Perkie’s Observations: Spinelli Says “Goodbye, My Maximista” on General Hospital

Spinelli wants Maxie to see the baby, but she closes the door reminding him what could happen if they get caught. Spin comes in and tells her they're leaving tonight, which surprises Maxie. She thought she’d have more time before having to say goodbye.


Maxie holds the baby and comments on how much she looks like Georgie.  Spin agrees and says he’s decided to rename the baby Georgie, since the name is special to both of them. 
Ellie explains to Lulu and Dante the records show  their embryos should be in the freezer, but they aren’t there. Dante wonders who else had access. Ellie says Britt did, as Maxie’s doctor. Dante leaves Britt a phone message. Ellie tells them to check with Brad as well. 
Britt admits to Nikolas that Brad is not the baby’s father. She was afraid to tell the truth for fear of losing what she and Nik are starting. Nik asks for the truth. Britt tells him she took a sample from the sperm bank and Brad agreed to protect her secret.  Britt says she broke the law which is why she lied. She asks if Nik forgives her. 
Nikolas says he isn't going anywhere. They’ve connected after everything they’ve been through. However, she has to stop lying or she’ll lose him.  Nik says he’s where he wants to be and she’s who he wants to be with. They make love. 
Anna wants Dr. Obrecht to tell her every law she’s broken to avoid a trial and spare herself humiliation. Liesl wants her one phone call to be to Faison. Anna says that isn’t possible. Liesl questions why she can't talk to her beloved, but Anna is firm. Later, Anna leaves a voice message for Robert. 
Duke tells Sonny he can’t work with him to take down Julian. Going after the Jeromes would conflict with his relationship with Anna.  Sonny is disappointed, but understands. 

Julian arrives demanding to know what Sonny did with Carlos. Duke hides and listens. Julian warns Sonny he’ll take him out, if he’s done anything to Carlos. Sonny claims the police will come after him. Julian isn’t concerned about Anna or Dante. 
After Julian leaves, Duke tells Sonny he heard everything, including Julian's threat against Anna. He decides to team up with Sonny .  
Lulu and Dante run into Brad. They want to talk about their missing embryos. 
Dr. Obrecht calls Britt and asks for her help. She reminds her daughter she knows the truth about the baby. 
Maxie tells Spin their friendship changed her life. Spin says she’s the first girl he truly loved.  The two share a kiss.

Spin says she’ll always have a piece of his heart. Maxie gives him the two ornaments, but Spin only takes one. He tells her to keep one for when she shares Christmas with Georgie. Spin and Ellie leave with the baby.   

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    Despite my dislike all of things Spinelli, I liked the Spixie good bye scenes. Some of those flashbacks were amazing, how young they both looked. I also cried when he said the baby would be renamed Georgie. Totally the right thing to do. And I felt so bad for MAxie, as she was sitting there, holding the baby, then after she was gone. Kudos to KSt and BA.

    I will miss Ellie.

    So, is Britt telling the truth, that she took a sperm sample and mixed it with her own DNA or did she take a Lante embryo? I’m curious how this will play out.

    I thought Julian was supposed to be a big bad mob boss. If he was, Sonny wouldn’t have his left kneecap right now. Instead, he barely made Sonny shake in his shoes. Meh, what a waste. Sonny ruins everything!

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    Awww, I couldn’t help it. I shed some tears during the Spinelli/Maxie good-bye scenes. Bradford has grown so much as an actor, from the goofy computer geek he was when he first started on the show. He handles the drama really well, and his tears looked so real. I know he and Kristen are good friends, that whole circle of him, Steve Burton, Brandon B., seems to have all ended. Will he wind up soon on Y &R, I wonder???

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    Lucy D.

    The goodbye scenes were moving and well-acted, but I’m happy for Spinelli to go. Thank God they renamed that baby.

    I’m sorry to see the return of the Mob.

    I think Britt is lying to Nik. Otherwise why would Dr. O be “blackmailing” her? It would be more fun it if actually were Dante’s sperm.

    Wonder how they’re going to handle KS’s maternity leave.

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    I must admit although Guza so mob obsessed, he wrote some great romantic scenes especially for those who had chemistry. I was NOT a Spinelli fan and was pissed when Maxie got with Spinelli but I will admit they had some good romantic scenes. All those clips were from Guza years. During the 2 yrs CarTini has taken charge, there hasn’t been one romantic Spixie scene sadly.

    Brik…that love scene was nothing but teeth and pecs.

    I so hope they are going with the Britt stole Dante’s sperm route. I so hope that baby is Dante’s and Britt’s. I just don’t want Lulu to have a child and I want Lante broken up and Britt/Dante tested. BUT I don’t think it’s right to saddle a newbie character with a baby already. Give her time to create havoc. I hate they are turning Britt into this crying victim. I liked her bad.

    I read a rumor they are dropping the Alexis/Julian romance that’s why they haven’t had any scenes and why he hasn’t talked about her. Just like Frons interfered, another ABC exec is dictating this. Too bad. I was ready to see Alexis heaving breast saddling Julian. But they need to do something with Julian or bring Lorenzo back. Julian is not scary at all. There is nothing about him that would even make Sonny blink!

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    The Spin/Maxie scenes were great and made me cry in remembrance of when I did like Spixie years ago. Like Perkie said, in those flashbacks they both looked so young! I’m so glad they finally gave that baby the name she deserves and dropped the Connie!

    I too, wish that Britt had just stole Dante’s sperm instead of the embryo. Dante having a child without her would make Lulu’s head spin round so fast!

    I hate how Sonny is always written as the good mobster. He’s not good at all. He’s just as bad as all the rest. I’d rather see Julian run the town rather than Sonny. Put Sonny out to pasture already!

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