Steffy Issues a Warning to Quinn on The Bold and the Beautiful (SNEAK PEEK)

Crazy Pants Quinn (Rena Sofer) learns Steffy's (Jacqueline M. Woods) womb has healed up and is open for business on The Bold and the Beautiful. Will the meddling mama bear make a beeline for Liam (Scott Clifton), thereby paving the way for Wyatt (Darin Brooks) and Hope (Kim Matula) to be together? Not if Steffy has anything to say about it! The Forrester Creations shareholder warns Quinn not to tell Liam she can bear children.

Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) has the father of one of her children on the brain. Is she really over Ridge (Thorsten Kaye)? Watch a sneak peek of Monday's B&B after the jump!


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    A little too late Steffy, you already told all your woes to a perfect stranger Nd now you want her to back off. Yes right, more likes please please go and tell Liam for me.

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    20min in TK is Ridge Forrester! He has taken the character and breathed new life in to him. The man can act. Get ready for what is to come. From the Bell Battleship. They are gonna reign in daytime with this one.

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    I just chimed into say the exact same thing. Oh Lawd he has 100,000 times the chemistry than Dylan on the sister soap, and that’s just with Erwic alone. JFP take note!!!

    Anxious to see his scenes with KKL.

    :) :beer:

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    And we had some new opening credits

    Out with Taylor, Thomas, Justin, Marcus and Dayzee.
    In with Ridge, Wyatt, Quinn and Aly.

    For some reason Carter, Maya, Pam and Oliver are still in the credits. So is Steffy btw.

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    Thorsten Kaye will definetly breathe life into the show. He’s a good actor, who doesn’t take himself seriously like some other actors, which adds to his charm and sexiness. He and the evil Quinn (those piercing blue eyes), are the reason I keep watching.

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