It’s Summer’s Birthday Party, She Can Cry If She Wants To on Y&R (SNEAK PEEK)

Summer Newman, er Abbott, I mean Newman (Hunter King) celebrates her birthday today on The Young and the Restless. Will snarly Paw-Paw Victor (Eric Braeden) and snippy faux-daddy Jack (Peter Bergman) ruin the cake-cutting?

If they don't, Big Mama Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Sharon (Sharon Case) just might. Watch a sneak peek of Thursday's Y&R after the jump!


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    And a fuck was given by no one.

    Hair Model 1 is feeling down, Hair Model 2 and Hair Model 3 look puzzled. Oh the DRAMAAAA! lol

    Nikki/Sharon and Victor/Jack are played out to the max… Zzzzz.

    Surely the guest of honor will be Agent Orange and Blahvery. I can’t wait to see Joshua Morrow’s expressionless face and Dyldo’s constipated face in the same scene!!! (not)

  2. Profile photo of Patchworks

    [quote=LaDivaYR] Surely the guest of honor will be Agent Orange and Blahvery. [/quote]

    Pure hilarity!

    This show has lost that buzzy feeling for me. I don’t care about Summer’s birthday party.

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    This is completely ridiculous. She JUST had a birthday, she was presented with a CAR.

    WHY do these *writers* LOVE the insipid, USELESS characters so much??? Summer, Cane, Lily, that blonde chick Noah is with…..

    Y&R is completely UNWATCHABLE now!!!!

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    Jamey Giddons … why is Jack snippy faux-daddy???

    I think Jack has been very gracious in including Nick in Summer’s social affairs. That would certainly not be the case with Summer’s probable true grandfather Victor. And speaking of Victor (yet again) … aren’t we all getting just a little fed up with him trying to control his middle aged children’s private lives???

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    Yes, I do think YR is hair pulling, cuss worthy but still I disagree about unwatchable, on occasion yes but they can be good parts.

    Nikki & Sharon….spot on with each character, being very gracious, cordial and BAM Nikki delivers the hammer….”Sharon I still don’t trust” in Nikki’s condescending manner. Nikki can be just be a uppity, snobby cunt and nothing but redneck stripper that found suga daddy but I wouldn’t take Nikki any other way…I giggled because those two SC & MTS can work it.

    I enjoyed the ending the best, I’m a Shick fan always first over Phick and loved the kiss :love:

    Devon\Mason identity theft, yuck, yuck and double yuck….boring!

    Hiliary does need to be Malcolm’s spawn as another poster mention, that would be fun.

    Summer now on the road to ruin starting to take drugs. This this her next story? First with Fen, then Courtney, what’s the deal having the next genXers as junkies? Poor Fen, now going to be arrested for Carmine’s murder, he’s done drugs again, running away….let this good younger actor have a good solid romance story of his own.

    HEY JFP how about a story around the younger cast that could be uplifting and romantic? No we get more dread, depression….ugh!

    I was happy it was a Dylan free diet day! :D

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