Revenge and Betrayal’s Winter Finales See Ratings Spikes

The winter finale episodes of ABC dramas Revenge and Betrayal rose in the ratings. Revenge retained 95 percent of Once Upon A Time's audience and had its highest rating in the Adult 18-49 demo (1.5 million) in six weeks.

Betrayal netted its best ratings in total viewers (3.7 million) and the Adult 18-49 demo (0.8 million) in 10 weeks. It was a good Sunday night for the mouse house!

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    Revenge pissed me off with Daniel as the shooters so I have no words for that show.

    With Betrayal, Stuart Townsend is doing a good job selling Jack as a romantic lead. I love him and Sara together. The only thing I HATE about this show, besides Sara’s love of blue jean miniskirts, jeans and overalls, is that Sara and her husband and Jack and his wife are way too cool. Drew discovered his wife was having an affair and yet he allows her to just come in the house. They smile and have conversations with each other. He allows her to shoot him for a photo shoot in her love den. Where is the hatred for Sara? I have never seen a couple, real or fake, get along this well after a betrayal. Even Jack’s wife is way too cool. Thank goodness his daughter is giving him attitude. I need more strife and hatred. It has to be more realistic.

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