Perkie’s Observations: Lulu and Dante Hunt For Their Missing Christmas Eggs on General Hospital

Lulu and Dante question Brad about the missing embryos. Brad denies any knowledge and lays the blame at Britt’s feet.  Dante points out  Brad is in charge of the lab and is responsible.  Brad promises to look into it.

Dr. Obrecht wants Britt’s help in getting out of jail, but Britt wants nothing to do with her mother. Dr. O warns she’ll tell Nikolas the truth. Britt claims she told him already. Dr. O calls her bluff. Britt agrees to see her. Britt tells Nikolas she needs to deal with her mother. 
Ava continues to be worried about Carlos’ whereabouts. Morgan distracts her with some loving. 

Julian arrives and tells Ava about his meeting with Sonny at the gym. He believes Sonny has Carlos. Morgan offers to find a way to get the answers the Jeromes need. 
Sonny and Shawn hold Carlos against his will at their warehouse. Carlos warns the Jeromes are coming for him and taunts Sonny about Morgan. 
Duke wants Anna to take some personal time. She says she’s taken too much time off already — especially with a mob war brewing.  She’s glad Duke is staying out of it. 
Molly and TJ fight over Rafe and Taylor. Molly declares them over and slams into the house. 

TJ heads over to talk to Shawn, who’s busy helping Sonny with Carlos. Shawn tells TJ they'll discuss his girl troubles later and not to show up at his work. 
Anna taunts Dr. Obrecht. She’ll need a good lawyer.  Liesl is happy when Britt arrives. 

Anna wonders why Britt would help her mother and warns her to walk away.  Dr. O yells at her to leave them. 

Britt tells her mother  she told Nik she stole a sperm sample and worries the truth will come out. Dr. O assures Britt her plan was better and she’s not talking. 
Morgan stops by to see Molly. He and asks his cousin about TJ, then mentions how Shawn is now Sonny’s enforcer. This could put TJ in danger.  Morgan wonders if there’s a way they can find out what happened with Carlos. Molly figures TJ can help. 
Ava warns Julian away from Morgan. He wonders if she is falling for her boy toy. 

Duke arrives and Julian asks if they can put the past behind them and coexist.  Duke, however, reads his letter of resignation. 
Brad stops by Wyndemere to see Britt, but finds Nikolas instead. Nik says he knows Brad isn’t Ben’s father and that Britt used a donor. Brad isn't wanted on Spoon Island. Nikolas slams the door in his face. 
TJ stops by Molly’s with her Christmas present. She apologizes for earlier and says she hates when they fight. They declare their love for one another. Molly says she wants something from him. 
Duke tells Sonny he ended things with Julian. He’s eager for the next step. Sonny tells him he has Carlos. 
Lulu wonders if a baby is not meant to be for them. Dante feels it’s still too early to throw in the towel. 
Brad runs into Britt outside of the castle. He tells her Lulu and Dante are looking for the missing embryos.  Britt remembers her mother gloating about how she used the Lante embryo.  Brad wonders how long before Lante figure out Britt has their son. 

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    So many potholes: Brad felt compelled to tell Lante that the Baby formerly known as Connie was not their child, but opted not to tell them about Ben?

    With Franco’s shares now gone, according to my calculations AJ should have the upper hand again at ELQ. Why is this not being addressed?

    Lesley has time to take Spencer to see Sonny, but not to visit her suffering granddaughter, who she raised in her formative years?

  2. Profile photo of liason4real

    Here we go with mob war #999999999. Unless Sonny ends up paralyzed or sent to prison for several months, I don’t care.

    RC’s way too predictable so it was obvious that Britta had Lante’s kid. I was really hoping that Britta/Dante were Ben’s parents.

    When is Patrick going to ask Robin why she was kidnapped and held prisoner for two years?

  3. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Echoing Perkie and liason4real. When is RC going to be more subtle and stop dropping so many anvils? I seriously think he believes viewers are complete idiots when it comes to his style of writing…. 0:)

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    Lucy D.

    My guess is Patrick & Robin will be Friday’s cliffhanger.

    I agree with liason4real. A Dante/Britt baby would have been much more interesting. At this point I think Lulu is too baby-obsessed to be a mother. Thank God the kid is a boy, so they can’t name him Connie. (Yes I know there are men with that name).

    How would Dr. O think she could get out of prison? She held Robin against her will. She broke Faison out of jail. She should be in maximum security lockup right now.

    Didn’t Robert say the WSB hid Julian if he agreed to stay out of Port Charles. Can’t they do something about that now?

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    First just want to say Frank was tweeting like crazy yesterday talking about an exciting location shoot. If this warehouse is what he thinks is a location shoot, Frank needs to put down the holiday egg nog.

    I’m on the Britt should have been the baby’s mother with Dante as the father train. There is WAY more storyline there. Once Nik finds out Britt stole his sister’s baby, he will dump Britt and then what is to become of her character? If she was made the birth mother of Ben, then we can see a Britt/Dante/Lulu triangle and it will give Dante some good material and put him with a new love interest because Lante is beyond tired now! We could see Dante want to bond with his baby which gets him closer to Britt but he also is trying to salvage his marriage to a paranoid Lulu. Ron really dropped the ball with this one, imo At least that darn boring Sabrina got an out with Carlos.

    Yes Robert did say the WSB hid Julian if he agreed to never come back to PC so they should be able to revoke their deal with Julian and arrest him. Witness Protection is a privilege and if you renege on that, you go to jail. I understand it’s a soap so some things can be overlooked but Robert said this to Anna. You can’t have one character say one thing and expect the audience to forget what was said.

    With that Britt/Nik love scene, all I saw was pecs and teeth! And it doesn’t make any sense for Brad to tell the truth about Maxie’s baby but not Lante’s baby. I wish these storylines were more character driven instead of plot driven. When storylines are plot driven, there ends up being too many plot holes.


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    Lucy D.

    I’ve not heard that rumor about Julian, but I wonder if they plan on bringing back Christina. Maybe she’s going to steal “mama’s man” to further piss off her mother and father.

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    I’ve been yawning my way through some of these very predicable stories – most notably the less-than-intriguing “drama” of the whole Dante, Lulu, Britt saga with “replacement Baby Ben.” So many anvils … so much contrived scene juxtaposition in attempts to create the drama missing from dialogue … so little real emotion, relying on a cute baby as a prop to add heart and dimension. Most of the comments I read yesterday about Lulu, for example, spoke about how cute she was with the baby or how sweet it was to see Lulu hold the baby.

    But, hey, this isn’t a mother-and-child baby commercial to sell product. It’s supposedly a dramatic story where the hearts and emotions of the affected adult actors should be on display. I’m just not seeing enough of that in RC’s plot-point driven world. Like logan_echolls, “I wish these storylines (all of them) were more character-driven than plot driven.” As it is, there are so many plot holes somedays that I feel as if the best parts of the stories fell through them – and we are left with a resulting emptiness.

    And getting back to Ben for a moment – Ben the “replacement baby.” As the Christmas season approaches, I’m reminded just how much “Connie” is like last year’s toy – quickly tossed aside for the new 2014 version. We don’t need to see a lot of excessive grief, but I’d like to actually feel that Lulu does miss Connie. Sometimes words of dialogue just aren’t enough.

    And then there is Dante – Dom Z plays a man in love beautifully and he has been the Lante emotional core of Lulu’s return and this baby story. The Dante/Sonny scenes between DZ and MB last week provided the emotional heights and depths of this tale. But, again like logan_echolls, I think it’s time for more variety for Dante. I have loved the Lante story, but I do feel that – at least for now – it has run its course. I find that the lack of natural chemistry between Dom and Emme fails to sustain the couple now – especially when they are so often written just as pretty plot points. It’s time to expand the field for Dante – and give Dom a chance to give us more great scenes like last week’s with MO – scenes with a variety of interesting characters portrayed by good actors.

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    I agree that Baby Ben should have definitely been Britt and Dante’s. Firstly, I like Britt, secondly, I don’t think Lulu needs to have a baby right now (it’s too convenient that she should get a baby right after losing Connie – who says she should be the first in line?) although I do like her and have grown to ER’s Lulu now without Connie. However, I can kind of see this.

    In a way I’m not worried about Britt, because TPTB love to write for her and KT and I don’t think she’s going anywhere.

    And soaps are always dropping anvils and being predictable. I don’t think on a soap things should even be surprising. This is not a primetime mystery series. There are just certain things that always happen on soaps and that belong to soaps and I frankly wouldn’t have it any other way. Triangles, baby swaps, etc. That’s what soaps are all about.

    I agree that constantly bringing Brad into these baby messes are silly. It doesn’t make sense since he doesn’t have any vested interest in these characters, it just makes it seem like he doesn’t have a life of his own, which at this point isn’t true anymore. He already spilled the Maxie secret which was done in quite a ridiculous way from a person who really had no vested interest in the situation. It would have been far more dramatic to have Dante hear about it first and then coming to the grippling terms of having to tell Lulu about it. The scenes at the church were kind of sudden and abrupt, even though the end result and acting on parts were good.

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