Bold and Beautiful’s Adam Gregory: “I’m Actually Back Soon”

The Bold and the Beautiful fans noticed a couple of people were missing from the new opening credits. One of those MIA suds stars took to Twitter to clear up any rumors/questions about his status. Tweeted Adam Gregory (Thomas):

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    i want adam gregory back…we need thomas forrester to be back and compete with rick …..also he is sexiest man alive on b and b…..would love to see him close with nuRidge and perhap i LOVE Thomas and Brooke storyline….father and son fighting to be with brooke! and taylor will be in for the triangle too! she would use her on to get brooke away from ridge!!

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    The problem Brad Bell has is that he only knows how to use half of his talented cast. Thomas was in everyone’s mind after he had feelings for Brooke and then tried to get rid of her. That would have been the perfect time to make Thomas into a younger version of Ridge and give that boy some storylines.

    But no. He lands on recurring and is brought back every now and then for some family scenes. So guess that he’ll soon appear means that Thomas is allowed a a place with his family on Christmas?

    Since they already mentioned that Thomas is working in Paris, I’m sure they’ll soon leave him there for good.

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    It’s so funny how B&B uses and disuses these people. It’s total roulette, you can never know which character and which storylines are going to dropped like a hot potato without any knowledge beforehand about it. Like with Thomas, I was sure the younger generation would be a big fight between him and Rick, with Caroline in the middle. And I actually liked them together, I thought they were really sweet, and Caroline revealing to Thomas that she has two mothers was imo quite realistic. But then, inexplibically they dropped Thomas completely with him just fading into the background. And suddenly there were only Rick and Caroline, with Maya brought on to be the other woman and Caroline was turned into a bitch. And it still doesn’t make a lick of sense, even though some think Caroline’s better as a bitch. I just don’t get which characters, which pairings and which storyline Brad is really trying to sell as his “it” things.

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    Adam Gregory’s Thomas is a 3rd-generation Thorne Forrester. As posters have already stated, this is wasted potential story. Steffy/Liam/Hope/Wyatt can only take us so far.

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    I just learned Marcus and Dayzee are gone aswell. Not that I see it as any great loss, especially where Marcus is concerned, but I just have to wonder. All that business about making them Forresters and then nothing. Lol.

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