Midseason Scandal Finale Finished No. 1 Among Adults 18-49

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her Gladiators continue to dominate the ratings on Thursday night. Scandal's midseason finale topped the 18-49 demographic with 3.2 million viewers. It was the second highest-rating ever in that particular demo.  Needless to say, ABC's hit primetime soap is shutting it down in the ratings department!


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27 November 2009
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I am truly enjoying Scandal, even with it being over the top a la James E. Reilly. There's room in my heart for that.

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3 August 2012
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It is James E Reilly now.

I like it but I miss the cases of the week. With the cases of the week, all the gladiators were being utilized.

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15 August 2012
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I love over the top, but I think they need to tone it down just a tiny bit. I'm just afraid if things keep getting as crazy as they have been, that they are going to write themselves into a corner.

I do miss having all the gladiators take part in the action too, I miss me some Abby!