Victor REFUSES to Accept Nikki’s Bastard Son on The Young and the Restless! (SNEAK PEEK)

No kitchen-repairing, blonde tyke-finding, Afghanistan-soldiering coffee baristas need apply for membership to the exclusive Newman family inner circle on The Young and the Restless. On today's installment of the CBS Daytime soap, Victor (Eric Braeden) tells Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) that Dylan (Steve Burton) shouldn't be treated like their other children. I always did like Victor.

On the other side of Genoa City, Billy (Billy Miller) is defending his relationship with Kelly (Cynthia Watros), while at the Tower of Newman, two One Direction band members get into a skirmish over who used up the last of the Axe body spray. Watch Friday's Y&R sneak peek after the jump!


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    I just wish I could have seen more connection or more story with Dylan and Nicki, again the writing is so off. I just do not feel the drama, or any true feelings between Nicki and Dylan and it is just the same old thing of Victor going balistic AGAIN!!!

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    If the viewers don’t want Dylan shoved down our throats, why should Victor? I mean this is getting to be “The Dylan Macavoy show” The guy is on almost every day with everyone talking about him or to him. Adam, Chelsea, Avery, Victor, Nikki, Faith, Sharon, Nick, Victoria, Billy, I mean enough of this guy. Pull back on showing him all the time.

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    It appears that the character of Dylan nor the man who plays him is really all that popular.

    However, Victor’s usual hoary antics the past few days and especially what he spouts our on the episode which will air in the US on Monday demonstrate what an incredible asshole he has been, is and always will be. If Dylan’s history is changed to make him a villain just because Mr. Braeden wants it that way; then it is far past time that EB goes the way that MM went this past week.

    It is all so darned repetitive.

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    Looks pretty good to me as long as I don’t have to see Dylan.

    Jean’s writing should start airing soon. I hope she take the show up a notch.

    For the most part I don’t find the storylines dull, just the way the several former GH/ABC writers now on staff write. They are not good with drama at all it seems.

    When Natalie and Janice write the scripts…the show seems so much better IMO.

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    I have to say that, with the exception of Dylan and shoehorning useless Tyler/Abby into Summer’s birthday party, I’ve actually enjoyed the show this week for the most part. I love that they’re revisiting Adam/Chelsea(even if that is obviously temporary due to MM’s forthcoming exit), I like that they’ve brought Summer and Fen back into each other’s orbit and I’m even liking the interaction between Devon and Hilary(in fact, Devon is the only member of the Winters clan I have any interest in at the moment). And as far as new characters go, I’m actually liking Cynthia Watros’ Kelly; I think she and Billy Miller have a nice, easy non-romantic rapport. And the scenes chem testing Victoria and Stitch were pretty good too. As for Dylan, I’m not at all interested in his new role as an insta-Newman and I don’t care about his romantic life because he and Avery have ZERO chemistry together but sadly with BM and MM not long for the canvas I’m afraid this truly will be The Steve Burton Show. And nothing good can come from that.

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    pferrando, Natalie Minardi Slater and Janice Ferri Esser have been a part of Y&R’s writing team for decades. They know the veteran characters and, more importantly, they know the tone and quality of classic Y&R. If Sony-SteveKent/JFP/Agelica were intent on a new headwriting team, Natalie and Janice should have received right of first refusal.

    RCCates, the Y&R Music Director, re-tweeted a tweet from a fan who stated that “Y&R is up 800,000 viewers; JFP isn’t going anywhere.” That tweet was in response to a “#FireJFP” tweet. Regardless of the additional viewers, creatively, Y&R is still in horrendous shape. The stories and characters are unfocused, uninspired and just plain boring. The music and sets are not even cheap imitations of the luxe and lush music and sets for which Y&R viewers are accustomed; they are just cheap, and, again, uninspired. The behind the scenes shenanigans are proving far more interesting than anything we are seeing on screen and it is distracting and detracting from what should be an enjoyable viewing experience. The only saving grace of the show are the performances by some of the actors. And 2013 has seen the loss of 4 of the strongest in the Y&R history – Jeanne Cooper (RIP), Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. But we are continually saddled with a character – Dylan McAvoy – who has not clicked on the canvas or with the viewers portrayed by an actor who does not at all appear engaged with the character, the performance or the show. Yet, he is still there. As someone who has never been a fan of GH – although I can appreciate its fans and applaud its resurgence, it has just never been my cup of tea – I can understand that Steve Burton has some sort of appeal. But this bland, uninteresting character has done him no favors and vice-versa. It was very clear after 1 month on the show that he was not bringing anything of value to the show. I have no negative personal feelings in reference to Steve, but his presence, like Katie Couric’s talk show, continues to be a monumentally bad business decision by Sony/JFP every day that he continues with the show. Steve Burton and Dylan McAvoy should have been shown the door at the end of his second 13 week cycle. Period.

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    I really don’t know why Dylan is constantly referred to as an instant Newman (just because Nikki happens to be currently Mrs Newman for the time being?).

    He does not have one single drop of Miller blood flowing through his war torn veins and I doubt he’d even want to known as a Newman anyway.

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    yojoromo4469 … who the hell is MILLER (CHRISTIAN MILLER)???
    Think about it for a few nanoseconds.
    If nothing comes to light, then Google the name!

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    [quote=tedew]I really don’t know why Dylan is constantly referred to as an instant Newman (just because Nikki happens to be currently Mrs Newman for the time being?).[/quote]

    My referring to Dylan as an “insta-Newman” was simply a figure of speech due to the fact that he’s now tied to one of the show’s core families because his mother is, as you said, currently a Newman–and who are we kidding, she will FOREVER be considered a Newman no matter who she is or isn’t married to–and now he has two half-siblings who are Newmans. It was in no part an insinuation that he considers himself a Newman or that down the line he’ll adopt Newman as a last name(I personally don’t think either of those things will or should ever happen).

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    Go Victor!! I hope he never does. How dare he show up in town, ruin his son’s wedding and kidnap his grandson! Maybe Dyldo should lay off the botox and tanning machines and he might be able to give us more than one expression. Anyone can see that they will make Victor hate his guts so he can look like the innocent victim and hero. Was there ever any doubt that this would become the Steve Burton show as soon as JFP hired her boy toy!

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    Here comes another segment in the Steve Burton show. Make Victor hate his guts so that he appears the innocent victim and hero where all the women fall to his feet. Phelp’s agenda for her boy toy is clear as day.

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    Today was the first day I seen Jean’s name, I think MO aka Abby is a decent actress but as Jamey stated but no story, hope Jean will change that because it looks or seems they stuck Abby & Tyler together because they don’t know what to do with the characters, but Tyler don’t get me started.

    I think they are chem testing Stitch & Victoria, wish it was Stitch & Ashley honestly if Sony could get off there asses and bring back ED, now MM is gone give it Eileen! >) :love:

    I love, love, love anything between MTS & EB they bring joy to my heart to watch Victor\Nikki interacting regardless of the ass Victor can be, he loves him some Nikki.

    I’m also loving SC & JM together again but JFP will mess Shick up because of Phyllis fiasco story and that’s a real shame….they are so delicious together as actors. :bigsmile:

    The last week I watched more entire episodes of YR then I have for about 3 months, but again holiday episodes on CBS soaps were always special :love:

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    [quote=tedew]yojoromo4469 … who the hell is MILLER (CHRISTIAN MILLER)???
    Think about it for a few nanoseconds.
    If nothing comes to light, then Google the name![/quote]

    Thanks, TEDEW, I am older than dirt and I just couldn’t place Christian Miller.
    When I saw your post today, it suddenly dawned on me. I usually always GOOGLE everything. Must really be losing it. Oh well, Merry Xmas anyhow and thanks.

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    I dont have a problem with Steve Burton. Is it just me or has he become front and center of Y&R on and off the screen? The guy has been on the show, for what, 10 mins.? Somebody like Jill or even Victor or Jack should be in that role. Those guys have been on the show for 25 yrs.+

    Not only that, but I think the storyline brings Avery down as well. I like Avery but not in this storyline. She becoming too weak and lets face it, some of those scenes with Dylan and Avery yesterday were a bit much.

    Avery:”What did you realize when you got to Idaho?”
    Dylan: “That I miss you even more every day.”

    Ugh. Hate to say it but we already have one dull couple (Kane/Lily) we dont need another.

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    ^^Yeah, I used to really like Avery and I still think Jessica Collins is an appealing actress. But stranding the character in the black hole that is Dylan’s orbit has pretty much ruined the character for me.

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    I liked Avery when she came on as Phyllis’ sister, lawyer, and a sidebar character. She almost felt like a real person instead of a soap character. I also liked how she represented the samrter, more mature and calm sister in oppose to Phyllis’ fiery redhead.

    However, that, along with everything else, was of course shot to hell when JFP came along and decided she should be a lead. There lies the problem, Avery is fine but she is not a lead. To make matters worse, they made her bake those silly cupcakes and domesticated her, and put her in silly triangles with Nick and Dylan, making up a backstory that had never before been mentioned. They also put her lawyering to the backburner, which imo was the best feature to her. And if they insist on keeping her on the front-burner (big mistake) you know the ex-husband Joe is coming along at some point. How fascinating…

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    I do like Avery.

    And without physical face to face scenes with Dylan these past couple of days, and her interaction with a lot of GC, she’s come back alive to me.

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