General Hospital Leads Women 18-49 For Second Straight Week

General Hospital continues to give the other daytime sudsers reason to worry in the demos. For the second consecutive ratings period, GH finished No. 1 among the coveted women 18-49 demo.

GH‘s W18-49 win for the week of Dec. 9 marked the first time the soap won the demo back-to-back since May 21, 2007. The sudser’s resurgence helped ABC Daytime snag the top spots among W18-49 and among W25-54 for the second straight week.

The Chew was also up over the previous week, averaging 2.94 million total viewers. The Mouse House’s daytime lineup is looking as healthy as William deVry in the above pic these days!

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    Behold the magic of Steve “Agent Orange” Burton! The expert leadership of Jill “Like ‘Em Orange Studs” Phelps!

    Congrats Sony/CBS, your decision to wreck Y&R’s cast and offer the moon and stars to Dumb & Dumber is paying off! You go, Angelica girl! Heckuva job, bitch.

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    Good job GH! I just recently completed watching Dynasty all the way through again. I used to love that show…still do. It’s interesting though that Y&R now sort of reminds me of what that Dynasty Reunion movie was like for Dynasty fans. The characters are somewhat the same (on Y&R) as they were before (minus recasts), but something seems off. The characters don’t act like they used to and the storylines just aren’t interesting anymore.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Oh I think this is just the beginning. If I were ABC, I might move GH to go head to head with Y&R in as many markets as possible. CBS & Sony have made a huge blunder this week and the fan outrage and backlash isn’t going away. Y&R is damaged goods, I’d exploit the hell out of it.

    I’d also hire an newly out of work superstar ASAP and put him in the role made famous by Orange Julius. Just an idea.

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    This is great, but…. you watch this dip because this week we’ve got all the second tier players like Molly, Rafe, TJ, Silas and Sam. I’m starting to see a pattern in GH. They spend all their budget money on a certain set of actors including vets for heavy ratings periods then after they play that out they bring in the teen set and other lower paid actors and the ratings start dipping.

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    Ha! Yup it’s true, they are ruining the show. I think CBS/Sony wants it that way. Ratings lowered, perfect excuse to cancel it. Move B&B up to 12:30. They WANT a “Chew” type show in that 1:00-2:00 slot. And the only way to do that is to hire Jill “Soap Killer” Phelps. There are some super high salaries on Y&R. They’re not going to recast Peter Bergman, Eric Braeden, etc. Bell-Philip probably wants to dump it, too. Bold is a half hour and 3 of the big salary earners in that show are gone.

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    Congrats to GH! With all the crap going on over at Y &R, I can’t believe JFP is destroying that show like she almost did to GH.
    William DeVry is a big plus to the show, very sexy. Hope they keep him. Tyler is also hot and they have really been giving him a lot of air time lately. It should be great when he finds out the truth about Britt. Dr O is always entertaining to watch. My only complaint with GH is too many storylines going on at once and how it takes so long to resolve a story, like AJ’s murder trial. We see characters, then it takes a few weeks till we see them again. Other then that, I have been enjoying the show. I’m noticing more mob stories, wonder if the big-wigs at ABC are pushing for it.

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