Billy Miller on Young and Restless Exit: “You Don’t Negotiate If You Aren’t Considering Staying”

Ex-The Young and the Restless star Billy Miller has gone on the record about what lead to him exiting the role of Billy Abbott. In the December 30 issue of Soap Opera Digest the wildly popular actor confirmed losing the flexibility to pursue side projects—which had been previously afforded to him—was at issue. Said Miller:

"In the past, we were able to venture out of the Y&R world; now it seems there is no longer that flexibility for me."

No flexibility for one of the soap's most popular stars, half of a hit couple and a recent Daytime Emmy winner. Alrighty then.

Would Miller have stayed, if he'd been able to secure a deal similar to pacts made under the previous Y&R regime, affording him time off to do primetime shows and movies-of-the-week? Said Miller:

"Well, you don't negotiate if you aren't considering staying. However, we clearly came to a standstill. I've heard a lot of bad information out there in terms of what I wanted out of the contract. I am probably not helping that here as I believe negotiations behind closed doors should respectively stay there. I can say that somewhere within that negotiation, it just felt that it was time to move on."

For more of Miller's revealing chat, pick up the Dec. 30 issue of SOD.

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    I don’t blame Y&R for letting him go. They offered him more money and because BM won’t committ to the show, the writers have to come up with some dumb plot to explain his absence every year. It was getting old. He treated the show as a safety net.

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    If you make ANY exception for one, you must (should) make exceptions for all. In professional business organizations, it is important for leaders to remember that being fair is not giving everyone the same thing, but giving everyone what they need.

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    I will miss Billy Miller, but not like I will miss Michael Muhney. Adam played by anyone else, is just wrong. They have so many talentless hacks that they should have gotten rid of. One example would be the one playing Cane. He and the twit of a wife are useless and do nothing for the show.
    Oh well, might as well talk to the wall.

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    hey mon

    He’s on to much anyway. But I aint looking forward to Baby Davey Tom coming back to the role. I cant imagine Dave Tom with 40-year old Amelie Heinle as Victoria.

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    When you are lucky enough to have one of the most talented and popular actors in daytime TV, you make the exception and give them the out clause.

    This was also a back door cost cutting move. They knew he wouldnt take less $$ so they took away his rights to work outside the show.

    VERY shortsighted and petty but it all reeks of Phelps.

    As of January 30th, Genoa City will become a memory for this viewer. Losing three of the only actors that can actually act in a 6 month period is going to do irrevocable damage to the ratings of this show.

    I for one will cheer when B&B or GH end up on top.

    Too bad, it was once a great show but then again so were Guiding Light, One Life To Live, All My Children and As The World Turns.

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    Soap execs should make allowances for actors that pull their weight and contribute to the overall success of the show. Billy Miller deserved outs in his contract. Not to beat a dead orange horse (thanks LaDivaYR), but Steve Burton does not pull his weight on the show at present. I am bored to tears.

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    It was time for Miller to move on. As someone above stated, I am long over some stupid plot to explain his prolonged absences. Him leaving was what was best for the show. Especially when their recast is David Tom. IMO, this was an easy call.

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    [quote=logan_echolls]Is it true Michael M was fired for sexually harassing Hunter? MTS confirmed this on twitter. Does any of the Daytime confidential ppl know if this is true? Jamie? Anyone?[/quote]

    I heard it too…he got what he deserved if this is true. I wish CBS/Sony would make a statement to shut up on the MM fans. I hope that the days of someone being able to sexually harass another at work and stay around are long dead.

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    So Miller’s leaving wasn’t a cost cutting move until he said “no”. If he’d have agreed everyone, except Miller would have been 100% happy.

    I can’t stand Phelps, and anyone who reads my posts knows that, but I DON’T buy into this false negativity that a lot of people are throwing toward some of the recent decisions.

    Everyone should be thorough before they start spewing their BS around at the other stars.

    And we know MM’s dismissal was his doing, as sad as that also is. I liked them both as they are both “vets”, and talented actors.

    But call them for what they are.

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    I TOLDJA Sony/CBS/JFP were gonna throw everything at Michael Muhney! And here we are!

    All of a sudden “rumors” start going around about sexual harassment and similar shit. Psycho bitches like GHTeenyBopoper run with it, adding more lies on top of lies, and DUMB ASSES like the ones above believe it right away.

    I hope you’re all proud of yourselves. The man just lost his job and you’re spreading rumors and lies that destroy his chances of ever getting another job.

  11. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    GOOD ONE LaDivaYR and I agree with U 100 per cent. I agree with your post.
    No one should ever post unless they have absolute positive proof of what they post. I just find it very hard to believe.

  12. Profile photo of LaDivaYR

    You know who started the “rumors”? Some recently-created, nameless Twitter accounts… coincidence??? Of course not!

    My guess is filthy bitch GHteenycunt is also on Twitter and she started the whole rumor herself! Are we sure she’s not JFP or Steve Burton?

    It’s LAUGHABLE that someone like Micheal Muhney would even look at the talentless, generic, peroxide blonde “young actresses” on Y&R. The man can have any woman he wants! And he’s already HAPPILY married.

    If you’re gonna start a lie, at least have some imagination! And try something partially believable! You’re a fucking liar, GHCunt, and sooner or later another psycho liar will do to you what you’re doing to MM. Karma is the *ultimate* bitch, you’ll soon find out.

  13. Profile photo of tashikins

    LaDiva. We are not spreading lies or anything–we are discussing sexual harassment and the erroneous belief that it has anything to do with looks. You are flagellating a young lady (“talentless…) based on the said lies. Sexual harassment has everything to do with power and little to do with how the victim looks. So if Hunter or any girl were a victim of anyone she should not be dissected, the perpetrator should be. How do you know that MM is happily married? How are you so sure these are lies? Even if MM could have any woman he wants (and who really can?)does that mean that he would never do something shameful? Do only ugly, talentless men rape, commit adultery, sexually assault or sexually harass? Many serial rapists are handsome powerful men. Why are we getting do nasty? Many have not said that they believe the rumors, but are discussing the topic of sexual harassment. You clearly do not believe that MM could do any thing reprehensible and I respect that but please respect the freedom of speech that does not involve slander.

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    Okay they didn’t replace her with Heather Rattray but this sounds a lot like the way Martha Byrne was pushed out of ATWT. Makes me ask, is Goutman at Y&R now?

  15. Profile photo of Divatude58

    Wow LaDiva…take a bow! Because whether these allegations are true or false, if there was ever a post that was succinctly indicative of the rape culture that exist in the US, that last one of yours is it. It had just a little bit of everything. A little blame the victim. Some devaluing of her worth. Topped off with protect the perpetrator. My goodness.

  16. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    [quote=LaDivaYR]You know who started the “rumors”? Some recently-created, nameless Twitter accounts… coincidence??? Of course not!

    My guess is filthy bitch GHteenycunt is also on Twitter and she started the whole rumor herself! Are we sure she’s not JFP or Steve Burton?

    It’s LAUGHABLE that someone like Micheal Muhney would even look at the talentless, generic, peroxide blonde “young actresses” on Y&R. The man can have any woman he wants! And he’s already HAPPILY married.

    If you’re gonna start a lie, at least have some imagination! And try something partially believable! You’re a fucking liar, GHCunt, and sooner or later another psycho liar will do to you what you’re doing to MM. Karma is the *ultimate* bitch, you’ll soon find out.[/quote]
    How the heck does my name get brought up on a thread I haven’t even commented in? LaDivaYR, I never posted the ALLEGED story of what happens on here, I simply responded to the post. I have never posted here that I think this story is true. Furthermore, I do not have multiple twitter accounts. I have no idea where you’re getting these ideas that I started this rumour, you sure are giving me a lot of credit here, and that I’m JFP or Steve Burton…sweetheart, please step away from your computer, tablet, smartphone, whatever device you’re using to post on here and seek some help. Seriously. I am genuinely concerned for your mental stability or lack thereof. Just so you know, I have flagged your posts in the other thread and I have reported you to Luke.

    In the mean time, you can browse around here this site will guide you to find mental health care professionals in your area. I wish you well, and I hope you get all the help you need, because, trust me sweetheart, you need it. Remember, there’s no shame in admitting you have a problem and seeking help for it, you can do this! Have a happy holiday LaDivaYR

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    Divatude58, get a grip, girl.

    What’s all this talk about crimes and victims? What’s all this bullshit about sexism and degradation? THERE IS NO CRIME. THERE IS NO PERPETRATOR AND NO VICTIM. It’s all a lie by the likes of GHCunt and similar Twitter psychos who get their rocks off writing porn fiction.

    Funny how some people here are so concerned about a non-existent victim and totally overlook the blatant, disgusting smear campaign against Muhney. Where’s the outrage? Maybe he’s the one who got groped by Jill Farren? Heck, since we’re making shit up let’s say everyone at Y&R is groping everyone else’s asses! Everyone’s a VICTIM, oh my Gawd! Call the whaa-mbulance.

    Falling for innuendo and lies that easily??? I thought you were smarter than that, girl. I really did. Oh well, keep on defending the ghost victim in this case and ignoring the ELEPHANT in the room.

  18. Profile photo of SZima

    [quote=hey mon]He’s on to much anyway. But I aint looking forward to Baby Davey Tom coming back to the role. I cant imagine Dave Tom with 40-year old Amelie Heinle as Victoria.[/quote]

    Billy Miller is actually younger than David Tom and people accepted him with Amelia…just sayin’.

  19. Profile photo of pjc722

    People, let’s keep this pretty open. For one thing, if this was about Sexual harrassment and MM was fired because of it, I am more than certain this would be more about charges being filed or CBS releasing a statement saying as much and NOT THAT they want to take the character in a new direction.

    We’re not talking about the actor playing STITCH… a very good actor but a newbie so if CBS wanted it under the rug/radar they could easily do that. We are talking about Michael Muhney, who is a very good actor and also ONE OF THE MAJOR stars of the program. You can’t just fire someone like that without it getting out IMMEDIATELY.

    The show is losing out on the talents of Billy Miller and Muhney. I hope since both of their last days were the same day that this means the conclusion to their stories on the show are tied together and that we will be given a TOUR DE FORCE performance by the actors.

    Fingers crossed.

  20. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    When CE was the subject of the YR whisper campaign, everybody picked up the virtual pitchforks and joined the lynch mob. Now, all of a sudden, people are supposed to be reasonable and wait for confirmation of the story now that the whisper campaign has turned on MM. I don’t know what’s true or not for the MM departure, but everyone deserves the same chance not to have their future careers flushed based on rumors, innuendo and exaggerations of the truth.

    As for BM, I loved his interpretation of Billy Abbott – especially in the beginning. I’m sorry that he is leaving but he is not the first one who was denied the option to do “outs”. As a viewer, it was pretty frustrating to have characters leave mid-story and have the story dropped for weeks or months at a time so that they could go auditioning for a new job. I wish BM the best and I’ll miss him onscreen but I hope old/new Billy (David Tom) picks this up without missing a beat.

  21. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    The whole Hunter King bull$hit sexual harassment routine is just that, a routine. The whole Twitter account is already off the internet that started the rumor about her and Mike Muhney. Poor Muhney, kicking him when he is down, and needs to provide for 3 kids.

    CBS knows they have a real problem when it comes to Y&R — that JFP and Steve Burton have some bat-shit crazy alliance going on, and its probably involves them having a decade-long affair. Get over it everyone, that is likely what it is. That is where the REAL sexual problem lies, between Jill and Steve — and we, the long-time viewers know it — and CBS/SONY knows we know it.

    A year ago Dylan McAlroy wasn’t even on The Show. Now he is the focus of the ENTIRE Newman Family story-line. He’s Nikki’s long-lost son. He’s Avery’s long-lost fiance’. He’s already Chelsea’s ex-husband. He is NOW Nick Newman’s REALLY hated brother. He is the object of Victor’s hatred. Dylan this, Dylan that.

    So let’s not throw stones at Mike Muhney — where there is NO evidence that he ever sexually harassed anyone. Let’s look at where the REAL problem lies — that Jill Farren Phillips has a ‘problem’/’obssesion’/’whatever’ with Steve Burton.

    That’s what the problem is.

    I, for one, am glad, that General Hospital now has the Women 18-49 crown, and I hope they keep it. Y&R without Steve — has the young female crown. Y&R with Steve — loses it. Vice versa with General Hospital.

    My time is valuable. I make it no secret that I have seen every episode of Y&R since 1982, and almost every episode from 1979 to 1982. But time is valuable.

    But I am not watching a Show based around Dylan McAlroy, because Steve Burton is too boring. I cannot help that Jill F Phillips has some weird obsession with Steve Burton — there is nothing I can do about her unhealthy ‘liking’ of him.

    Trust me, it will soon become apparent to CBS/SONY, that they have a major problem on their hands — this weird ‘thing’ that JFP and SB have ‘going on’.

  22. Profile photo of noway

    Go Heymon Go…. Love that post!!!!!!!

    I heard a rumor from a poster on another site that when Dylan’s daddy is brought on he will also turn out to be Sharon’s daddy further cementing this ass clown to the canvas. I sure as hell hope that it’s just that a rumor. Or better yet have him hook up with Share having a quadrangle OMG banish the thought.

    The lovely Ms Case is probably the next on the hit list but does it matter, the character is just a shell of her former self.

  23. Profile photo of pferrando

    I hope everyone calms down and takes some time to read this interview with Miller.

    Puts everything into perspective when an actor chooses to leave a role. It’s happened a lot over the years, but in this age of social media the voices are frenzied, often bordering on crazy when it happens on a show like YR.

  24. Profile photo of harlee490

    I could see Sony & CBS point to degree not having to have go around every year, so why could the top brass make the concessions or outs if he signed a 2 year is my question? Maybe they did but I actually like that DT is returning to role to be honest.

    OK, what in the hell is going on with MM and supposedly rumors of sexual harassment? Involving HK? I’m rarely on twitter anymore simply because of some of the viciousness some assholes spew….people can’t be cordial anymore to anyone it seems. OK, truth or not I don’t hold MM as vet, excellent actor but as some have stated he did make admission of something he did wrong….recast the part and move forward not backwards. MM is a lost to YR but I consider MS a much bigger lost to YR. As I said before this is still on JFP’s watch even if MM was insubordinate, which doesn’t reflect well for YR and Sony.

    What I don’t understand people love to pile on to be piling on it seems, calling Doug, Melody, & Eric assholes is just immature an example of twitter hate. I love them all and think they were defending YR as whole entity and knowing fans would jump to conclusions as they have on JFP. After reading most posts this must came from Sony. Do we ever get the real truth from soap actors when there is dust up…no why….nope and it has been this way for decades or until their autobiography comes out…. ;)

    Some criticizing DC for not having the “rumors” on the site but honestly why should they because most have made their minds anyhow…

  25. Profile photo of pferrando

    I’m just glad you’re back hey mon…

    And harlee…good post my friend. I defend YR and I absolutely can’t stand Phelps. The vets can defend the place they’ve called “home” for 30+ years, regardless if they like their “boss” or not.

    YR is a brand very much worth defending, especially when we know Phelps’ days are numbered.

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