known as the sicko bad guy … and just when he’d done and is doing most things right.

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    All the stories are one trick ponies. Delia’s death had as much to do with nothing as jack hiring Hillary or Tracey returning to genoa city or even Dylan being Nikki’s son.

    Delia dies and billy acts like the ass character he has been written while we’re forced to listen to Victoria whine and say how great her new found brother has been for billy. SERIOUSLY?!!! I’m still waiting for someone to mention more than one scene they shared?!!! Adam has been there more for billy.

    But why oh Effin why was this story created? A kid dies and billy picks up with a short term not going to ever be on contract (watros has a career outside of daytime n has said as much). Why have Adam feel guilt YET DO NOTHING Abt it??!

    Dylan finds out on a Friday Nikki’s his mom and Avery poles her stupid nose in and now by the following Friday he is looking for his evil dad. Can’t wait for victor to threaten yet another person. (Sarcasm)

    Not sure why we couldn’t see Dylan and Nikki develop a relationship and then a year from now daddy dearest arrives.

    Or billy confides in of all people HIS WIFE so we don’t start siding with victor over what a jerk billy is.

    Or that nick sells the stupid dead bar and gets a job and proper storyline.

    Sorry people I’m less and less inclined to watch and more inclined to start watching a telenovela even though I don’t know a lick of Spanish but love seeing the over dramatic DRAMA more than I like sleeping through my once all time favorite soap.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]And Dyllan, you know I love you, but there is no such thing as a useless character where Cynthia Watros is involved. :)[/quote]

    Seconded–truer words were never spoken.

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    [quote]there is no such thing as a useless character where Cynthia Watros is involved[/quote]

    Well, JFP has done the impossible because CW is as useful as tits on a turtle :). I have no clue why they included her in this storyline and Billy Miller is not helping. Having him on 24/7 reciting the same BS dialogue is getting old. The Delia storyline started with a bang, but its now one of the worst storylines.

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    It really looks like Kelly is really Phyllis, or at least I hope so. If not I’d love to see Cynthia Watros play another character similar to Annie on Guiding Light. She killed that role, but it also helps to have great writing to so errrrrrrr. She has been off TV for too long and it’s so great to see her back!

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    CW, as much as I love her, this character is useless because it’s only temporary so why put this good actress in a nowhere story? I’m constantly going back and forth, some days I do think she is the guilty party and sometimes I think JFP & hacks are trying to create “a Bill Bell story” by making Adam the guilty party and leave it at that and the audience will forgive Adam because Adam will redeem his life and let it hang there for years as Bill would do….but JFP doesn’t own a tenth of the talent as Bill Bell! ;)

    Lily’s paternity & Phyllis’ hit & run….two prime examples.

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